Ryno Power Electrolytes - Review

Aug 6, 2014
by Mike Levy  
Rhyno Power Electrolytes review test

The Ryno Power Electrolytes capsules have been designed to both lesson the effect of heat fatigue and the chance of cramping, especially when you're working hard in hot weather and sweating like you're doing jumping jacks in a sauna. According to the label on the bottle, each capsule is stuffed full of a ''high performance electrolyte blend of sodium chloride, Tri-sodium phosphate, and sodium R- lipoate.'' There is actually 330mg of sodium in two capsules - the recommended dose - which is close to what you'll find in an entire bottle of certain sport drinks. Those who take note of how much sweet stuff they're ingesting will be glad to see that there is no added sugar in the capsules, unlike those big bottles of sport drinks out there. A tub of 100 capsules goes for $22.95 USD. www.rynopower.com

Rhyno Power Electrolytes review test

While they're not as appetizing as tasty gummy treats or sugar filled sport drinks, the Ryno Power Electrolytes capsules are more effective and aren't full of added sugar.

Pinkbike's Take

bigquotesTo say that I'm a bit of cramper would be like saying Charlie Sheen has a bit of a drug problem, and while I've tried a handful of different supplements over the years to try and keep my muscles from seizing (none as strong as Charlie, though), I've never been able to completely eliminate the issue. No amount of water or foods rich in potassium, sodium and whatever else is supposed to help has been able to keep that dreaded feeling from creeping up on me late in the day during a long ride, and while those fizzy tabs that you drop in water has massively helped matters, I've still found myself on the ground and writhing in pain a few times too many. That is, until I started popping these electrolyte charged pills from Ryno Power. I'm not going to pretend to know how they work, and I'm not going to tell you that they elevated me to previously unseen performance levels, but I will say that I went from being scared of troublesome muscles locking up to having full confidence that it wouldn't happen. And it didn't. Not once. I recently raced the week-long BC Bike Race for a second time, with memories fresh in my mind from the first time I did the event and saw cramps take me down a number of times regardless of drinking so much water that I thought I was going to drown, much of it full of fizzy electrolyte tabs. This year? Seven long days of racing in the heat, all of it at a much faster pace than the last time I raced the event, and all with no cramping. That's enough proof for me.

The Ryno Power Electrolytes pills require that you swallow them with water, two per hour or up to six per hour if you're really working hard and sweating buckets, which means that you need to take them well before your event. Fizzy tabs that dissolve in water, on the other hand, can be taken on the move, which makes them much more of an on-the-go thing if you really need it. There are also those who aren't fans of swallowing pills - I know that I struggle with it sometimes - and those types of riders are obviously far better off with a dissolvable solution. For me, it's well worth choking down a few of them before a monster ride.
- Mike Levy


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 People will start calling the good riders - ''He's on steroids'' that's why he can do that...
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 I personally prefer Brawndo, caus it's got electrolites

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 LOL that video was so daaaamn good Big Grin
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 Brawndo, it's got what plants crave!
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 Its what plants crave.
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 Gatorade, taste good and it hydrates
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 all i need is a pill that makes me poop less and shred the gnar harder.
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 It' not a pill, it's called a butt plug. Keeps it shut and makes you faster. You want to get to the bottom as quick as possible so you can pull it out.
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 Sounds like you know from experience.
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 why would anyone want to poop less?
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 weight training
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flag downhilladdict (Aug 7, 2014 at 1:30) (Below Threshold)
 Am I the only person that's never gotten a muscle cramp? They hurt?
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 No they're really pleasant!
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 Thanks for posting Mike. I race XC and going on my first 100k survival, and while training I've realized I start cramping on my inner tights on long rides (just after the 6th hr), I just bought them tabs that you drop in the water(potassium+sodium), hopefully it will work. Nothing like the feeling of frustration when getting a cramp in the middle of a race. Its like your dick dying while having Sex...
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 if you shave your legs and survive purely on salad, this product is meant for you!
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 What if you shave your legs WITH salad?
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 I don't know, but I shave salad with my legs
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 Dear Pinkbikers Pleaae eat fruit and don't buy this shit. Smile
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 Not sure how eating fruit is going to help with potential salt depletion Electrolyte(Salt) pills are nothing new .
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 Please Pinkbike if you do supplement advertising like this you need to include some information about things to do before you try supplements ie The basics and make sure to include some science to separate fact from marketing. The last thing this site needs is to fall into the marketing.
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 @slidways Naw if you present the science your comments wont just get hidden but the whole thing deleted. And people will then argue against the science, with non science. First time ive questioned pinkbikes credibility. Hello rhinolyte sales !
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 deleted? haha
Your first post I replied to is still there hidden, I just replied to it again.
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 Basics like a banana?
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 it also helps not to get wasted the evening before riding ;-) that gives you the cramps like hell!! i used to play team handball and had a huge problem with cramping (sometimes also partied too much the evening before the game). i also took supplements (mostly magnesium and calcium) and it helped a bit. of course the best thing is to eat healthy in first place.
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 I think this advice wouldn't appreciated by Rob Warner...
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 @cosby you are right with the calcium and magnesium salts being more important than sodium - I was referring these under the bracket of "salts". Generally we will not become sodium depleted but we do lose all of these through sweat and they need to be replenished accordingly.

