Semenuk Melts Minds at Red Bull Joyride - Video

Aug 21, 2016
by Pinkbike Staff  
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Filmed by @ryys

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 Please Thomas lemoine did the same thing off the first drop. And no one cares about him. Thomas lemoine did it with out a free coaster hub and actually got down the hill.
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 Yeah but he did it on a much smaller feature, still bloody impressive though!
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 lol you seriously compare 1.2 m drop to a nearly 4 m drop with a big dirt after it?
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 He is also not the local boy and four time winner.
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 A bit unfair I agree, with a freehub is significantly easier
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 Well said. I'm still gutted for Lemoine and Gani who both deserved a better score!
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flag elmaxo-mtb (Aug 22, 2016 at 5:41) (Below Threshold)
 @yorntjefreerider: have you done one before? do you know that is significantly easier?
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 Being there in person Semenuk's trick was way more impressive. That first drop was so small that people were trying all sorts of stuff of it. It was still cool to see Lemoine do it, but the consequences with that drop were really small. Someone could have even tried to 540 it...
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 it is very much not the same thing
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 Thomas' 180 was of the first drop which was much smaller that the one that Brandon 180'd. Also Brandon could've got a pretty good result if he finished his run, he just decided that if you ain't first you're last haha. A half cab off a 4 foot drop is nothing special in bmx, Thomas just brought it to mtb, Brandon on the other hand, did probably the biggest half cab of a drop ever done. It was a historic day for slopestyle, with both half cabs, I'm just saying that Brandons was bigger, so don't get upset when people make a bigger deal out of it
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 "I'm just saying that Brandons was bigger"
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flag soerenM (Aug 22, 2016 at 8:19) (Below Threshold)
 Well Brandon did a bigger one, yes. But this trick is no big invention, because thomas did it as well
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 @soerenM: It's no inovation in the same way that someone doing a flair in an fmx competition is no innovation
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flag willridesgiant (Aug 22, 2016 at 10:59) (Below Threshold)
 not even close to being the same lmao
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 Semenuk's halfcab was definitely bigger, but the only reason for this video is because it's a "new" trick. A halfcab is a really easy trick to do compared to some of the other stuff being done on that drop. The hype is all because nobody's seen it before, but Lemoine did the same trick and wasn't even mentioned in the article.
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 @Husker2112: Brandon's was definitely not the biggest halfcab ever, even on an mtb. Matt Macduff did similar sized halfcabs before in builder and civil savage with a cassette.
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 I thought Brandon was gonna do next next shit like land fakie, but just a halfcab was a little underwhelming imo. Guys regularly do them on cassette hubs, and off features nearly as big, too.
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 Then MacAskill has been doing this kind of move for ages on a trial bike. In more, challenging environment etc.... Let's just acknowledge it's an insane move . Doing it o 1,2 or 5 meter the execution is pretty much the same I guess, only the stakes are higher. Actually I wonder how Danny would perform in slopestyle. Doing his sort of nose-tailwhip on a stepdown could be seriously cool !
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 They had already pre written the Headline and had space rented on the PB frontpage. Had to publish something...
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 @DandelionDan: but doing one in competition is on another level again
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 @DandelionDan: are you kidding? halfcab of the 4+ meter drop is easy?
Macduff did halfcab off a drops like a half of this.Semenuk halfcab is the biggest ever.Bmxers did from nearly 20 stair to flat,but it's way easier (but impact is terrible,yeah)
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 @Husker2112: "he just decided that if you ain't first you're last haha" so he went full ricky bobby on this one right? hahahaha Beer
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 @Hyperx: Half cab off a 4m drop is easier than a double truck driver or a flatdrop flip on the same feature.
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 @DandelionDan: you uhhh... you throwing many of those?
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 @DandelionDan: it's not easier,actually.Halfcab is easy trick on flat/small features, but at big features it's difficult, escpecially on drops like that. I can easily imagine pretty much every nowadays top trick from flat drop, but not a halfcab - it's too dangerous and difficult.
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 @DandelionDan: Maybe, just maybe we can guess that it's no easy thing since Semenuk didn't land it perfectly. He isn't that bad you know.
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 If anyone has seen that el toro half cab crash you know how easy it is for one of them to go wrong. I think going off a drop backwards and blind is a lot more difficult than anything else thrown on it, and Semenuk deserves the credit as his was significantly more risky and difficult than Lemoine's.
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 We all knew or know people like this; we work hard at something, put in hours and months or more working something up be it a bike trick, guitar lick...whatever.

