Ryders Eyewear Introduces 2018 Collection

Apr 3, 2018
by Ryders Eyewear  

PRESS RELEASE: Ryders Eyewear

For 2018, we've introduced new styles while expanding the antiFOG collection. Unique designs incorporating channeled vents for increased airflow, removable side-shields, and front mounted lenses are among the key features.

Surprisingly technical given its casual look, the Pemby has channeled vents in the upper frame to enhance airflow. They feature hydrophilic components and interchangeable nose pads to provide a custom fit and maximize functionality. The Pemby will be available with Ryders antiFOG lenses.

Clean lines inspired by time-honoured designs, theJackson is a classic casual shape offering great coverage in a light-weight package. The Jackson will be available as part of the Ryders Core and Polarized collections.

The Hiline features channelled vents which enhance airflow. Co-injected hydrophilic temples and hydrophilic interchangeable nose pads are among other features which make this a true sport glass despite its casual appearance. The Hiline will be available with Ryders antiFOG lenses.

A model that utilizes the Ryders Invert design philosophy and premium spring hinges, theStraz represents an unconventional approach to performance eyewear for those who want maximum capability with a unique look. The Straz will be available with Ryders antiFOG lenses.

A frame which can be customized in multiple ways, the Hazel is a perfect blend of fashion and function. The Hazel features removable side shields and incorporates interchangeable nose pads for a custom fit. Hydrophilic components ensure the Hazel stay firmly in place. The Hazel will be available with Ryders antiFOG and veloPOLAR lenses.

Using Ryders Invert design philosophy, the Newsch is a play on a classic silhouette, transforming it from a pure lifestyle frame into a performance/casual hybrid. The Newsch features interchangeable hydrophilic nose pads and hydrophilic temples. The Newsch will be available with Ryders antiFOG lenses.

Front-mounted, round lenses make the Serra a stand-out model in the Ryders collection. A closer look reveals hydrophilic components and interchangeable nose pads for a custom fit. The Serra is available with Ryders Polarized lenses.

Designed to meet the exact demands of MTB, the Tallcan goggles now has a replaceable Rose lens. Developed to increase contrast in medium to bright conditions the rose lens features the same double layer fog-fighting qualities found in Ryders clear lenses.

Ryders FYRE collection continues to receive positive reviews. Crystal clear optics, permanent fog-resistance, photochromic performance and colour boost technology, the Ryders FYRE lens delivers on every level.

NXT® Provides superior optics and advanced impact protection
antiFOG™ Provides permanent, premium fog-resistance
colourBOOST Provides faster colour recognition by dramatically enhancing primary colours
E-Sun™ Varia™ Provides fast-acting, wide range photochromic performance
MLV Mirror Lets photochromic technology perform to its full potential

View the entire 2018 Collection

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  • + 43
 My mom wears these
  • + 2
 Haha, nice.
  • + 17
 And increasingly higher and higher prices. Thanks Luxxotica......you monopolistic price-manipulating global eyewear scam artists. Thanks for buying up all the glasses companies, and jacking the prices up on what are basically cheap pieces of plastic.
  • + 3
 Thank you for this info. I checked out the facts, and what you say is true. I always loved Oakley as a brand and style, but of late of found long time emeployee of the Oakley stores where not so happy in the direction the company is going. I thought to myself I should look into Ryder glasses because they are own by a Canadian company that was looking out for us Mountain Bikers. I was wrong, guess I need to keep looking for good looking, good performing glasses at a fair price. Luxxotica = bad news.
  • - 2
 So why don't you start an eyewear company and undercut them on price?
  • + 7
 Just like the did with Oakley.....Luxxotica bought up Ryders and is cranking the prices upwards. They claim they have kept the main people (obviously for PR purposes), and will make other outlandish claims about increasing technology, but really this is just another ploy to corner the market, and cheat the consumer. I for one, won't be playing this rigged game.
  • + 10
 Made in China but with made in Italy prices.
  • + 6
 But are they Enduro specific
  • + 4
 Yes, I would also like to know if they are playful and climb like a goat
  • + 2
 The problem I had with the anti-fog was from sweat drips. They are very good at not fogging, but because of the anti-fog coating, sweat does not run down the inside of the lenses and you are left with a semi-opaque streak imparing your vision.
  • + 2
 same, basically stopped wearing them because i couldnt see clearly.. even though they never fogged
  • + 1
 Try a Halo headband. It has a little gasket that diverts sweat to the side of your face. Combine that with good anti-foggers (from a non-Luxxotica brand), and you have happy eyesight.
  • + 3
 I've been using the Roam and I absolutely can not make it fog, even standing still in 100% humidity with mist all around. That's impressive.
  • + 1
 So with spring kicking in, I could try the tinted lens in my Tallcan goggles. The stock clear lens doesn't bother me but it may be worth checking out. Just curious, in an earlier article you mentioned you've found a European distributor, k-g-k.com. I can't find anything on their website. Did it work out, can I (as a European customer) get parts through them?
  • + 2
 Too ridiculous to be taken seriously, not ridiculous enough (and too expensive) to be a joke. No thanks.
  • + 2
 Bought one pair 2 years ago with replaceable lens, was never able to find/buy new lens. Never again Ryder!
  • + 0
 Honestly glasses aimed at bicycling are a good idea, so it's really their own fault if they don't succeed. Heavy competition from the likes of Pit-Viper it's going to be tough.
  • + 2
 Do they come with a hipster membership card?
  • + 4
 Why do you need a card? It's all over your face.
  • + 1
 @darkmuncan: Haha, far from it. I'm about as removed from hipster as it gets. I grew up in the 70s and 80s and feel no need to relive those days.

As for glasses, as hard as I am on them, I just buy safety glasses in clear, amber, and tint from the local department or hardware store for $10 a piece. If I break them or loose them I'm not crushed.
  • + 1
 When do the Pemby as seen in the picture coming out those look cool ????
  • + 1
 @nlibot33 Thanks! It's available online now - www.ryderseyewear.com/eyewear/pemby
  • + 1
 Why not ANTIFOG on the goggle lenses?
  • + 3
 I think the Tallcan goggle lenses do have some antifog treatment. At least they don't fog up, though that is also due to the ventilation design and the dual lens.
  • + 1
 Do you have an Aussie distributor because im funked if I can find a pair
  • + 1
 20c at the St Vinnies lol

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