I have a MSc in exericise physiology and a freelance strength & conditioning coach so I do have some reference to my points. I was just pointing out a few misunderstandings snyda may have caused.

cramp is far more complex than people realise and there are no confirmed causes only theories
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 Just putting it out there, Ryno Power does not pay their athletes. wether its Chad Reed, or Aaron Gwin. Ryno Power is a game changer because the most focused riders in Moto and MTB are on the program. Not for the check, but because it actually works for them,

No one else can say that.
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 Ir you eat right and hydrate yourself you poop great and never cramp.never understood vitamins and supplements
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 Homemade rice cakes + decent sports drink never failed anyone... I don't understand the point of electrolyte pills.
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 Think of them as a replacement for your sports drink. Minus the sugar.
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 Beefcake! Beefcake! BEEEEEFCAAAAKE!!!
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 Do you even cramp bro
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 Appreciate the effort in writing these "reviews", however...
Being more scientific would help. Not all athletes lose the same electrolytes through perspiration so not all supplements will do the job for each individual. Couple of try-athletes I personally know go with the old trick of a plastic film canister taped to the handlebar and filled with table salt, which they will dab their finger at regular intervals.
This won't work for everyone though, so *personal* experience and a scientific approach are key, as always.
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 Hey Mike, thanks for this. I will inevitably get massive cramps in my quads if I ride all day or several hilly hours later. I don't get them all time, but when they strike, it's game over. No matter how much I eat (it's all good and healthy stuff) and drink, these can still strike. And I hate it. I will definitely give these a shot.
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 Been riding and racing road and XC/marathon for years. I finally hired a coach in 2013 and he asked me how much fluid I consume. When I told him a bottle every hour or so he said I needed to take in a large water bottle of electrolyte mix every half hour. I told him he was crazy but I did it and my cramping problem was solved. You will still have to jiggle every now and again but you can ride/race for hours and not lock up. GU brew blueberry pomegranate for races is the stuff.
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 I so need these, m a cramper
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 What ever happen to good old water or does it not cost enough yet
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 When you sweat a lot, just drinking water isn't enough. You also have to compensate for loss of nutrients.
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 Add some real lemon juice to your water. From a lemon and not a bottle. We are organic animals, there is normally an organic method that works best. Synthetic drugs can only go so far. Look at cissus and all the advantages they are finding from that now.
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 That is some major hippie vegan gluten free roadie bullshit. Anything that is synthetic isn't necessarily bad for you.
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 Water is not enduro specific, so it does not work anymore.
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 Gluten free roadie bs. .. lol. The roadies up here certainly ain't like that. Hah
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 or you can just eat a bannana
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 I had horrible seizure-kinda cramps in the past and as far as I remember spinach and other greens every day and bananas before and on the ride were the key. Also I put a bit of Maldon salt in my drinking water to help it to stay in. Sometimes U just forget to eat good and I guess those days its practical to have some (placebo) tricks up ur sleeve, but surely jars of magical pellets and powders are the crappier way to go.
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 @unclegroOve, that is why in my first comment... "unless you sweat profusely for extended periods of time" notice how the supplement doesnt say "can be used to prevent hyponutremia." That would mean it would actually have to work for that specific reason, this is a supplement not a RX.... Electrolyte and glucose intake can be very beneficial if you know you are going to be running or exercising for extending periods of time. But it is glucose that helps with the absorbtion of water not salts.... and the quantities you need are less than a one half diluted gatoraid... not a salt super pill dosage of sodium...

