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SCOTT-SRAM MTB Racing Team Signs with HT Pedals for 2020

Mar 19, 2020
by Sarah Moore  


HT Pedals is proud to announce a new partnership with the SCOTT-SRAM Mountain Bike Racing Team. The group of athletes has an impressive combined résumé including multiple Olympic medals, World Championship titles, World Cup victories, and National titles. The four person team is comprised of some of the best riders in the world.

Nino Schurter is seemingly unstoppable. He already holds 3 Olympic medals, the latest being gold from Rio in 2016. He is also an 8 time World Champion, and 7 time World Cup Champion. Kate Courtney has proven herself a true Champion with multiple World Cup wins and Championship titles, including the 2019 UCI World Cup Championship. Multi-talented rider Lars Forster has acquired many titles over the years, including being crowned the European MTB Champion in 2018. Rounding out the team is Andri Frischknecht, who has a number of wins under his belt as well including a Championship win at the 2018 Swiss Epic.

We wish the SCOTT-SRAM team the best of luck this year, and are excited to support these incredible athletes on their road to Tokyo.

The SCOTT-SRAM team uses the M1 and M1T pedals from the Leopard Series. The M1T boasts sealed bearings, an extruded and CNC machined aluminum body with CNC machined titanium spindles, and weighs a mere 252 grams. The M1 pedal features sealed bearings, an extruded and CNC machined aluminum body with CNC machined chromoly spindles, weighs 298 grams, and is available in 11 colors.


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 Not one image of a pedal! ????
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 My thoughts exactly, what the heck?!
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 I was curious if HT has a super light pedal comparable to Ritchey they were using before.
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 Ritchey WCS XC Pedals (Nino's pedal as stated in some press releases) : 298g
HT M1T (Titanium XC Pedal): 252g (Max Rider weight 80 kg)
HT M1 (Alloy Pedal): 298g.

Looks like at worst, they break even on the HT move. Lighter riders (Nino is only 68kg) make a decent mass savings going with the Ti pedal.
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 Lamest press release ever.
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 Where’s Kate?
  • 9 0 that last picture? On par with posing with your bike like its a guitar.
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 It's the one that the PR team wanted.
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 @cgreaseman: Ever heard of the word, "no"?
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 Fair to say their options are limited when SRAM teams are discouraged from SPD’s. Will be interesting to see what’s actually used, much like Specialized DH not actually using Specialized tyres.
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 Or any specialized clothing, bars, and wheels.
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 They got some test pedals to look how they feel and work before they signed, so I guess they're gonna be riding them. Don't se any reason not to tbh, HT puts out some nice pedals.
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 @NickBosshard: and yet zero images of a actual pedal being ridden or displayed in the release?
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 @heinous: maybe it's a prototype and they don't want to show pictures of it? Or maybe PB want us to go to the HT website.
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 Big news, HT signed a team to race on their pedals for this year that won't be racing on their pedals this year...
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 As much as I want to lighten my bike a bit more, I will stick with time proven Shimano SPD pedals. Currently running PD-M8000 pedals and are happy with them. Previous pedals were PD-M747 (heavy and not mud friendly).
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 can wait to see the number of mechanical due to bearing failures. Hopefully this will make HT increase their quality control measures. Source: work in a shop with several former HT pedal users.
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 not saying they're a bad product, just a lot of servicing is required.
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 @ceolmhar: Strange – I must've hit the a jackpot with mine. I run T1's on my Nomad and M1T's on both my Tallboy and Stigmata with no such issues. 4 years and ~2,400 miles on the T1's and 3 years and ~3,500 collectively on the M1's.
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 2 years no bearing service on my T1 Enduro pedals, and they have taken a beating.
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 Same as all of the other users below. I've been using the same HT M1 pedals with 4 years and have at least 2,000 miles on the pedals. Same with a pair of HT T1 pedals. Also, the person that prototyped the M1 pedal used the shop you worked at and neither of us once had our pedals serviced there in the entire time we've used HT. Hmm...? Regardless, they are lightweight elite level race pedals and I won't claim they ever need to be serviced, but even so, the process takes 20 min tops for a pair of pedals.
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 For those of your wondering why Kate isn't here, and this is a guess, but these pictures were taken in Stellenbosch, South Africa, they were there to prepare for the Cape Epic. Without Kate racing, it wouldn't make financial sense to fly her from the United States to South Africa just to take some pictures and not compete. Let me know if anyone has other ideas!
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 that's true, but honestly , looks like a diferent team, scott men, and scott kate, never saw a camp training together
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 Also have been running HT, for three years now—T1’s on my trail bike, and M1’s on both my SS hard tail and gravel bike. I tell everyone who asks to go for HT. Zero unexpected disengagements and zero reliability issues. Can’t say the same for the Ritchey WCS, which were a sloppy mess in terms of engagement (although the service life was not bad.) Considering Schurter had a key disengagement during that sprint against Sam Gaze in Stellenbosch, he’s got to be happy about this move.
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 Really want to see Nino race the Japan Olympics course. Also don't want to see any WC athletes put in danger of catching covid.
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 I am amazed Sram still haven’t released a pedal yet!
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 ohh, ok
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 If there not running farts who gives a flat.
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 Looks like a session
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 …long story short, I might panic-buy them during the next pandemic.
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 I once almost bought HT pedals. But I bought XT instead.
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