Barcelona is the Ultimate City Playground for Bikes – Video

Feb 13, 2018
by Sam Pilgrim  

I flew over to Barcelona to hang out with Max Fredriksson but before I arrived I searched online for some of the best riding spots and marked all of the coolest looking places on google maps. If you're thinking of going I advise you do this before you get there because there are so many spots it's crazy!

The city of Barcelona is like one big bike park and it's seriously fun to ride, you can find dirt jumps, skateparks, street spots and there are plenty of epic sights to see also.

So I turned on the GoPro and went out for a ride with Max and this is how I saw Barcelona, Enjoy!


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 I must be getting old - I was slightly annoyed by them cutting off pedestrians non-stop.
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 Yeah, this video bothered me. The carelessness for pedestrians on sidewalks that you're probably not supposed to be on and the general disregard for the city was not my cup of tea. I find riding up statues a little disrespectful.
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 Being respectful with others is not a sign of getting old! Their behavior is pretty bad in my oppinion...
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 @JasonALap: Better than draping a foreign country's flag over it...
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 @DarrellW: Man, I guess I should unpack all the American flags I planned to plant on my next trip. So much for a good time...
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 I was more than slightly ennoyed. That's the type of behavior that makes us all look bad.
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 Minute 6 was rough for sure, and I dislike riding on statues. That first guy however, who spoke up after the snow slide, was just texting and walking into oblivion.
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 He did apologize every time though
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 @cdmbmw: OK, looks like I can be honest; I was more than slightly annoyed too. Very cool video otherwise and I love the idea of cruising around a big city finding good spots as that was how I spent most of my younger years... But damn, they couldn't do it without a complete disregard for others?
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 So good boys!!!! skills for sure and if I was one of those pedestrians I would be so stoked to see Sam and max shred.
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 Better not watch those street bmxers then, most of them don't even have brakes.
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flag thinkbike (Feb 14, 2018 at 10:01) (Below Threshold)
 a bell on his handlebars might be used to good effect in those high density areas... and it would add another great element to that video game soundtrack.
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 He is not the one to call out. Other people piss, vomit, pickpocket, graffity on streets. He is riding on two wheels, beeing happy, doing sports... Who been hurt?
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 Everybody who is “annoyed” by the statues needs to go watch Standby Barcelona by Nike. Every single one of those statues has been tricked numerous times. If the people in Barcelona we’re feeling disrespected by that, I’m sure they’d be fenced off by now. Also the Standby contest edits are absolutely worth watching anyhow.
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 Agreed, these guys are not only being inconsiderate to others, but they are also role models to younger YouTube watching rider's. Bad show. I vote boo on Sam Pilgrim.
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 Ya you all sound old.
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 @djm35: Can't watch those dudes because they don't wear helmets... Yup, I'm old. Never thought it would happen to me.

