Sam Hill Injures his Shoulder at Crankworx Cairns 2022

Oct 6, 2022
by Ed Spratt  

Sam Hill has posted on social media that he fractured and dislocated his shoulder while practicing for the DH race at Crankworx Cairns.

It was meant to be one of Sam's first big downhill races in quite a while, and he says he was feeling good on the bike in earlier practice laps before his big crash. Following the incident, Sam had to be put to sleep to pop his shoulder back in after the dislocation. He also has a fracture in the joint, although he is awaiting more scans and could possibly have to visit a surgeon to get it fixed.

bigquotesHad to be put to sleep to get my shoulder popped back into place as it was badly dislocated. Also I have a fracture in the joint so gotta get some more scans/possibly see a surgeon when I'm home but that's me out for a while again I guess...

First race back on the DH bike, I was so excited for this one. In practice I felt I had the speed and mentality to get me on that podium this weekend. I'm hungry.
Sam Hill

We wish Sam all the best with his recovery and hope he is back riding soon.

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 Man, he looks so sad!
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 almost as sad as Keanu
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flag dchill (Oct 6, 2022 at 9:41) (Below Threshold)
 Nah he's just like "what was I thinking I'm too old for this crap"
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 I still have mild PTSD from years ago when I fractured my glenoid and dislocated my shoulder at the same time... It is one of the worst feelings imaginable - especially if he had to wait hours to be put under to pop it back in place, YIKES! Granted, this mf is probably 1000x tougher than me and is probably just bummed he couldn't race.
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 @conv3rt: Keanu the cat I presume?
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 Know that look
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 @graham2017: for sure. he's about the same age as when i did it, and man, when you hit the late 30s and do something like this, you can just feel that it's not gonna be like it was when you got injured in your 20s.
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 @Gibbsatron: Nah the morphine just kicked in and an ants wandering around.
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flag Frontrange (Oct 6, 2022 at 13:52) (Below Threshold)
 @graham2017: PTSD? How soft have we gotten.... GEEEEZ. Yes I had the same fracture in 2019. I was back on my bike in 3 months.
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 @groghunter: Dislocated shoulder and fractured top of humerus 9-10 months ago. I'm 46 and feeling it man. At least Sam Hill has managed to reach the pantheon of us great broken bastards of the sport now.
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 A Sad Hill moment. Feeling for the guy.
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 @Frontrange: you know you just majorly JINXED yourself.....
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 This pic is just stupid to post seriously.... showing everyone how devastated he is
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 @Frontrange: uhh dude, we experience shit in different ways. Some are more sensitive than others to trauma and just because you're the living embodiment of Rambo, doesn't mean you need to shit on people who have experienced gnarly stuff for them. How about instead of saying 'jeez you're so soft', you say 'yeah I've been there, it's tough but you'll come out of it in your own time'? Far out. It's seriously not that hard to actually have some compassion.
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 @12speedbrakes: It was my first orthopedic injury and also a very remote/high altitude mountaineering accident that nearly killed me. Humbling, yes. Interesting life experience to grow from, absolutely. Traumatic, HELL YES lmao absolutely no shame in admitting that, not sure our boomer friend's problem with the whole soft vs. hard toxic masculinity thing. Maybe Andrew Tate invaded his youtube algorithm...
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 @groghunter: Its actually the opposite with shoulders, a full dislocation as a youth tends to stretch the ligaments all over the place, which is unlikely to properly heal. Grizzly old dad shoulders are less flexible and will generally heal more effectively, I speak from unfortunate experience. That said, this probably isnt Sams first dislocation...
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 @Frontrange: you're a f*cking tool
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 @pbuser2299: Big fan of wishful thinking, dude. I'm here for it.
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 @graham2017: watched a buddy try to pop his in just moments after sliding off the back of the lift hill at Snowshoe. He tried to Lethal Weapon it into the lift tower despite me screaming NOOOO!!!

