Sea Otter Classic to Introduce a New Style of Exhibition Racing: "SRAM Dual Stunt"

Mar 4, 2008
by Jordan Holmes  
Competitive cycling will have a new name at this year's Sea Otter Classic. SRAM "Dual Stunt" adapts a Dual Slalom race format to a flat course featuring wood and dirt obstacles. How it works: two racers compete side-by-side on identical 400-foot long courses scattered with notorious North Shore-style elements like wooden bridges and dirt jumps. The timed event pits competitors against each other where the maximum time differential can only reach 1.5 seconds. The slower racer either makes up the time and advances or concedes defeat – same as in Dual Slalom. The semi-invitational event kicks off on Friday, April 18 with qualifying rounds."This is a sport that originated in mountain biking and is specific to mountain biking," said Jeff Lenosky, who will build the Dual Stunt course along with fellow racer Kyle Ebbett and Ray Petro of Ray's Indoor MTB Park. "It really doesn't favor one discipline over another - you can have a podium filled with a trials rider, a dirt jumper, freeriders, or a world champion downhiller, it's really across the board. If you're a good bike handler, then you could really excel at this discipline."

Still unclear about Dual Stunt? Have a look here at an event that Lenosky designed, which is similar to Dual Stunt.

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To race Dual Stunt, racers could compete on pretty much any kind of bike, according to Lenosky, but he adds that the ideal bike would be a freeride hardtail. To try it out, the Dual Stunt course will be open in between racing for practice sessions. 64 is the maximum number of racers allowed for the debut event. Contact Jeff Frost, director of athlete and sponsor services, at for invitation information.

Dual Stunt continues on Saturday with elimination rounds and ends on Sunday, April 20 with finals.

As the name implies, the Thule Adventure Challenge will dispatch participants on an adventure around the Fort Ord trail system to challenge themselves in three elements: mountain biking, trail running and a special test to be announced soon at

Individuals or teams of three will step to the Start at 8 a.m. on Friday, April 18 to compete in a light navigation race that will see most teams finish with times between two and three hours. Race director, Todd Jackson, predicts the winning team to arrive sometime around 10 a.m. "This year's event will be very light navigation," Jackson said. "Most events at Sea Otter have a marked course; some of this course won't be marked, you'll have to figure out where you're going and you'll have to pay attention to the written word a bit."

The Adventure Challenge is suited to anybody interested in multisport - from beginner to novice up to advanced - who just wants to have some fun. The three-person team category provides an ideal opportunity to race with friends or, soloists can challenge their friends to a score-settling, head-to-head race for bragging rights. Back again for 2008, the "Warrior Cup" is a specially designed trophy awarded to the top military team. Gear requirements are minimal: a bike, helmet and running shoes should do the trick - a sense of humor and good spirits are optional.

What you need to know about the Thule Adventure Challenge:

Mountain Bike: Approximately 5-7 miles on the Fort Ord Public Lands BLM trail system. A mix of singletrack and fire road.

Trail Run/Foot Travel: Approximately 3 miles in and around the Fort Ord Public Lands BLM trail system.

Special Challenge: Elements will be announced here after March 3. These elements will require NO additional gear on your part and NO special training.

To register for the Thule Adventure Challenge, go here.


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 looks like a good time! i like the bunny hop into and out of the water.
  • 6 1
 pretty dope id like to try it, best part of the whole vid is the guy who jumps in and then out of the water to take the win, that guy was thinking
  • 5 0
 Sick. It looks like alot of fun
  • 11 9
 Dual Stunt? You mean Speed Trials, held at Sea Otter sinse 2002. Chase beat out Lenosky in the finals that year. Sounds like Sram corporation is just trying to make money off other people's already well established ideas. Anyone else reminded of Cannondale trying to copyright the term "freeride"?
  • 3 1
 you speak some truths and some not so much
  • 2 2
 Well, I'm wrong as often as anyone, let me know what's "not so much".
  • 12 0
 haha i like the guy that just skips the ladders and goes in the pool and out... thats how u do it
  • 3 3
 alex2 it is a different course, read the description before you post your ignorant bullsht. "north shore and dirtjumps" "now here is a similer course that lenosky designed"
  • 2 4
 Sounds like California highschool students just like to argue with me. Alright Crkt, I'm aware that it's a different course, just like DH or 4x, you change it every year. I never even came close to saying it wasn't a different course, but thanks for pointing that out anyway. All Speed Trials events have wooden bridges, and many have dirt jumps too (where it's practical to bring dirt), so again, never said there weren't, but thanks anyway. And finally, yes I see the video of the similar Speed Trials course that Lenosky designed, it's kind of hard to miss, I'm still waiting for your point though. You seem to think that Speed Trials courses don't have any of those things, and that "similar" means "completely different". You look pretty funny with your foot in your mouth Crkt, see if you can pull it out. Calling me ignorant didn't help either.
  • 2 2
 Ouch... someone seems mighty touchy. If you feel it necessary for your ego then your more than welcome to continue this conversation via pm
  • 2 2
 Alex2 is right, crkt is just being an idiot. This kind of thing isn't new at all.
  • 1 2
 Yep, crkt is being a homo, Alex2 is completely correct.
  • 2 0
 What's wrong with trying to come up with cool stuff to do? It wasn't too long ago that FR and DH were fringe sports. Not that this isn't gay, but you know what I mean.
  • 3 0
 That looks like it would be a ton of fun to ride.
  • 1 0
 That skinny at the end looks dangerous, imagine hopping onto that at full crank. Thats thing's a mind fuck.
  • 2 1
 Thats Effen Sweet , It would be so sick to Ride that
  • 1 1
 mmmmmm circa 99' I competed in one of these in 2000. I got owned by Aaron Lutze. Good times.
  • 1 0
 sweeeeeeeeeet i wanna do it!
  • 1 0
 That is so rad! I hope it takes off.
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 I remember something like this at the bike show at the NEC in birmingham like 7 or 8 years ago. It was awesome!!
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 lmao i dont think kyle is to stoked on the water section!!
  • 0 0
 thats basically speed trials from the teva mountain games.
  • 2 0
 with a good speed trials course there is a lot of stuff you cannot roll. and usually involve hooks and ups. but this is a lot more flowy and made more for freeride. but yeah same idea though...slightly different.
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 funny race!!! a new mtb competition!
  • 1 1
 Is this in the USA???
  • 0 0
 kyle ebbett went through the water and ben boyko wasn't
  • 0 0
 so open to ams? or just pros
  • 0 0
 something like this needs to happen in the UK! looks so fun
  • 0 0
 amazing!!!! the course is so fast and technic!
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 thats sik
  • 1 2
 tehe i saw ben boyko he won his race yay lol
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 that looks like funn
  • 3 6
 Looks like a perfect way to test riders skills in an equal environment, Plus the water section at the end is SICK. and alex2, shut the fuck up.
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 shut up.. disregard him AW vid!
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