Video: Sam's (Pilgrim and Reynolds) World South Africa

Aug 12, 2014
by Tyler Maine  

Ever wondered what happens when you take two of the best riders in FMB and ship them off to Cape Town for 2 weeks?! With the plan being to cause havoc and have the best time ever.. welcome to Sam’s World: South Africa.

Joined along the way by Brendan Fairclough and Locals Andrew and Johnty Neethling, the Sam’s made Africa ‘Sam’s World’ for 2 weeks of parties, trails, Downhill, MX, Surfing, questionable sight seeing, shark-cage diving, the Night Harvest and much, much more.

Stay Tuned for Ep.2 - California

Music: Boyde
Location: Cape Town – South Africa
Produce by: Monster Energy/Aspect Media

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 MTB Pro is a pretty hard Job ! I hate my Life right now
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 Reynolds has a missing tooth too?
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 I'm of UK/German ancestry so I can't say I'm any better off... but its hard not to notice the irony in the UK riders and their teeth problems. Big Grin
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 Yup, he lost his tooth in this one
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 better than life behind bars
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 The shot with the lights going out behind them was so good. I can't believe Reynolds still got through as he did most of the line in the dark! Oh, the MX sunset shot was also a stunner. Well enjoyed this. Sam's world... it's party time, excellent.
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 I think they muted a few screams from that one. hahaha
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 gavlaa I see what you did there, waynes world never gets old
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 Would Reynolds be Garth?
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 Reynolds would be Wayne for sure- Pilgs is pretty much Garth already. Give him a blonde mullet wig and a pair of glasses and I honestly think he would spontaneously say 'SCHWINNNNNNG!!'. I think he's a redneck at heart anyway so the look would suit him!!!
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 couldnt have timed it better.. end of Life Behind Bars..
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 Well that was awesome!

7's and frontflips....
The list of activities they were going to do in SA...
Needles and Pilgrim with there tribute to the hoard of Dereks on Pinkbike saying Sam can't ride a DH bike...
"Facts" about Table Mountain...
Pilgs "tan"...
The fact you can count the number of front teeth they both have combined on one hand...
Old school no nonsense vibe about the video...

So much awesome stuff!!!
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 I wonder what they would say if I asked them if they wanted to party or ride?
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 "Heyy do ya like to party?"
"Ohmygod...RANDAL? are you a male prostitute?!"
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 This is good. Also Neethling needs his own show.
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 I swear sam reynolds lost some teeth a few days into this holiday...
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 Sams' world?
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 this was the funnest video I've seen in a while!
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 i really would like to see this two riders at the LOOSEFEST (nico Vink's fest)
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 that was awesome! I think i preferred it too life behind bars!
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 Always time for a braai
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 this is so sick and sam's hub is amazing
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 Sam p has a halo superdrive hub!
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 This has to be my new Favorite while Life Behind Bars is gone!
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 Watch out Ronnie Mac! these slouches might take your job...
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 love the idea should be good can't wait for more!
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 Love it!!
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 What was a naked gir doing there?
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 Good times make for great entertainment. A little emo at the end though.
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 Catfish at 5:35?
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 pilgrim: pro "bmxer"
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