Never seen someone's shoulder in that place and the color he turned after he slammed the pole was "opaque".
His reward was a very bumpy hour plus ride to the nearest hospital..
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 @pbuser2299: it depends on the severity of the injury. you break your glenoid when older, and it doesn't really want to heal properly.
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 @Frontrange: username checks out
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 He looks like a mtb refugee
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 Bummer. Super excited to see Sam Hill getting back into DH though.
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flag dchill (Oct 6, 2022 at 9:39) (Below Threshold)
 He can't hang in DH anymore. That's why he went to enduro
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 @dchill: user name does not check out.
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 @dchill: @dchill: go back to eating paint chips please
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flag dchill (Oct 6, 2022 at 10:10) (Below Threshold)
 @nvranka: Why because he should know his limitations?
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 @dchill: we liked you better when you were drooling and softly muttering in the corner. Now you’re speaking and we want you go to back the paint chips. Please.
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 @dchill: Maybe get better at this trolling thing, you can't seem to hang and you should know your limitations.
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 @Vudu74: i think he meant he wasn't competitive for a podium toward the end in DH which is right from what I remember?
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 @russthedog: cairns isn’t exactly DH, and crankworx isn’t exactly a WC lol
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 @russthedog: I think he was bored
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 Remember when DH skiers got so fast that when they crashed they got career ending injuries. FIS had to make courses turn more to bring down the speeds, limit the sizes of jumps and actually make skis slower? How they get liabily/health insurance when you see what they are forced to do at full speed is beyond me. If it was slower and safer it would still be great to watch and we wouldnt need to read as many of these injury stories. Downvote away but either the insurance companies, lawyers or the riders will force something like this eventually.
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flag PHeller (Oct 6, 2022 at 12:25) (Below Threshold)
 Meh, in DH slower probably means more technical, which probably means higher risk of injury. To a certain extent that's kinda what Enduro is - longer courses with more pedaling, more slow and tight sections.
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 Not really, the point isn' t to add uphill sections or just add more stums and bumps to existing tracks. Speed is the real problem. You make them strategically " turnier" to force braking and control maximum speeds. Fastest still wins but crashes happen at 5-10 mph slower so that many fewer critical injuries. DH ski racing is still a crazy persons sport, I expect safer DH mtb races could be the same.
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 Real sport - crazy Canucks leading the way!!! Tompro following quickly after. Shaba
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 @pink505: maybe mandate smaller wheels and rim brakes
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 @scary1: microscooters... electric ones
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 Didn't sound like this had anything to do with speed. Sam said a vine caught is front brake in the live feed of the race.
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 Is that a thing in Alpine DH? I think you are thinking about the whole GS debacle, where they made turns much tighter, and then mandated minimum 35m radius gs skis and something like 195cm long. They also later abandoned that after some of the greatest skiers in the planet were caught step-turning to make the turns, which is a technique that should have stayed in the 60's. They've found some compromise now, and gs is in fact slower (mostly). In DH, The Lauberhorn is still the Lauberhorn, still a 90+mph race in the right conditions. I think with these "classics" the risk of keeping a fast, technical course is percieved to be acceptable, if other safety measures are strengthened. You'll notice though that the safety infrastructure around a DH course is pretty wild, and response times to get to racers is usually sub 15 seconds (just a guess). Maybe the lesson here that applies is a much more robust emergency response on course if other risks simply cant be mitigated without totally changing the nature of racing. Similar thing has happened in Rally, except now they arguably are faster, with many fewer major injuries to drivers and spectators.

Anyways, do we even know if this was speed related?
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 @scary1: what about wheels made of wood?!
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 Heal up Sam !!
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 Getting old sucks
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 username checks out
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 Getting old is a pleasure, and much better than the alternative!
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 Any news on Alicia?
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 Seems odd that they’ll report on this and totally ignore her injury.
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 @BikesBoatsNJeeps: yeah seems a weird choice to say nothing about it while they report on every other rider injury ever. Must be a legal thing
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 Oh jesus that is awful news
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 @BikesBoatsNJeeps: No one is ignoring anything. If you notice, Sam Hill offered a comment on his injury. Alicia has not had the opportunity to decide how she would like her situation publicized due to her current condition.

Maybe there are examples I don't remember, but I believe almost every single injury report is announcing what has already been released from the family, team, or riders themselves.
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 It was good to read that her dad said her sense of humor was still intact. My heartfelt wishes for her full and swift recovery.
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 @Dogl0rd: It is a legal thing. If an employer makes an employees private health information public, they can get sued stupid.
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 @MT36: it's also just common sense and respect thing.

Sam Hill - world class racer who's had to pull out of an event that we were all excited for him to race. Also, while a bad injury, it's neither life threatening and hopefully not career ending.

Alicia - a terrible accident, she deserves her privacy and she doesn't owe us anything. Her crash and recovery and medical status are not for our entertainment. I get that people care and want to know, but that doesn't mean we are owed that information immediately.
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flag Dogl0rd (Oct 6, 2022 at 20:02) (Below Threshold)
 @MT36: there are ways to handle these things without sharing health information. I'm not going to stoop to your level with name calling
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 @Dogl0rd: The way the law is written, any identifying information is considered private. This includes not just name or workplace or diagnosis but even their sex or gender. Even Pinkbike stating they have an employee in the hospital is HIPAA violation.
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flag Dogl0rd (Oct 7, 2022 at 7:13) (Below Threshold)
 @MT36: does the law involve calling people stupid?
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 @Dogl0rd: I didn't call you stupid. I said "they can get sued stupid." I meant pinkbike could get sued and lose big time.