Then your buddy comes along and does it backwards.
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 Shame he didn't get a #fullpull... Did anyone get a count on how many times Cam said that during the contest?
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 over achievers
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 @bender-oz: That would be a brutal drinking game....
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 @bender-oz: lol I'd make a great announcer for joyride.

"Here comes a young guy nobody really knows, _____. I know he has the moves to get it done here at Crankworx, let's see if he's got what it takes today... OH LOOK AT THAT HUUUUUUUUUUGE BACKFLIP, USING THAT TEXTBOOK STYLE THE JUDGES ARE LOOKING FOR"
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 @bender-oz: Its the new "black diamond"
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 Semenuk disappears at Redbull Joyride.
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flag mackster23 (Aug 22, 2016 at 1:03) (Below Threshold)
 Uhhh... You know he's won it four times right? And gotten 2nd and 3rd before right? I suspect it's just because of his 1st or bust mentality, and that we all know what he can do.
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 @mackster23: if you've only watched Semenuk's first run, you know what @Bennnnnnnybike is talking about.
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 He respawned, it's a videogame.
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 I can't wait to see SRAM's 2016 Semenuk runs slo-mo edit lol. More seriously, how frustrating it must have been for him!
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 They're taking the Semenuk to Isenguard
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 @darren853: Not to be confused with a British porn movie of the same name.
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 @Boldfish: oops I was thinking more about Finding Nemo hahah
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 @darren853, @Gvus2001, @thinkbike : unfortunate hash tags if youre in the UK
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 Semenuk just couldn`t wait for #thebackwoods
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 @meltboro: got semen?
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 Anyone notice the suspicious lack of footage from Semenuks first run? Only those who watched live will know the truth about what happened #redbullcovereditup
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 @Bennnnnnnybike: #ageekreplied
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 Could we please get a slow mo of Rogatkins footplant 360whip drop? That's thé trick in this contest that makes me wonder "how?"
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 Trainings : (Rogatkin's Facebook page)
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 That was a great looking trick - loved the s bend turn on the platform before he launched...
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 Apparently were not supposed to like Rogatkin cause hes not a "real" mountain biker. Any of his couple of new tricks "melts my mind" more than this one.
  • 4 0 here ya go Mattin, dope trick.
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 Way to give Brett love after trying for years and finally winning. Semenuk didn't even have a clean run, and a dude did the same trick before him. This doesn't belong on the home page.
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 Exactly how I feel, it's disappointing to see more hype around semenuks "what if" run than there is about Rheeders amazing winning run, especially since Brett has been working incredibly hard these past years too.
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 Did Semenuk find that loose change in the trees should be on the homepage instead Wink
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 @reno-be: There's a rumour that someone dropped $25,001 in the woods, that's why semenuk went all bilbo baggins.
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 Title should read Semenuck melts under the pressure
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 Where's an epic slo-mo of brett's flip bar to oppo whip?? Thats some tech shit right there
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 PBs coverage of Semenuk reminds me of ESPNs coverage of LeBron. The guys can lose or have an off-day and still get more coverage than anybody else.
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 Not to be a hater, but Semenuk is hardly "inventing" (as the video title puts it) here- he is merely applying a 10-year old BMX trick to the mountain bike slopestyle arena. Definitely a rad trick, definitely insane to do it off such a drop, and definitely a bummer he couldn't put down a clean run.
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 +1. And even if we wouldn't count it being done on bmx, MacDuff pulled one off a container in one of his edits as well as one of the other riders pulled the same trick earlier in this same contest (just off a smaller drop). It is totally insane what he did,but the description "inventing" as in the video title is incorrect.
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 "merely" applying.

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 Dude fosho hardly inventing more like adapting. I can't wait to see the progression of advanced freecoaster/fakie tricks in slopestyle.
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 Using that same logic; when Metzger landed a backflip on a dirt bike in 2002, it was't innovative because he merely applied a 13 year old BMX trick to the FMX arena. Is that what you're saying?
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 @Jeromev: That is not what I am saying. I am saying there is a difference between "inventing" and "innovating". Did Semenuk or Metzger invent new tricks? Definitely not. They they innovate within their sport? Arguably yes (I'm not exactly sure if they were the absolute first to do them, but let's go with "yes" just so no one's feelings are hurt).