@oliverody are you kidding me? Oh really! Hmm do you have anything to back up that claim. Interesting how changes in psychological climate can actually help athletes perform better and even lift better. If you knew anything about muscle physiology you would know strengthening neural pathways is half the battle. Dont fool yourself, the brain is the ultimate puppeteer for your body. Ya I guess placebos can't help with deression either because your brain cant change your physiology.... Oh so by drinking sodium this helps with intracellular Calcium levels? Here let me drink gatoraid and never cramp again then.... Oh wait that doesnt ever happen..... "The Muscle Fatigue and Spinal Reflex theory" Muscle fatigue as of right NOW, is the only theorey that holds water for cramping.... no pun intended. So yes, Squats will help.
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what I am saying is you are wasting 20 bucks very efficiently. You will still cramp with this pill, if you don't good job, your psychology is tricking your brain. Which is great, the placebo effect is awesome. Yes, you need electrolytes to survive, and by drinking to much water on a very hot day for extended periods you are putting your body at risk regardless of what you are drinking.

Instead of spending 20 bucks I have a better idea that was tested by my prof in his grad studies: Kool aid, salt+ water= just as adequate as anything else for a sports drink.... 50 cents
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 @snyda I was referring to salts as an umbrella bracket for sodium magnesium potassium and calcium. Studies have shown you will not become sodium depleted unless you are exercising for a very long period of time thus calcium and co are the more important ones to replace.

I have a masters degree specialising in environmental physiology to back my words Im not an armchair scientist. If you find me a peer reviewed article saying squats prevent cramp then hey!

I'm suggesting that cramp is a physiological response beyond conscious control something that a placebo can't effect - you can't trick the brain into not getting cramp. now I know its shown that neural pathways and the spinal reflex may have a part in the cause of cramp with increased activation of the muscle spindles.

Now I squat and train hard but will still get cramp over a mate who is less fit and does no resistance training. I believe cramp is down to numerous factors beyond fatigue as I have suffered with it before I am remotely tired and fully hydrated. As I mentioned my downfall is not having a stable diet as due to my job routine isnt easy and sourcing good food and actually getting time to eat well is hard.
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 My legs cramp so efficiently it is like clockwork: 3 hours into a ride and they start. Makes no difference if I've been working out regularly (yeah, I lift bro) or neglected doing any training for ages.

Best thing I have found is having a dioralyte before a ride (electrolyte replacement for when you have the shits) - this pretty much stops it for me.
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The higher intensity you run the more likely the cramp. How do you decrease a once high intensity? By training. Resistance and aerobically. Preferably aerobically for something like an enduro ride. Want to stop getting cramps on a 4 mile ride? Bike 5 miles, same intensity every other day and get back to me in 6 weeks. Careful for overtraining
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 What we CAN confirm is electrolyte imbalance is no longer even a valid theory
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 @snyda still not a squat article Wink I know where you are trying to come from the research is very divided. Training status may have some effect on untrained individuals but the times i suffer is often in intensities well below fatigue... i am trying to suggest that cramp is more dietary related and that it cant be effected by a placebo but if someone who suffers from cramps bad has something that prevents it like mike suggests then maybe it does work??? Practice vs theory.... I believe that on a ride where i suffered bad it was after i went for a piss and after downhill stages that i felt least like cramping... so maybe increased bladder retention and adrenaline release may play a big part...
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 If I crap in a zip lock bag and mail it to you, can I get a Review?
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 Does Lance Armstrong use them ? If not theyre no good haha
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 I need these , I cramp like an s.o.b., and going to do the b.c. Bike race next year . Will try these for sure .
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 What is this shit?
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 What we CAN confirm is electrolyte imbalance is no longer even a valid theory for cramps. Performing at the edge of your capabilities is
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 Probably the smallest most comfortable suppository I've ever used.
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 I spit on them first!
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 LeBron James should have gotten some of these for the NBA finals.
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 Yes! Finaly Big Grin A review of a non-technological perfornance enhancement product.
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 Its called eating right. If you cramp up your not giving you body the nutrients it needs. this is so not good for you hahaha
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 Are we April 1st already ?
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 Can I use a beer as a substitute?
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 pinkbike reviews and what looks to be advertising/favours is blurring?
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 Ryan Hughes is a dick I wouldn't support him
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 I dont ride my bike to kill my muscles....
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 "I can't feel my hands" anybody know if they help with hand cramping ??
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 can be caused by not properly warming up I.e. stretch more. also potassium and magnesium can help. I know a LOT about cramping in the hands and this is where to start, myself I have recently had carpel tunnel release surgery as I had really bad case of carpel tunnel that was causing the muscles in my hands to waste away.. fixed now and on the mend, hands strong and not cramping at all now. Smile
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 Just no, never
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