Ryder Innovation Releases New Tubeless Rim Nut Remover 'The Nutcracker'

Oct 28, 2019
by Eljanne Strydom  

PRESS RELEASE: Ryder Innovation

New release from Ryder Innovation: The Ryder Nutcracker Tubeless Tool

Ryder Innovation is a brand born out of 26 years of sourcing, distributing and marketing quality cycling accessories. Given our experience in this realm, we noticed that not many manufacturers were designing and manufacturing products that answered to a specific need within our market. We took it upon ourselves to design, manufacture and distribute such products which were affordable and unique – while ensuring they all answered a specific problem for cyclists.

When designing the Nutcracker, we looked at the challenges that every rider face, both on the trail and in the workshop, when dealing with tubeless repair and tubeless valves in particular. Traditionally, a pair of pliers was needed to be able to remove tubeless valve nuts from the rim and valve core removal tools were often buried deep in multi-tools and difficult to access. There were also very few solutions to the dreaded bent or broken valve core – in market-driven by marathon stage racing, this can often mean the difference between finishing the day or a withdrawal, never mind the loss of podium places.

Our solution is simple. The Ryder Nutcracker is a patented tool that acts as a tubeless rim nut remover for those sticky situations involving leaked sealant, valve core remover and disc brake spreader all in one easy to carry accessory.

It features:

• A patented “v” gripping design which can handle any valve rim nut, negating the need for pliers to be carried on the bike.

• An easy to access valve core removal tool at the end of the “v”

• A spare Presta valve core stored within the tool.

• A disc brake pad spreader.

• A reinforced stainless-steel spine for additional strength (especially when using the disc brake pad spreader)

• All packaged in a small, convenient to carry and store (both on and off the bike) tool

For more details on Ryder Innovation see:

Ryder Innovation Website
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 Can't tubeless valves just come with a wing-nut instead so we can get them undone on the trail and a tube in without carrying a tool?
  • 5 0
 My tubeless valves came with a small plastic core remover which I carry with me. I've never had a problem undoing the locknut on the trail. If the valve body is fitted properly with correct sized rim with good sealant, the locknut shouldn't need to be that tight. If it is very hard to undo, one option is to push down onto the inner end of the valve once the tyre is off. As for bent presta cores, a spoke key usually fits. Anyhow, I'm not dismissing this tool. Could do with a more trustworthy sounding voiceover.....it sounded more like an advert for Cillit Bang or UKIP Wink
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 Decent point about the wingnut, or at least a faceted nut for finger traction. I wonder why someone can't/doesn't come up with a Schrader stem suitable for mountain bikes. IMHO they are superior to any Presta with its restrictive openings for inflation/seating a new tire, couple with the fragility of the sealing interfaces within them. Not to mention the cost, and difficulty of cleaning sealant. I personally have ZER0 problem carrying tools in my camelbak that might mean I can ride out instead of pushing out of the woods/desert. If I am concerned about extra weight, I can easily lose some from my own body, for free. For the same reason (using a camelbak), I don't have or care about bottle cages or bottles.
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 Lot's of tubeless shrader stems available, even Stan's makes them. you gotta drill your rim out, however. that said, they are much better than presta, and well worth the trouble.
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This Stans and Bontrager both make schrader valves. Likely many more too. Thought about modifying a set of rims, to see if I like it better.
My Bontrager rims all utilize Trek's rim strip, so not those but my Sun Rhyno Lite on my commuter would tolerate drilling out the rim.
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 Let’s see them use that to remove the core on a wheel with spokes ...
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 That's useful, though it didn't need to be that big. It could be just a tiny little cheap, "losable" thing that's easier to carry and would still provide enough leverage.
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 1.36: Beetle Nutcrackerii.
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 I'm confused, Ive never had any issues removing my tubeless valve collars/nuts - am I not tightening them up enough?
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 Sounds like you're tightening the proper amount. I don't tighten them too much, finger tight is all, but over time they'll seize on due to sealant and corrosion in general. (Specifically the aluminum stems) I've seen customer bikes with old tubes be a bear to get the stem nut off. Not often but our foul weather riders' bikes get pretty nasty.
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 Probably $30 where pliers will do the same. Hooray.

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