Aug 29, 2009
by Simon Paton  
Source: Santa Cruz UK

This is a letter I had hoped I would never have to write but unfortunately we had a break in on Tuesday night. Amongst various office computers, clothing, helmets and the like – the scumbags also took a decent amount of Santa Cruz and Ibis bikes, including pretty much the world's only Santa Cruz Tallboy that had been shipped over for the Eurobike launch next week.

Dickon Hepworth - Santacruz UK explains all..Tallboy spec:
Size: Large
Colour: matte carbon with dark red graphics (one side only)
Shock: Fox RP23 boost valve
Fork: Fox 32 F29 100 RLC Taper 15mm (black)
Spec: XTR with Avid Elixir CR Mag brakes / Easton low rise Monkeylite bars, EA90 stem / Chris King tapered inset headset (black) / Thomson Masterpiece seatpost w/ WTB Silverado saddle / Mavic TN 719 rims on DT 240S hubs / Kenda Smallblock 8 tyres / Unique Santa Cruz rear QR.



The Tall Boy is a 29er - 29inch wheels dumbo. So if you see some little 5ft 6ins chav(Council House and Violent) on it, don't do what we do, clothes line them and then stamp on their head. Instead grab them by the scruff of their neck and inform the Police.

This is certainly the only bike of its kind in Europe. And one of only a handful made so far – so it's going to stand out like a sore thumb on the trails. Please ask everyone out there – riders, shops and the like, to keep an eye out.

There were also several other bikes, details of which will follow once we start clearing through the mess.

Obviously your help in spreading the word on this is much appreciated – please contact Jungle Products with any information.


Dickon @ Jungle

Tel: +44 (0)1423 780088
Fax: +44 (0)1423 781514

As POLICE 5's Shaw Taylor would say, "Keep 'em peeled!"

In 1986 POLICE 5 was directly responsible for the recovery of a set of 12 priceless medallions stolen from Kew Palace. They were sent to Shaw anonymously after he has said on the programme that "…the loser, a very distinguished lady, was not amused." They were sent to Shaw, through the post, wrapped in toilet paper.

One good medal deserves another and in 1987 Shaw Taylor was awarded an MBE… and at the investiture at Buckingham Palace ‘The distinguished lady’ thanked him personally. " I think I owe you this" she said. "With respect Your Majesty" replied Shaw "you owe me twelve." He is still waiting for the other eleven.

Si Paton
Free UK Postage on Everything.