If I was calling you stupid, I would have written "they can get sued, stupid." Note the comma is key here. Apologies for the misread.
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 @MT36: I hadn’t thought about HIPA (although Canada may have different rules, but she is in Bellingham)
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 @MT36: not fully how it works but close enough. But they could absolutely say that a specific person was injured and in the hospital. Guaranteed there's publicly available information saying the same thing.
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 Damn, such a sad pic. Heal up soon Sam!
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 Sad Hill!
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 What the f*ck are people talking?He made a mistake and crashed ,and that crash made him broken is shoulder ,is there anything special ?Don't some of the top dh’ers had the same thing happened to them?,talking about age?,just ease your selfs down ,age has nothing to do with it ,get heal up Sam ,and come back next year to show these stupid people that you are and forever will be one of the best in the mtb thing ,heal up and take care
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 Oh no! Sam has (and will continue to) inspire so many! I’ve always been a big fan and look forward to seeing him back healthy…and on the hunt!!
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 One of my frequent riding buddies has a shoulder that seems to dislocate if you look at it wrong. It's such a common occurrence that I've seen him pop it back into place more than once on the trail. It makes me want to puke, but he acts like it's no big deal. I hope I never have to do that.
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 If it goes long enough it doesn’t even hurt anymore. Had mine repaired back in ‘93 after having the specialist I was seeing nudge me hard enough to pop it out and watch me pop it back in. “When can we do the surgery?” was the first things he said LOL! First time it happened… wish I could’ve been knocked out when it went back in.

Heal up quick champ!
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 @somebody-else: reading this made me grab my stretchy bands from the closet, gonna do some exercises at lunch!
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 Sounds similar to my shoulder that I just had Bankart surgery to fix (and a bit like what they described for Sam Hill); usually caused by fractured glenoid socket, torn labrum and/or chipped femoral head. It has not be an easy surgery recovery and I am looking at 9-12 months to be fully back on MTB. I’ve essentially had to re-learn how to use my left arm.
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 @TazMinianDevil: My recovery from same was fairly immediate, you just can't crash for a while. Just don't crash how hard is that Wink haha Since then I've crashed dozens of times, shoulder is a beast now!
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 Get well soon. Real bummer
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 BUMMER! It seems like Sam has had a long & painful history with shoulder issues. I hope this isn't that bad and he's able to rebound well!
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 Such a bummer, was really looking forward to seeing him put down a DH run. Heal up and come back strong next season!
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 God damn it! I was planning to watch the race mainly because of him... Heal up Sam!
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 Get well soon Sam, Hope it's not a serious fracture.

Wonder if the thing he hit is still in one piece? I thought I felt an earth tremor yesterday!
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 Get well soon sam you legend see you on the slopes mate
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 So bummed to see this! It really seemed like Sam was getting his legendary pace back towards the end of this year!
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 Sorry Sam, I too had goals I wanted to achieve on the bike this year. Unfortunately, I've spent almost the entire year off the bike due to related muscular injuries. It sucks, maybe I'll clear some of the jumps on my list next year...
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 Hope he gets well soon. Shoulder injuries are the pits - they take #$%ing forever to heal.
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 He’ll come back. I remember a few years back Greg minnar was performing as well for a few seasons and he came back to the top. Hill will do the same fo sho!!
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 Dang man. He was getting back on the pace in EWS too. Hope he heals up quick.
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 Get the man a sandwich for heavens sake.
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 Can all of you using the term old admit you were wrong when he comes back strong? Putting your limitations and negative self-perception on others is the height of weakness.

Heal up Sam!
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 And to his credit, he showed up the next day to sign hats and pose for photos. My son got a great photo with him, holding one of his Nukeproof Sam Hill pedals. I hope he has a fast and full recovery.
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 Ben Stillers character in Happy Gilmour, “go to sleep, or I will put you to sleep”
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 Will always cheer for this guy, a true legend of the sport! Tough luck Sam and hoping you come back next season even stronger!
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 Feel sorry for the cairns DH track tbf
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 I'm sorry "put to sleep"... sounds like they took him to the vet like an old dog? haha
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 Sucks! Heal up soon Sam.
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 You'll be back soon! Can't wait to see you race DH again!
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 That's unfortunate. Blank Stare
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 Because he's British he Practises...
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 Been there and it sucks. Heal up soon Sam!
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 Sam Hill will always be the man! Best wishes recovering for 2023!
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 Speed and Power.
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 Guessing a lot of the commentators here haven’t actually watched any footage of the Crankworks Cairns DH track.

It’s more like an enduro stage than full on DH track.
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 This was aimed at those trying to make out SH some how was too old or out of place to be riding a full on DH track.
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 Get well soon, Sam!
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 Faaaark, heal up Sam.
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 Gutted for ya, mate!
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 In all seriousness I hope Burt has a speedy recovery.
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 Getting old sucks
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 No, it actually doesn't suck. Your attitude towards it could use some help though.
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