@BarnaK: Whataboutism (Google it) aside, since when is it only inconsiderate if someone gets hurt? Respect isn't about physical harm.
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 You guys are being way too sensitive.I only saw one pedestrian get cut off and Sam promptly apologized. Everyone else yielded voluntarily
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 @me2menow: all of what they were doing on sidewalks, in pedestrian areas and against the flow of traffic is dangerous and illegal. There's a reason that bike lanes and bike parks exist. It just puts bikers in a negative light. You want to do it, be my guest, but you me it's an adolescent display of don't-give-a-f*ck when you could have just as much fun on a bike without breaking the law.
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 @ryan420420420: old enough to remember when skateboarding was a crime and the years and effort it took the industry and participants to change that. Don't want to see bikes go down that road. People that don't ride can't distinguish between guys like this and a spandex wearing roady. If we want bikes banned from City streets let's keep supporting this kind of behavior. I've seen Mr. Pilgrim damage public property in more than one video, laugh about it and ride away. I for one think NS bikes made a smart move by not having this guy represent them. Yes, I've done stupid things in my youth too, but I didn't put it on YouTube and I didn't get paid to represent the cycling community either. I don't know how old Sam is, but he's old enough to know better.
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 @jaybird93000: most of the upset pedestrians were added in post
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 @me2menow: I was amazed at how not annoyed they were actually. Maybe they're used to street riders in Barcelona? Can someone from the area chime in? They were all very tolerant I thought. I would never ride so close to pedestrians myself, but they didn't seem to mind.
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 @jaame: Barcelona in general is a tolerant city..
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 You are not old. Agree!!!! Pedestrians must be respected more!
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 @ryan420420420: Agree, just a bunch of party poopers.
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 @JasonALap: I was referring to the Saddam incident.
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 Gets shit for E-bike video then releases one where he comes off as a douche. Sam killing the publicity game of late.
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 hates gotta hate, i liked this video, sam and max killing it on the bike as always!
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 26 aint dead. I do miss my little 26" hardtail for dicking around on.
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 Don't waste any money on it man, 24" is the sht for dicking around these days...
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 @WAKIdesigns: makes sense. 26" frame with 24" wheels?
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 @WAKIdesigns: and you are the old man dicking around with boring comments go ride your 29er with the sadel up to your neck... #26aintdead
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 @BullseyeXer: huh? no pussy on sportlov or what?
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 @WAKIdesigns: you speak of experience?
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 @BullseyeXer: shouldn't you be doing your homework?
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 @WAKIdesigns: Shouldn't you comment something really stupid on another article?
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 I've already seen the video. It's a shame that I'm living in Vienna. It's so fucking boring here it's unbelieveable. Winter is even more worse. You can't do shit here. In case of street, dirt, trails, pumptracks, downhill,... I don't even wan't to talk about that . If you are a mountainbiker and you want to have fun, don't ever come to Vienna.
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 What about the Wibmer edit in Vienna?
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 @Levin192: I knew this question would come. This are the only "spots". If you are human being you can't jump 15 meters stairgaps. Trust me, it's my hometown. I know EVERY single spot in Vienna. I also know some bmx riders and skaters. They will tell you the same. If you want I can post some features and obstacles Fabio did. You won't believe your eyes. In real live it's even more impressive.
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 Really? I live in Vienna too and I don't think it is boring here? We have plenty of legal and illegal trails in the Wienerwald, we have a Trailcenter, there is a bikepark just 1h away.
We have a community that is constantly working with the authorities to get more legal trails.

There is a Dirtpark on the Wienerberg, there are a couple of skateparks and pools and the city center is full of places to fool around.

There are also Pumptracks, ok not right in Vienna, in Wr. Neudorf or the one in Neunkirchen and the small one at Hohe Wand Wiese.

Vienna is maybe not Whistler or Barcelona but it is still a great city with a lot of potential.
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 @m0le: Don't get me wrong. The Wienerwald Trails community is the best thing which ever happened to the mountainbiking community in Vienna! I love them. They are my heroes. I love the Hohe Wand Wiese trails but inside Vienna, meeeh!
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 Tell me about it, im from London... You should feel lucky, trust me.
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 It's like some of the things in this vid were built for bikes... my downtown, does NOT have that...
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 I am doing my Erasmus in Vienna and obviously I brought one of my bikes with me! I am having a blast here, there are sooo many trails within a reasonable distance by bike. HWW, weidlingbach, Nasenberg, Kahlenberg... I really can't complain! As in all big cities, there are no trails in the inner city (l come from Madrid, I know what I'm talking about haha) but there is so much to explore around the city... See you on the trails!
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 Great video Sam! But those sound effects where so fake... In Barcelona they would shout you either in Catalonian or in Espanish, never in English...
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 I wonder how many times he heard "gilipollas" that day
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 Front flip was insane!!!
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 Been there, done that. Is fun to ride in the city like pedestrians are another feature, but then you grow up an start being more respectful. You're not thirteen anymore bro.
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 Is it just me, or do the sound effects in this video seem heavily edited or just plain added in? For example: the bicycle bell and the car honk at the start of the video, the objections of the numerous pedestrians, and especially the woman's "hey!" at 8:19 in the video....

This almost seems like a tourism ad for Barcelona. All of the lights are magically green, Sam coincidentally stops and sees prominent city features, and the all of the streets are somehow very low traffic the entire time.
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 this is like GTA on bike
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 Started off super cool, like a cyclist's wet dream, then reminded me of my flat ass boring city with people in the way. Could have been edited for only the good parts.
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 If you were on your nice little motor bike, this rudeness showcased would be more expected.
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 Spins bar - 'That was epic' - that is all.
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 The Sagrada Familia... Wow... Fab
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 Barcelona is the best time
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 E-bike something something... Just playing Sam!! I just liked seeing the sun and warm weather!! Winter sucks!!
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 meh, no ebike... :/
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 Too heavy for plane luggage, sorry.
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 I really like this video, it should have been way longer
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 Love those Sam Pilgrim edits!
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 Cue E-Bike hate...
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