Scott Roarban Shorts - Review

Nov 6, 2014
by Mike Kazimer  
Scott Roarban shorts review

Scott Roarban Shorts

Part of Scott Sports' extensive outerwear collection, the Roarban shorts are meant for downhill / freeride usage, or for any rider looking for a durable, resilient pair of shorts. Tailored with a relaxed cut, they're designed to fit easily over knee pads, and are constructed from a textured, water resistant polyester to help keep wet weather at bay. Storage options abound, and in addition to the two side cargo pockets, there are two hip pockets and a zippered back pocket. A zippered vent is in place next to each of the cargo pockets, allowing for a little extra airflow when the temperature climbs, and an elastic gaiter can be zipped into the waistband of the shorts to help keep dirt from finding its way down your backside. Currently only available in Europe, the Roarban shorts retail for €100. Colors: blue, gold, petrol green. Sizes: S-XXL.

Scott Roarban shorts review

There are plenty of pockets and zippers on the Roarban shorts, including a zip in waist gaiter.

Pinkbike’s Take
bigquotesThese suckers are comfy. Like a pair of well-worn sweatpants, the ones that get pulled on when you want to turn into an immovable blob on the couch, the Roarban Shorts have a 'just right' feel that often had me grabbing them over lighter and better ventilated options. Even with a 14" inseam and a loose fit, the shorts were unobtrusive, and never snagged on the saddle, or anywhere else on the bike for that matter. The water resistant fabric does exactly what it's supposed to, and light rain quickly beads up and rolls off, although a steady deluge will eventually soak through, but by the time that happens you'll probably be well on your way home. I'm still not sold on the zip-in waist gaiter, but since the shorts don't have any form of waist band adjustment, by using the gaiter I was able to avoid wearing a belt in order to keep them in place. The shorts themselves aren't the lightest - the loose fit combined with Scott's use of a heavier fabric and the multiple zippers and pockets makes them best suited for days where miles and miles of pedaling aren't the priority. On shorter rides and in the bike park, times when durability took precedence over light weight, the Roarban shorts performed well, and even after multiple muddy rides and washings they still look as good as new, without any stains or tears to be found. - Mike Kazimer

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 I like the look and they sound pretty solid. Personally prefer a 16" inseam for dh/fr shorts to keep them from getting hung up on the top of pads, but not a deal breaker. I agree about the gaiter... not sure whats going on that someone would be getting dirt down their shorts... thats why i only mud wrestle in a thong.
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 eat my shorts
  • + 0
 and mine.
  • + 7
 Only available in Europe. Not lycra..confused
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 What's wrong with tomatoes?
  • + 2
 Adding in the price of a plane ticket is going to make these shorts really pricey!
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 These shorts look fantastic, but I would never give a €100 for a shorts. And I'm not sure about the waist gaiter as well.
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 "Currently only available in Europe, the Roarban shorts retail for €100."

damn I was hoping they would be more expensive and only available in Asia
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 Be honest with me, other than the zippered pockets for a phone and wallet, how many of you actually stuff your shorts so full of gear that you need two massive cargo pockets? I can't stand having anything in my pockets when I ride and avoid buying shorts with extra pockets (material) on them because of this.
  • + 2
 I carry a recovery pouch in my shorts - multitool, link, zap, co2 & patch. So one over sized pocket is always better than walking down imo. Then again i never carry a wallet, so we're probably sharing a boat. Excess is not best....
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flag flipoffthemonkeys (Nov 6, 2014 at 5:49) (Below Threshold)
 can't stand pockets on riding shorts. never use 'em. wish they'd stop making 'em. and making us pay for 'em. my 2 cents.
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 I love pockets on shorts and won't buy them unless there are useful pockets. I carry my wallet, phone , keys, and may a map or energy bar in my pockets. Shorts without pockets are just junk covers for the easily embarrassed.
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 Well a lotta people don't like riding with a backpack, i would rather have a water bottle and some deep pockets instead of a clunky backpack anyday.
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 Not offering black is a fail
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 Waist gaiter? First time I've heard of such a thing. What is the reason for this?
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 It's like gaiters for snow pants, to keep snow/dirt from getting in.
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 "Almost like pants, but shorter"
  • + 10
 A bit like underwear but they go on the outside.
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 just bought a pair of these in green from start cycles in uk for £15 plus post. bargain.
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 What the hell is petrol green? pretty sure petrol isn't green
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 These shorts got you covered
  • + 1
 so do those pockets
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 They'd go really well with my denim shirt and denim jacket...
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 The shorts look QUIT€ perfect. Thanks Mike.
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 love scotts products both mtb, run and ski, solid design, good company.
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 Does it come in black?
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