Like I said in my post, it was definitely a rad trick, especially given the drop. But to call this "inventing" is to be unaware of the other pedal-bike sport that almost all of these tricks are borrowed from. This can be true and yet not take away from how awesome Semenuk's trick was.
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 @Jeromev: I've seen some bmx footy of dudes half-cabbing gaps and sets like this to flat.
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 I thought the competition was both exciting and disappointing. Rheeder's run was incredible and he deserved the score he got. So many riders cased and crashed it was sad that we didn't get to see what could have been. Brandon riding off of the entrance ramp to that drop into the woods on his first run???! Brandon Semenuk riding off of the ramp?? In order to setup wide enough to pull that trick off. One tiny case on his second run and he simply bailed on the rest of the run because he knew that was too much of a deduction for him to win it. Nicolai Rogatkin was a case study in casing literally. Exploding both his tires on the second run. So many crashes from these guys. All us PB readers should remember that this is an invitation only event. Those athletes are the best in the world at what they do. They are literally pushing the human limits of what is possible on a Mtb, and doing it in high winds, cameras everywhere, drones buzzing around, tens of thousands of screaming fans etc. Huge props to every one of those competitors. None of us average readers/rider's can even approach this. So let's not be critical of any of these folks who provide us with so much heart in mouth action and inspiration. These guys pay a heavy price sometimes. Long live chainsaw.
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 True! Every rider put down a great show yesterday. Nyquist, Zejda, Gani, Lemoine... Some of them were even riding injured. Hats down fellas! You're pushing the limits and you're willing to pay the biggest price to push the sport to another level. WOW.
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 But I wanted to come and circle jerk about how semenuk is a poor sport! /sarcasm.

Seriously, it was windy and dusty as f*ck standing up by those mountain-sized jumps. To all those who want to give semenuk grief for airing the rest of his run after slipping a pedal and probably deciding his head game wasn't on point, I would remind you that one of the other riders went down and tried to keep tricking the rest of his run and went down again in the same run. I don't think I need to spell out that falling on a bike f*cking sucks and I personally would rather just not risk it.
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 I'm for sure a big semenuk fan,but i think it's going too far!No video of Rheeder who throw down crazy shit all along his winning run but a main page for the Semenuk half cab...cmon pinkbike!This move is creative and amazing as f*ck but an entire run of rheeder(which include oppo cork 7,flip bar whip,flip bar to tuck on stepdown,oppo fast plant 3) is more ''melting mind'' than an half cab!
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 Someone is likely putting an edit together right now, this event was only yesterday and content doesn't just magically appear. Give it a day.
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 Was so stoked for Nyquist! No not the most tech of runs or any incredible single tricks but he nailed his second run and was not modest about how pleased he was to have done it. Pushing his own limits still, in a new discipline and at 37. Amazing!
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 When he did the nothing someone yelled out "f*ck YEAH I f*ckING LOVE THE 90s"

highly impressed by his run. He did well for his age and background.
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 STUPID stoked for him! felt like i was watching the xgames dj comp in the 90's.
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 You gonna love pinkbike for the hype the site gives to Semenuk - in the first run he failed before he even made it to the jump and in the second run he failed because he didn't stick the landing clean enough to finish off the jump afterwards. who cares how his perfect run would have looked. did he innovate? No - its not a new trick, it was done by a different rider in the same competition - yes he did try it on a bigger feature, but again its not a best trick competition and he knows that best. anyway feel bad for all the other guys who finished with insane runs and just don't get the same attention.
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 This is what happens when it goes wrong

It's crazy to see how much of slopestyle is being influenced by BMX. From tricks to gyros to free coasters
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 OH DAYUM! That was ugly- but also highlights that BMXers are dumbcunts for doing what they do sans lid.
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 Honest question: Why do these assclowns not wear a helmet? I highly respect the crazy shit they pull but they're a bunch of morons. If anything riding MTB on mostly dirt trails without a helmet makes more sense and it's considered extremely stupid in our community.
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flag Corbotron (Aug 22, 2016 at 0:46) (Below Threshold)
 @Uberbob102000: Brandon Begin would not have been saved by a helmet in that situation (unless it was a fullface). BMX is raw dude like it or leave it.
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 @Corbotron: seriously raw like it or leave it. doing tricks without a helmet is so completely moronic its more stupid than voting trump.
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 @Corbotron: @Corbotron: I'm medical nurse in a hospital on the acquired brain impairment department, you should see the shit I have seen, then you would think twice about wearing a helmet.

