British 4X Series Round 2, Harthill - Video

Apr 25, 2018
by Lewis Bradley  
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Dry, dusty carnage - the perfect recipe for a great 4X race. Harthill may not look like the hardest of tracks, but it made for some great racing and overtakes on each corner. Watch and find out who were on the podium for round 2 of the Scwalbe British 4x series! Schwalbe tyres behind the tape productions.

Schwalbe British 4x Series Round 2- Harthill
Davi Roberts with the advantage into the first turn.

Out of the start gate and into the action and the 1st corner at Harthill has always been fierce and unforgiving. It gives the riders a variety of options such as pump, jump or manual. This photo just shows how tight racers are to each other, making sure they are first into the turn.

Schwalbe British 4x Series Round 2- Harthill
Carnage corner, Jack Hundson and Reece Richards collide in some fashion and in-front of the live stream.

When two riders are committed to one line, there is only one outcome. Getting the inside line is a lot quicker, but the outside allows you to keep your speed around the turn. Just make sure you don't have someone in your way. It normally ends up in a dust cloud and scattered bodies.

Schwalbe British 4x Series Round 2- Harthill
Martin Brown showing everyone which is the fastest rut out of turn two.

If you thought the 1st turn was interesting, turn 2 had four ruts for riders to choose from. Choose the one with no riders and you could be able to make a pass on the exit. This was a great passing opportunity if you did't have a good gate start.

Schwalbe British 4x Series Round 2- Harthill
Luke Madley looking fast all day long.

Another great turn-out from the younger athletes, a BMX race had to be cancelled so many saw the opportunity to give 4x a go! The middle of the track consisted of more turns, manuals and mounds for riders to battle for positions and points. You were not safe or guaranteed 1st until you crossed the finish line.

Schwalbe British 4x Series Round 2- Harthill
Heather Kay pedalling strong into 1st place.

Eight female riders chose to race in the 'Open Women' category while Tyde D'Souza went into the '17-18' male category and gave them a run for their money.

Schwalbe British 4x Series Round 2- Harthill
Ben jones with the turn bar.

The Pro-line was shut due to winds but the small table line still allowed racers to have some fun, or keep them low and push away from the pack. Only two long sweeping berms were left before the finish, the final right hand turn saw plenty of action but didn't change a lot of outcomes.

Schwalbe British 4x Series Round 2- Harthill
Davi Roberts would bring home the bacon and secure his 2nd pro elite win.

It was defiantly an action packed day, the next round will be at Fort William on the 12th May. The same weekend as the HSBC British Cycling DH series, expect to see the same type of racing with another packed crowd to watch the racing unfold.


Video, Blog and Photos produced by 'Behind The Tape Productions'

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 @bmxrad the top5 are on the podium because we like to give everyone in the final a podium and also the winner of the B-final a place on podium ????
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 Hahahaha I know what your doing they give the guy who comes 2nd in boxing a medal as well hahahaha
  • + 1
 @BMXrad I bet you love BMX worlds for challenge classes where top 8 get a medal/trophy ????????
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 Can't wait for more!! Great edit and loads of carnage!
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 The best weekend of the year for me. First 4X race and loved every second!! 3rd in Big Fun was a shit tonne of fun!!
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 Awesome stuff!
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 Sorry but five on the podium is so last century, good to see 4 cross alive and kicking though x
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 You mean like how DH still have 5 on the podium? Big Grin

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