Video: Sam Pilgrim's Bangers Tour Part 2

May 7, 2015
by Sam Pilgrim  

After travelling through France in episode one we make it to Barcelona for this episode and shred the sickest zones we could find including some street spots, la Poma bike park and Sherwy's private spot, plus more. We also decide to rent some mopeds for the day and we get a little bit too crazy!

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 Pinkbike poll:What kind of moto do you ride? Street...on mopeds
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 So French
  • + 18
 Pilgrim is a fucking legand, sent him a DM on instaghram and he had some right bants
  • + 18
 if the guys who rented the mopets saw that ... Big Grin
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 It's a rental and the law clearly states in Section 3, paragraph 4, subsection ii.... "Ride it like you stole it"
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 The swedish guys tho! thelander and söderström got style
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 I certainly can't see any bias here
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flag nolimitsGatis (May 7, 2015 at 13:44) (Below Threshold)
 @AMGoran thanks for saying, I haven't ever noticed it before Mr obvious, of course you are a big fan of them just because they are from your country...
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 @nolimitsGatis in fact they are from my city I go in class with thelanders sis so of course I'm a fan and I'm not alone in this world that thinks the guys got style if you don't agree then fine
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 @AMGoran Of course they have style, it is useless to say that, they wouldn't be stars without style, but it is silly how often someone praise they own country riders. They are legends to me anyway, no matter that some say they are superb or overrated. Funny
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 @nolimitsGatis Think some on is a bit jealous Razz
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 @AMGoran call it what you want, might be I am wrong with you Big Grin
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 this epidode was sick!!! like the 1st one! still need for titties
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 Anyone know the song at the end?
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 LOve these So much make more
  • + 2
 The shot at 7:24 was sick! keep it coming Sam!
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 Best thing since drop in! Thanks Sam!
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 More moped shredding!
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 Keep these coming Sam. Good stuff.
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 Heck ya that was rad! Pumped for episode 3
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 Soder seater nac @ 7:29 made all the scooter douchery worth it.

Riding looks great Sam, just stop being an abusive dickbag with other people's property & you'll be golden.
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 Sherwy is nutty!
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 RIP mopeds.

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