We mostly see people who have had strokes and TIA's etc. but occasionally we get someone in who has smashed his head in an accident, those are the saddest cases because most could have been prevented if people weren't so reckless. Like not wearing a helmet at work or while doing sports.

There's nothing cool about getting fed by someone else because you can't do it yourself, and there's nothing fun about being in a wheelchair or not being able to talk properly or wearing a diaper because you can't control your stool anymore.
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 @poah: great point...but damn it's a toss up (no helmet vs. voting trump)
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flag scott-townes (Aug 22, 2016 at 7:41) (Below Threshold)
 @Uberbob102000: Why the hell do you care? Go play nanny somewhere else and let them ride how they want to.
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 @scott-townes: Considering CTE findings with this and other sports, including Mira's suicide as a result of years of head injuries big and small, frankly one is a complete idiot not to wear a helmet.
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flag scott-townes (Aug 22, 2016 at 8:54) (Below Threshold)
 @leviboardbike: No crap and its their choice to make. Get over it and focus on your own life.
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 @scott-townes: I'm sure you'll think that some day when you or your buddy is laid up in a hospital on machines to keep your vegetative life going. All because you're stuck on some weak founded principle of "my life, my choice". What you say and do, and the results of it, affects everyone around you. When you grow up one day you'll realize the importance of playing it smart while still enjoying the exact same activity.
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 @CRAFTY-P: So BMXers are as dumbc*nts as downhillers or freeriders riding in t-shirts without back protection on, or (even worse), wearing a leatt brace without back protections.

Road cyclists riding down mountain roads at motorcycles speeds, half naked on their bikes can be put in the same category.

Every kind of cycling or sport have their own safety issues and it's up to people involved in each of these sports to do something or not.
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 @leviboardbike: Its possible to support something such as wearing helmets but you can also disapprove of people berating others for not making the same choice as you. To what Jeremy wrote, you can always wear more protection but the level of protection you feel necessary is completely up to you and no one else.

Its no different than if someone was calling your buddies idiots and morons for not wearing chest protection while ripping DH laps.
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 @scott-townes: helmets across the board provide the most vital protection- it protects your head. No matter the sport. Why is this so hard to understand? This isn't about bashing a person, rather a very poor decision. It's up there with Ralph Nader insisting people wear seat belts. It saves lives. Same thing. You wear a helmet you can live to ride another day. Unless you are saying you choose NOT to want to ride another day, by all means DON'T wear a helmet. That stance is so worth the argument you are trying to justify.
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 @leviboardbike: Why is it so hard for you to understand that I fully support helmets because its obvious how important they are? I never wrote I'm against helmet use so please try comprehending my posts. I'm just against childish bashing. By bashing, I mean every time there's a BMX edit including here on this thread, kids always call the rider a dumb ass, moron, idiot, etc. So f*cking what? Its their choice to make and its no reason for people to act childish by berating the rider. If you can't see how that's the same as someone calling your buddies dumb asses, morons, idiots, etc. for not wearing chest protection, or better yet, Leatt braces (a lot would argue just as important as a helmet), then you simply don't get it.
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 @scott-townes: you just changed your stance while maintaining your weak argument. Very any case, just to be clear, I would call my BMX, DH, or enduro buddy an idiot if they didn't wear a helmet. Because I'm looking out for their best interest, not because I'm bullying or bashing as you continue to call it. Points made. Ride on. Cheers.
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 @CRAFTY-P: a good laugh before bed!!!thanks dude.
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 @leviboardbike: I didn't change anything. If you could comprehend my posts you'd know that.
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 @scott-townes: I'm not a kid but kids watch "sportspeople" and copy them. edits where people don't wear helmets should not be published.
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 @scott-townes: from your initial comment. "Go play nanny...". Which started this whole debate of concern for another rider and precaution (me) vs. "it's their choice to make" stance (yours). That was the difference. As I last said, I do "comprehend" your selfish comment even if on behalf of other riders who choose not to wear helmets even if you choose to wear them. More people should encourage the use of them the rather than this libertarian style view you hold. It does more harm than good. Cheers!
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 @poah: Its called parenting but I forgot, parenting now means its society's responsibility to raise someone's kid right.
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 @scott-townes: I have 3 kids of my own, they all wear helmets wither on their scooters or on their bikes. They do this without me telling them too. Sometimes society has to help those who are either ignorant, stupid or insane. I'm guessing you don't have any kids.
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 @scott-townes: Well said my brother. Free choice. Live and let live. Helmets, seatbelts, those little men telling me when it's safe for me to cross the road.

