Messing with Sucess - New 2008 Blur LT

Feb 26, 2008
by Jordan Holmes  
Since its introduction in 2005, the Blur LT has gone on to become our best selling bike. It’s a long-legged, lightweight but surprisingly durable workhorse that defies being lumped into any one category, and is at home everywhere from mellow XC terrain to the steepest and rockiest slices of the back of beyond.

Why then, if something is so popular, so tough, and so capable, would we go and scrap it for something new? Much as we love the old LT, not long after it hit the trails, we began to pick it apart to try and find ways of making it better. Now, after an exhaustive two years of intensive design and prototyping, we’re ready to unveil the next generation of Blur LT.Here are the Cliff Notes to the evolution:

*No other design can be manipulated to allow the degree of change in shock rates that VPP suspension can. With regard to the new LT, the shock rates have actually been mellowed out somewhat, for a more active early suspension feel and a more linear action toward bottom-out.

*Both upper and lower links have been totally redesigned. The alloy lower link has grease ports and intricate labyrinth seals to operate in a clean, quiet, contaminant-free environment. The upper link is now molded from carbon fiber and the shock mount is isolated from the pivot axles. Beefy 15mm diameter pivot axles bolt into the frame on one end, and feature trick collett-heads on the other end to lock them into the frame and eliminate any chance of loosening or slop.

New Blur LT

*Completely new frame, designed to offer sweet riding geometry when used with forks ranging from 140mm to 160mm travel. Formed tubing offers a lower standover height and a new rear swingarm is super stiff while offering ample tire clearance.

*Available mid-April, 2008, in the usual array of SCB powdercoat colors as well as anodized black and skidmark

Love on Wheels

*US retail prices start at $1750 (frame and Fox Float R shock, powdercoat finish) and $1950 (frame and Fox Float R shock, ano finish)

Check out Santa Cruz Bikes for more information.


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 Harrlem when you're in your 30s, getting fat and your knees (and other body parts) are thrashed from DH and'll be looking for something a little more lowkey stay in the sport. The fact that most bike manufacturers are concentrating their R&D on 5/6 inch travel all mountain bikes for XC and freeride should tell you something about how popular it is.
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flag Haarlem (Feb 27, 2008 at 1:23) (Below Threshold)
 most of my body parts are already thrashed how it is... doesnt make you stop because of an odd ache here and their!
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 meet the blurmad!
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 The bend looks sick!, through the old legs through and whoocha! sweet. I agree with lowering the top of the seat tube just a few inches. you can't run the top tube streight. it would end up in to top pivot!

Bikes are being made lighter because trail building is better nowadays! who needs 10" when you have a landing you could park a pickup truck on.
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 (haarlem) i bet u have never even ridden xc before. i like dh more aswell but xc is still fun. and for every massive hill u clim, that means there is dh later. really nice lookin bike though
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 Agree with everyone else about the seat collar being so high....who knows maybe this is an xl frame we are looking at, they always look goofier than the more common mediums..... anyway, my blur lt is sick, when it dies I will for sure get another one. Hope they only change them for the better though, cause there is nothing I dislike right now about mine.
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 I have friends who ride Blur LTs and I rode an Intense 5.5 for years (basically same bike)...awesome bike to say the least but the linkage WEARS OUT very quickly, meaning replacement. But guess what: Santa Cruz guarantees their bearings for life which means if you send in your old bearings and proof that you're the original frame owner, they'll send you new bearings for FREE! This bike has 140mm of rear travel, and is arguably the most efficient climbing XC/All Mtn rig out there, but its DEFINITELY NOT a bike you could take to Whistler. Trust me, you'd snap the linkage on your first run...I've watched my buddies do it on easier trails than A-Line.
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 Oh yeah, and Haarlem - we don't believe for a second that you're riding a freeride bike 52 miles. Know why? Because unless you clock several hours a week road riding or XC riding you won't have the fitness to do it! Downhilling doesn't build endurance buddy.
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 (haarlem) xc bike? it doesnt say how much travel it has but i'm guessing about 140mm, thats not xc, thats kinda all mountain, i bet you could ride most DH courses on that bike.
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 "Yep, just another xc-hybrid machine from the "losers" at Santa Cruz" mean losers like Steve Peat, Nathan Rennie, Greg Minaar and the man that started it all...Rob Roskopp....your the loser mate
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 What I really meant to say is that Sam Hill should just quit DH as he is such a slug on a bike. Lopes and Krokop should retire, because they don't know what they're doing. Gracia should give up cycling and open a child day care center somewhere.Kovaric should just stick to scrabble and other board games.Get it? harharhar
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 Nice, hope SC plugged the holes in the stays? Not sure about the 'skidmark' colour though...
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 AHH plz dont come out with a new 4x version i JUST got my 4x frame Frown hahaha
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 ya man i will hate santa cruz if they do the same with the new 4x it better stay the same because this new low bb and curvy crap is killing me
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 not sure what to think. The oldones were so sweet I'm not really sure how they could improve on it. But it looks pretty sweet
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 I loved the old Blur (until i got my Intense Spider!!) and anyway, mountain biking is all about riding your bike- whatever it is and however you CHOOSE to do it!
Enjoy your rides people....
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 We folks with 36 inch inseams know why the seat tube is as tall as it is. The smalls and mediums will have shorter seat tubes and less of a bend in the top tube.
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 why is it that i find out about new santa cruz models here, when im a dealer for them? They need to let us in on these secrets
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 Soo true! My roommate just bought an lt from the shop that i work at, and I would have liked to tell him about this first! But my lt is perfect, and so it's hard to imagine this is that much better.
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 Looks very nice and clean! I wonder if they have anything in the pipeline for the 4x version??
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 why do they have to make the seat clamp so high up? they could probably shave like a third of a pound by not bending the top tube . it would also look sicker.
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 So you can raise the seat, without having the frame break because of the leverage generated from the high seat, and low seat clamp.
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 itd look like a bottlerocket or intense, but with insanely steep tubes
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 no one makes a 3 foot long seat post.
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 a third of a pound or a ruptured scrotum...hmmmm, lets think about that
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 Damn..I learnd to spell reel good.
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 yur. sucess. Is that like suck-s?
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 Now if only they'd make a nomad with a beefed up rear triangle for their slopestyle bike...
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 They have the Blur 4X for that!
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 Looks like a hot bike but I'm w/ m1lfhunter. "Skidmark?"
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 Stick to motocross then.
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 Oh yea!
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 aaa-ha! : )
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 its not as nice as the one before it but still a gorgeuos bike.
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 looks nice.. =]
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 That top tube is horrible.
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