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Nov 17, 2017
by Ryders Eyewear  

Do you like having loads of free time on your hands—so much that you can do anything you want, whenever you want? Do you like outdoor adventures that end only when your next one begins? Do you want your life to be an endless vacation?

Of course you don’t. That’s why you’re looking for a job. Maybe the position of Marketing Manager at RYDERS EYEWEAR in North Vancouver is perfect for you.

As the Marketing Manager you must be willing to work in a constantly changing environment where you’ll be expected to step outside the comforts of your job description. You must know how to speak passionately and authentically to the mountain bike, road cycling, running, and mountain sport communities. As the leader of a small team, you’ll be required to have the experience and creativity to manage ALL aspects of marketing. In this role, leadership, and the willingness to learn and be adaptable are absolutely essential. If you can’t manage several tasks simultaneously or sudden changes in direction, this role isn’t for you.

Annual budget proposals and ongoing budget management/maintenance
Develop brand-focused and product-focused advertising campaigns for a number of different target markets
Provide marketing support and/or facilitate support for the sales force and other internal departments
Provide the product department with ongoing product feedback from athletes/influencers, media, customers and others

Develop annual marketing plans that include but are not limited to:
Regional, national, and international trade, consumer and athletic events
Advertising (digital and print)
Digital marketing
Sponsorships of athletes, ambassadors, organizations, and events
Public relations and press releases
Retail display development
Retail graphics
Web development and maintenance
Video, photography, and graphic design projects

Provide brand and marketing direction for all projects including but not limited to:
All content (writing, photography, video, product renderings)
Advertising (print and digital)
Web design and development
Digital marketing content
Booths for trade and consumer shows
Soft goods
Outdoor branding for athletic events and expos
Retail displays

Act as manager to the Digital Marketing and Brand Specialist, and provide direction as needed:
Assign tasks and assist with prioritization
Have an understanding of the purpose and status of their projects
Provide direction to keep messaging on-brand
Provide guidance for effective negotiations with advertising partners
Conduct performance reviews

Act as manager to the Intermediate Graphic Designer and provide direction as needed:
Assign tasks and assist with prioritization
Have an understanding of the purpose and status of their projects
Ensure that graphic communications are on-brand and serving their intended purpose
Conduct performance reviews

Clear, concise, and thorough communication skills
Good creative writing and editing skills
Google Apps proficiency
Working knowledge of Google Analytics
Good presentation skills
Ability to identify the key differences in taste and/or appearance between antelopes
and cantaloupes

Post-secondary degree or diploma in marketing, or a minimum of 8 consecutive years of full time marketing experience
Minimum 3 years experience managing a team of two or more direct reports in a marketing role
Experience building a brand and driving brand direction
Experience providing creative and brand direction to direct reports and outside contractors
Ability to travel within Canada and abroad
Ability to breathe unassisted underwater, OR ability to breathe above water, with or without help

Post-secondary degree or diploma in graphic design
Advanced skills in Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop
Adobe Premier and After Effects skills
Good photography skills and the ability to use an SLR camera on manual settings
Drawing/illustration skills
Have the natural ability to stand up straight inside a fully inflated, standard-size party balloon without touching any of the sides, OR, have the ability to crouch down beside that same standard-size party balloon, with or without help.

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Deep roots on Vancouver’s North Shore

In the early 80’s, mountain biking was only just emerging as a sport. The equipment was bad and the clothing was worse. Over just a few years, its popularity grew considerably with a scene developing in Whistler and on Vancouver’s notorious North Shore. By the mid-80’s, the gear was improving and the sport was progressing rapidly.

1986 brought about the first ever Canadian Mountain Bike Championships, with the competition spanning a few days and finishing in Whistler with local boy, Brent Martin, coming out on top. Shortly after being crowned Canadian Champion, Brent founded RYDERS EYEWEAR. His goal was simple—to provide cyclists of all stripes with high quality, performance-oriented eyewear that they wouldn’t hesitate to use, especially in the most destructive conditions. But it wasn’t just about eyewear and bikes—he was determined to remain actively involved in the cycling and outdoor communities, doing what he could to encourage the growth of these sports.

For the past 31 years, we have stayed true to Brent’s vision.

The reality is that mountain biking, road cycling and endurance mountain sports present the most unique and challenging environments for eyewear. Designing eyewear for golf, baseball or activities that occur in static environments doesn’t force you to meet these challenges. We design, test, and produce products to directly solve problems that are encountered in these hostile activities and environments. Our deep roots in the Pacific Northwest are of vital importance to who we are today. Not only are we still headquartered in North Vancouver, but everything we do is influenced by our drive for adventure, our love for providing like-minded people with hard-working gear, and our overwhelming sense of community—both in our backyard and afar.

In late 2013 we were acquired by Essilor, the world’s leading lens manufacturer. As part of the Essilor family, we now have direct access to the best lenses on the planet, allowing us to constantly improve the quality of our collection. This new relationship is allowing us to elevate every aspect of our brand while never losing sight of the passion that started it all.

Today we are known as an offbeat, gritty brand with authentic roots. We speak directly to those who take pride in their adventurous lifestyle and their practical, yet highly spirited approach to life.

We thank all applicants for their interest, however, only those selected for interviews will be contacted. To apply, please email your resume in Word or PDF format to mikeq@ryderseyewear.com and include Marketing Manager in the subject line of your message.

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 That posting really needs to be more clear. It says the person is responsible for creating marketing materials, but that graphic design skills are a bonus.

Is your top priority someone who will be in charge of strategic business development? Digital marketing/graphic design? Or both? If it's both you better be willing to pay them a lot of money because very few graphic designers have the skill set for business planning, and vice versa.
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 I have only half of one of those qualifications... breathing unassisted above water so basically I’m your dream Pinkbike applicant. I catch on fast and all that jazz so ya hire me so I can buy more biking stuff
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 Must agree that the anti fog Ryder's rule. Everyday all day & night on the shore - I have never had better glasses for the trails. Worth the loonies for sure!
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 @spinko pinkbike is #1 "sports>cycling and biking" website there is! EVERY qualified person with an interest in mountain biking reads this site and will see that post.
  • 2 0
 I guess, and that ratio is likely high in Vancouver, but exposing a news post to hundred thousands(??) people where the qualified applicants is likely in the tens?
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 @spinko: this post is targeted to BC only, not our millions of global readers. We know living in North Van and working with the Ryders crew would be a dream job for lots of people, and thought we'd put it out there. Cheers!
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 @brianpark: Thanks for this, I had no idea you guys could regionalize posts. Awesome stuff. If I had the qualifications, I would be applying. hah.
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 I see.
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 Good luck marketing products that have quadrupled in price while adding absolutely nothing to their previous glasses! Ryders were cool when they were 40$
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 Ouch. People don't like to hear that truth.
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 Anti-fog... it’s the best.

Fyre, a whole new level.

Now fully adjustable too...

All good!

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 How many people in the PB community qualify for this role? Why is this a news article? I mean, it's cool, but...

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