I'm a grown man. I understand the risks. Nannies keep your noses out. It's not your business.
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 have these people commenting on how he isn't inventing anything new and just trying to be like the bmx guys are forgetting about their own skill level... can most of you 180 flat? and then half-cab off of a 4 meter drop? i don't think so... it also takes courage on brandon's side to do something different than the rest... he also could have done something like a 3-whip or a 3-tuck-no of the drop, but he went and tried to be different, putting himself out there and that's why he's such a great rider
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 Extra props if he did it without a freecoaster or other clutch-based freehub.
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 he did have a free coaster on
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 Semenuk has definitely grown as a competitor in that he actually did an interview and was able to keep it together emotionally after a total bust of a comp. I was expecting the quick exit from the finish area but he hung in there and kept his chin up. That's pretty impressive for a guy as intense as he is. Anyone who is competitive and expects a lot from themselves is rarely ever overly stoked and smiling when they fail.
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 Always pushing the limits , Semenuk rules!
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 Whoa a half cab. dear rodeo peanut please help out!
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 Lol, you know it would be funny!
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 I don't see why people are arguing about this. It was a 17 foot drop (I think) and he did a half cab off of it with another trick able jump quite close to the landing. He continues to push the sport every year.
  • 4 2
 I lost some respect for Semenuck as a competitor here. Is he a great biker with insane talent? Yes, without a doubt. But bailing on his second run just because he wasn't going to win was lame. What if every proffesional athlete mid game decided to walk off the field because they knew they would lose? To me it was disrespectful to all that competed.
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 everyone is talking about how this has been done in movies, blah, blah, blah. You mean where they get as many takes as they need behind the scenes? you mean where they film with no crowd or spectators? you mean where they only have to ride when conditions are perfect? now do you see why it was a big deal to do at crankworx?
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 That's an old bmx trick from the 80s. They do them with barspins, tail whips, and 540s.
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 except that's biggest halfcab ever done,yes,it's old bmx trick,lol.
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 Check out some YouTube of Bruce Crissman riding street. Semenuk and Lemoine bringing more stylie BMX moves to slopestyle? Yes please.

Also, so stoked for Rheeder, his run from top to bottom was just non stop big time moves.
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 I've been waiting/ anticipating to see what Semenuk and Rogatkin's runs were gonna be all summer. Totally bummed we didn't get to see what they had planned. I can only imagine how they must feel after training so hard for this event then not performing the way they had hoped. Bring on Rotorua!!
  • 2 1
 This is not really new people have been doing this for years (without the aid of a freecoaster in lots of cases) I'm pretty sure Jeff lenoski did it in a few big movies I could be wrong. It was an awesome trick but I wonder if anyone commenting on this has done that trick (bmxers learn it off curbs and progress to massive highs)or have ridden a freecoaster which makes a huge difference the other rider doing it on a smaller drop with a freehub is more impressive in my mind having done the trick with both styles of hub.
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 I watched the whole contest on last night.
Can someone explain to me how this particular trick is getting so much gushing love?
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 because semenuk
  • 9 1
 Do you realise how scary it is to jump backwards off a massive drop??
  • 6 2
 @Dhminipinner: No, because I've never done it