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 Its so ridiculous, what do people think they're gonna do with one of the worlds rarest bikes. If they ride it they'll get caught if they sell it theyll get caught. So it probably will sit in their garage for the next 20 years. As you said, complete scum!!!
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flag bigburd (Aug 29, 2009 at 2:15) (Below Threshold)
 surely you cant complain about the native stealing things when you live on stolen land? KARMA ?
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 esstential if they are someone after a quick bit of cash or a free bike they won't know that it's one of the handful in the world, making it easy to spot. They would probably rough it up first... to make it "blend it" with the 3 or 4 others in the world.
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 Its going to end up hand painted green, outside a McDonalds in Liverpool. Should be back soon.
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 dude it was so funny, we had person last year try to steal a NEW turner dhr with new components and he couldn't fit it in his car. So as he is driving away the bike falls out the back and he doesn't notice
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 we need to know which country they were in when they went missing
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 Well it says transition UK at the top but are you getting at scotland england wales NI?
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 yeah, would be good to know what country and where abt, e.g. london, standrews etc
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 North York's near Harrogate!
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 isnt london a capital city?
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 yup it is.
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 This is about as dumb as stealing "the scream" painting.
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 Sorry but how secure is the place where this stuff was stolen? Either it isnt an the people who stoll it are mindless scum bags who saw it an went oooh shiny or the security is very good an the people who broke in are quite clever...
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 It doesn't matter how secure a place is, if the scum know what's in a building and its what they want, they will get in regardless of any amount of security.
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 i hope you find 'em and punch 'em in the wiener... repeatedly, for the rest of their lives... with a stun gun. at least.
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 fuckers eh
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 sorry that happened to you guys. I hope there is a good ending to this shitty situation.
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 I've had the satisfaction of running after a thief that had just stolen my friends bike and kicking he's ass as much as i could, after having stopped him by clamping the front brake very hard and making him fly over the bars.....then my friend showed up and he was of course much angryer than me...hahahaha...good times!! there is more satisfaction in kicking a thiefs ass than doing a 3 meter drop..
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 im trying to imagine the feeling of someone stealing my bike and me catching him in the act... gets my heart pumping just thinking about it
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 I hope they ride it and the bike mysteriously un screws its own QR and he tries one of his poxy wasteland DJs and the front wheel pops out and he ends up with a mouth full of mud, then the bike will mysteriously fall on top of him knocking him out and pinning him while it mysteriously called the police Ninja
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 I actually found my bike for sale on the internet about 2 weeks after it was stolen a few years back. Huge thanks to Kona for letting me know about the ad and for the police that helped me get it back. I hope you guys are as lucky as I was. Since then I have invested in some serious bike locks.
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 watch on ebay my bros kona got stolen ounce and it turned up on ebay a week later
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 How dumb can they get!
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 very. what dicks but? they obviously don't know how rare it is. it will turn up i'm sure.
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 if your duymb enough to steal a bike that there are so very few of you would b dumb enough to put it on any site hope it turns up for you guys.. dunno wat anyone gets outta stealing to know you gotta live with the fact you have taken some1's pride and joy it must be a horrible feeling so low.. it shall turn up within time have faith
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 yeah, some people are real douche bags. Plus, what kind of retard steals a one of a kind bike! I wish I could be the one to kick their asses. One of my fondest memories is hitting a kid who was riding my bike in the back of the head with a rock
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 Why cain't people take their filthy hands of some ones else stuff and this sucks hard because Eurobike is next weekCry .I hope you find those bike thiefs
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 God dam Hunts !!! lets get back to the old days and put them in a stockade and pelt the piss outta them then cut there F***ing hands off or put them in the local stockade and pelt the piss outta them
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 that fucking sucks. i hope these fuckers get caught and get the living piss beat out of them, than go to jail.
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 I hate reading these posts......hope they get their peckers cut off.
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 Karma they will get what they deserve at some point in their lives
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 i hope so! wasnt to long ago when my bro's orange got lifted
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 i hope there is a design fault nd they fall off and die
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 I'd like to think it's not a cyclist and just some dam crack head. BASTARDS!!
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 this reminds me of that guy who tried to sell a prototype honda on ebay
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 i will keep my eyes peeled mate
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 Oi - I'm from Liverpool and I wouldn't steal it! haha!
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 my kona got stolen and it suxs
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 if I see it in Belgium , I'll call the cops and let you guys now , Santa Cruz for life ;-)
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 eurobike next week. all new bikessss. but yeah stealing does suck, but it feels great when you catch them
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 Man that sucks. I got a sneak peak of the Tallboy at the Santa Cruz headquarters, but that one was orange. Sick bike.
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 that sucks. jacking bike stuff is hella messed up
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 rob banks not bikes!
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 or not at all......
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 fucking bull shit thives!!!
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 what a shame it sounds so nice lets find em'
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 fuckin hosers eh
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 that musts suck.
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 how did it happen anyways? like how did they steal them....
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 They like broke in and stole them as it says in the 1st line of the article like...
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 and theres no cameras or anything at all to help the matter?
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 see i would be smart enough to steal a really nice bike, but not one thats pretty much one of its kind duhhhh
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 From this side of the pond I will keep em peeled JJ
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 i know you pissed, but the whole "dumbo" comment in a press release if fricken' amateur.

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