Video: Styling Through the Night

Oct 24, 2018
by Sascha BamHill  
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Are you already suffering from winter depression? There is no reason for that in Germany, because summer has been here until the end of October and it‘s still warm and sunny.

Nutbush Nightjump Session 2018
However, many suffer from being stuck at work, and when the closing time bell rings, the sun disappears behind the horizon. The early darkness does not make life easier for us outdoor athletes.

Nutbush Nightjump Session 2018
But, as you know, there is a solution to every problem. Sascha Bamberg has brought the helmet lamp from the attic and turns night into day with his lupine Wilma.

Nutbush Nightjump Session 2018
Now there are no excuses anymore. What is unimaginable for some, makes others really fun. With the purpose-misleading Pivot Mach6 Enduro he flows and styles through the Jumplines in his Nutbush Forest near Cologne.

Nutbush Nightjump Session 2018
After sunset, a very special mood arises in the forest. As soon as the humans leave the forest, it becomes quiet. Only the sound of the freewheel and the rolling noise of the tires on the ground can be heard.

Nutbush Nightjump Session 2018

Rider: Sascha Bamberg aka Bam Hill
Camera: Thanh Ebert + Davin Kumpf
Photos: Pia Rummland
Location: Nutbush Forest
Music: Audio Jungle - Drive Guitar Rock


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 Riding at night is actually a lot of fun. You rediscover your favorite trails. Becomes more difficult with all these frick'n rabbits coming towards your light, running away at the last second, and acting like random chicane on the trail. Tons of fun, but it did cost me a rib ... painful
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 Fall and Winter is when my friends and I like to strap on the lights and ride our favorites backwards. Its a whole new trail, but vaguely familiar. I find that by the end of summer I'm starting to get burned out on the same ole trails, but then we start backwards night ridding, then the snow hits and we fat bike it and I'm stoked to ride again! By the time I am bored of that, spring hits and its time to go fast again. Its a good cycle Wink
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 Riding in the dark is one thing, actually crashing is a whole different beast. Learned that well over a decade ago. Usually when you crash you unconsciously scan where you can go and what to avoid. Now you can get hurt on a silly stomp that you have to hike back up to realize it was there. But it is still fun. Especially as (depending on where you live of course) the trails become slower during fall/winter so riding in the dark will make them challenging again.
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 Last year in the fall I bought some decent lights and made an effort to ride at night more. I already ride alot of street at night already. Trails not so much. It's a whole other ball game doing trails in the foggy fall during the dead of night. Trails that you know like the back of your hand are brand new. Even the easiest of trails become a challenge. The forest is a different creature when your alone in the dark. I got totally hooked. I now do at least 1 or 2 night rides a week. So fun.
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 Big fan of long exposure light trails w/ flash to freeze riders.
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