But given what else was on display over the course of the competition, I'm surprised this is "melting minds"
  • 8 1
 @RobotXander: what melted my mind was how he disappeared on his first run. It was insane
  • 3 0
 @mikeyspaff: to be honest, I was gutted for him. Such a shame he didn't get a clean first run in.
  • 2 1
 @RobotXander: me too I'm always excited to see what Semenuk has but this trick wasn't mind melting it was just alright a full run probably would have melted my mind
  • 5 1
 @RobotXander: what is melting my mind is that semenuk (i am a big fan for sure) didnt push it even if he messed up the jump after the drop, i mean try and get some points or even get on the podium, its not because you f*cked up to get 1st that u need to call it, rotgakin f*cked up and still managed to finish his 1st run even after a hard crash, kinda sad that semenuk just gave up. my opinion though lol
  • 2 0
 @hardyk: I'm not gonna question a bloke who decided to only air jumps that big. Rogatkin and Semenuk have totally different personalities so making comparisons like that isn't really fair to either of them
  • 3 1
 @mikeyspaff: different personalities but same contest, the goal is to score high, if you gonna call it when you miss 1 jump whats the point of going if you are not even trying ?
  • 2 2
 @hardyk: risk vs reward if you're not gonna score big then why take the risk.
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 Can anyone else see that face to the right top corner of the wooden pole?!?!?!?!?!?!
  • 4 3
 This really didn't impress me. Just a big balls trick. Rogatikins fast plant 3 whip was way more technical AND he kept tricking afterwards. Rheeders front flip to back flip was way better as well.
  • 4 0
 Heading backwards towards a drop would be the scariest feeling.
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 It sort of looked like he wanted to throw a barspin or something too. I wish we could just hear what Semenuk had planned for his run, probably would have been insane. I wonder if we'll see a 5 cab from anyone next year.
  • 3 1
 It seems to me like Semenuk does not enjoy riding. It is like if he only ride for the prize money. Maybe he should stick to doing edits or compete in rally instead.
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 Like a boss
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 I liked Logan Peat's moustache
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 that makes 2 of you
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 @darkmuncan: whoooooooooooooooo
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 Kinda got the impression that on brandons first run he wanted to 180 in the trees and come into view ... Rolling backwards?

Woulda been pretty sweet.
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 Can someone explain to me what is so impressive about this particular moment? He has a freecoaster hub... wouldn't it be harder to do the same thing with a traditional hub and have to pedal backwards at the same time?
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 Tomas Lemoine did the same on the first drop!!! Check instagram....
  • 7 5
 I'll take the whip-tail whip over that any day!
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 Big balls# Seamansack
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 should have done a 540 out.
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 This is on the frontpage because Pinkbike decided to film Semenuks run in super sick slo mo hd awesomeness!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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 I think Rheeders flip whip off the cannon log was way more impressive, though this was still cool to see as well.
  • 2 0
 I was hoping to see a 180 into a fruit bowl and half cab out.
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 My mind definitely did not melt.
  • 2 0
 I've seen him do much better, what's the excitement about?
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 Matt McDuff did the same years ago off narrow 4x8 panels atop shipping containers, not quite as tall, but damn close
  • 2 0
 Next tricks gonna be a half cab to whip down a drop!
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 I think Brandon is off because of his best friend being gone, Steve Smith. RIP, were's the the train?
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 Sorry but semenuk has done far better things that o one battered an eyelid plus there was room for a bars pin in there
  • 1 0
 I did this tricks Three years ago, but never been on Pinkbike front page aha.
  • 1 0
 So thats why he had a freecoaster... Such a good rider though
  • 5 3
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 God I love watching him ride it's out of this world
  • 1 0
 More like he had a melton after his mistake.
  • 2 1
 BMX'ers have been doing this set up trick for decades.
  • 2 1
 PFFFtt Sagan could have beated him if he competed on it!
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 Any video of him doing a full run during practice?
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 Easy to make jokes about Semenuk when your not riding the course...
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 Mneh, it actually IS pretty easy to joke about him when he has a pouty attitude about messing up both of his runs at a competition he has won, what, three times before? Especially when there's 17 year old kids ripping the course for the first time and being nothing but stoked....but I'm personally just really tired of all these big pro's having huge ego's and shitty attitudes. Sure, you put a lot of pressure on yourself for something like this, but take a step back for a second and realize that you're riding mountain bikes at a professional level, what the f*ck do you really have to be upset about?

Also freecoasters are for cheaters
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 My mind was personally melted more by him falling off of a flat turn lol
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 Has no one here seen the footage of the bmxer halfcabing el toro?
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 What a mess! My mind melted.....
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 How?= freecoaster.
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 No. How?=Talent
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 @BeyondBikingTeam: how?=hard work
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