Help a Fellow Rider Following Serious Injury

Aug 19, 2016
by Keith Mayotte  
Ryan St. Lawrence was recently in a serious accident while riding this past Saturday, August 13th. Ryan was riding with a cousin and a few friends at Highland Bike park in what seemed to be a typical day of lapping favorite trails. After a few runs, Ryan went over the bars at high-speed on a section they had already hit numerous times that day. Ryan suffered a broken neck and back resulting in a partially severed spinal cord. He does not have mobility or feeling from the chest down. Luckily he does have mobility from the chest up and full brain functionality.

Ryan St. Lawrence

The coming weeks, months, and years present big changes for Ryan and his family, including a significant financial burden. We look to the bike community to help one of our own. Ryan has always been so involved with the bike community, often lending a hand and volunteering at his local shop/trail system. Ryan is stand up guy that would offer his support to a stranger in need. If you'd like to donate to Ryan and his family, please do so using the link below. No donation is too small. You can also help by sharing this post or Go Fund Me link. Thank you all.

Ryan St. Lawrence

Donate Here. #RideforRyGuy #Saintstrong

If you would like to offer any other type of support, please feel free to contact Doug - dougbcurrie@gmail.com

Ryan St. Lawrence

Here are some of Ryan's recent race results:
7th Aug 2016 2016 Vittoria ESC Enduro #7 Thunder Mountain, MA 30-39 Team Granite 2nd Place
23rd Jul 2016 2016 Vittoria ESC Enduro #6 Attitash, NH 30-39 Team Granite 2nd Place
3rd Jul 2016 2016 Vittoria ESC Enduro #4 Killington, VT 30-39 Team Granite 4th Place
5th Jun 2016 2016 Vittoria ESC Enduro #3 Blue Mountain, PA 30-39 Team Granite -/33 0%
15th May 2016 2016 Vittoria ESC Enduro #2 Victory Hill, VT 30-39 Team Granite 2nd Place
17th Apr 2016 2016 Vittoria ESC Enduro #1 Diamond Hill, RI 30-39 Team Granite 8th Place
25th Oct 2015 2015 Triple Crown Eastern Enduro #3 - Overmountain Enduro Highland, NH 30-39 Team Granite 2nd Place
4th Oct 2015 2015 Triple Crown Eastern Enduro #2 - King of the Mountain Enduro Mountain Creek, NJ 30-39 Team Granite 3rd Place
20th Sep 2015 2015 Triple Crown Eastern Enduro #1 - The Kingdom Enduro Burke, VT 30-39 Team Granite 12th place
6th Sep 2015 2015 Vittoria ESC Enduro #7 Killington, VT 30-39 Team Granite 2nd Place
28th Jun 2015 2015 Vittoria ESC Enduro #3 Attitash, NH 30-39 Team Granite 2nd Place

Donate Here


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 This not only changes Ryan's life but also his loved one's as well. Ryan, I'm sure all of us here in the mtb community wish you the best luck with your recovery and hope you and your family can stay strong to support each other through this.
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 We always hope we don't see these kind of posts here on PB...just hope we here as a community will all pull together and help another fellow rider through this. Let's get the funds rolling everyone!
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 I suffered a head injury, or TBI, 9-17-00 while ridding my dirt bike on the biggest jumps on any motocross track near my hometown in Wisconsin. I was air-lifted to the nearest trauma center and stayed there in ICU every night for 6 months as I was re-learning all of the basic motor skills like sitting up and using my arms and legs all again. This was horrible, and once home I still had commute to the center to attend physical and occupational therapy classes for many years. I still have a bad a short-term memory disability. But, because of this sudden darkness in my life, and because of loving friends inviting me and my family to a come as you are contemporary church worship, I was introduced to the glowing love of Creator God found in Jesus Christ. As a result of this accident darkening my world, were I was struck by the Light of God in Christ, it was actually the best thing that ever happened to me. Bad things do happen, but if we offer our lives and situation to the Lord, He can and use ANYTHING we experience to draw us closer to Himself, and that closeness is where I have found true joy and purpose in my life. It sucks to be not as mentally quick and physically able as I was pre-crash, but I now understand it was part of my path that made my life dark, so the Light of the lord was blinding and filled my soul. I am more joyous now, unbelievably. God blesses His family, in ways we can't see coming or even imagine, through our situational circumstances if we just give our cares over to Him. Amen, God bless.
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 He truly does cause all things to work together for our good brother. Stay strong in Him.
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flag abbfan2 (Aug 19, 2016 at 20:43) (Below Threshold)
 Become a hebrew
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 Become a Hebrew.... Really?!
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 I WILL be donating. I'm not telling anyone what to do but I think we should all consider it. 'I'm donating because I can EASILY envision this accident being me....or anyone of us on here. I can't imagine what he's going through, but, stay strong Ryan and I'm hoping and confident for a 100% recovery. Hang the f**k in there, brother!!
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 It honestly can't be said enough: Ryan is one of the nicest, most humble, and downright positive people I know. Anything you can do, big or small, he will appreciate! Hang in there Ryan!
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 ^^^^ very true statement. I've only ridden with Ryan a couple times, and the dudes attitude is infectious. It is all about having fun and shredding dirt. I hope we get to witness a miracle!
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 Ryan is one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. He deserves all the help he can get!
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 I broke my back 2 months ago at mountain creek, also went over the bars down the mountain. I'm 6'4" 175lbs and landed smack dab on top of my head. Rolled over, couldn't breathe for a bit, thought I was really paralyzed but thank God I quickly moved all my limbs and had mobility. I'm just happy I could be walking today and I'm back riding bikes, came back from downhilling actaully yesterday Smile Ryan this will not be an easy journey, we are all praying you will return to walking and riding bikes soon. Everything happens for a reason, just use this experience to benefit yourself and help you become the best version of yourself you can be. God bless
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 I'll be donating soon. All the best for Ryan and his family. I can't imagine how hard dealing with an injury like that must be.
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 Helping one of our own withing the bike community is very important for us all.....

Did Ryan where a neck brace when he crashed?

Hope for the best recovery possible Ryan!!
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 Can Pinkbike please put this at the top of the page for a few days?
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 Wow just looked it’s at $145,815 of $150k goal!!! Amazing.
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 Sorry to hear the bad news, best of luck with the fundraiser and recovery! Puts my injuries to shame.
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 My good friend was paralyzed there too
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 This is a horrible tragedy, and I feel for this guy and his friends and family. But, it seems like I see a post like this almost every week. Everyone should seriously consider what they're doing to do if something like this happens to them.
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 Kinda like you hear about bad stuff happening in car accidents, but I bet you don't think about that every time you turn the key. Messed up stuff happens whether you're having the lap of your life on the bike or cruising to the store to grab a bottle of wine for your girlfriend. Ryan, as an on mountain first aid provider at a different park, my heart aches for you. We never want to see people hurt, especially when its such a life changing event. Wishing you the absolute best in the coming months and years man. Cheers
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 *edit, realizing you meant to say "going to do if something like this happened," not questioning what why we are riding bikes.
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 @nation: crap, thanks for the correction
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 Great guy, great rider!! Keep on smiling brother!! #RideforRyGuy
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 Shit, went to college with this guy. Keep up the fight.

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