Shamann Brothers trip to the UK

Aug 16, 2010
by Dartmoor-Bikes  
Source: Ryys

I have been planning a UK tip with Szymon "Szaman" Godziek and his younger brother Dawid "Szamanek" Godziek for quite some time now. Both are among best dirt jump riders in Europe and both are riding for the young, but well known Polish gravity brand Dartmoor.

Road trip inside,They are both Dartmoor team riders - young but well known Polish gravity brand. Szymon in age of 18 is currently best dirt jumper in Poland and one of the best in Europe. This year is first for him to visit international contests, but he already managed to reach 1st place in Lublin Off The Track, 3rd in Austrian King of Dirt, 3rd in Balaton Monster, 5th in Dirtmasters/Winterberg, 7th in Big in Bavaria and 9th in Vienna Air King. His younger brother Dawid (15) is definitely one of the best riders in his age in Europe. His 360-triple barspin during best trick contest at Vienna Air King this year describes his skills in best way.

Having visited UK in the past, seeing many great spots and having connections with many top riders there, we knew that biking around England would be an amazing time. We stayed at Milton Keynes near London at Szymon "Lunatyk’s" flat (you may know him from his PinkBike photos). Just living there gave us a boost of adrenaline thanks to the fact it was based in a rough neighborhood where going out with your bike or camera in the evening was rather risky.

The first spot on our trip was a small bikepark in Chicksands. It was filled with attractions, but what we were interested in were the dirt jumps and the 4x track. Sadly, after a short session we realized that the jumps were in poor condition, but we made up for that by fooling around on the race track. We were also very tired after the journey so chilling out in the woods seemed like the only option.

Later that day, we visited a local skatepark at Milton and an empty canal that as we later found out attracted riders like Aaron Ross. We ended the day with a short lesson about English beverages and went to our beds. Just as we were to fall asleep we got a call that Ray Samson and Kevin Katinas are on a trip of their own and will join our flat so they can ride with us a bit tomorrow.

Tuesday was started by some heavy techno from Kevin’s phone that set a good mood and the tempo for the rest of the day. We planned to spend it in Swansea though the trip was pretty tiring. There we visited Adam Williams, who showed us around trails you won't be able to find in Poland. We were all in awe of the perfectly shaped jumps built in the middle of the forest that seemed to be made from perfect molds. Adam took the trails styling through the jumps showing us the proper way this technical and hard trail should be ridden. Szaman wasn't much worse and got through the whole line on his first try. Szamanek over jumped and bailed a couple of times when he missed some landings, but he got the flow of the dirt fast as well. Kevin was less lucky as after every try he landed face down and after a couple hard crashes he gave up. We changed venues to some other jumps 10 minutes away, but the strong wind and damaged jumps forced us to pack and go back to Milton.

Wednesday was the day we had all been waiting for; Wednesday, we’d be visiting the Samson brothers “Famous” jump. It’s a big jump with a soft landing, better than foam or any rezi combined. Besides Blake and Ray, Kevin and Chopper joined us. The jump has seen some serious tricks, but unfortunately, Blake had an unlucky encounter with a nail sticking out of a pallet (used to cover a small canal on the end of the landing) and had to visit a local hospital. Luckily it was nothing serious. On our way home we lost some time in a traffic caused by an ambulance rollover, nice.

On the fourth day of our trip we packed our car and went 80km to visit Corby where we rode the local indoor skatepark. If you’ve seen any clips of Sam Pilgrim or Mark Webb learning to flair, you know what which park we’re talking about. Pools, rails, boxes, rezi boxes, ramp connected to a rezi ramp and loads of other attractions – what more could you ask for? The only thing I can think about is for the weather conditions inside be less akin to a tropical jungle. We saw some completely new tricks by our riders, ones that you would not expect, but all in good time. Road attractions continue with a flaming car on the side of the road with its passengers watching it calmly.

Friday was our rest day. Everybody did it in their own way, be it sleeping, sightseeing or shopping. In the evening we hit the jumps at Woburn for a short session and a couple of flips in the Milton Acrobatic-Sports hall after that. Kuba Konwent who was with us there took many great photos. Some of them definitely with chances to become PODs. And I was there gathering material which I hope to include in the next Dartmoor feature film summarizing 2010 season for Dartmoor team. So for this you must wait till end of the season – but I think it is worth it.

Dartmoor guys sent me also info that anyone in the UK who is interested in their stuff may finally find it easier by contacting their new UK distributor


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 "his 360-triple tailwhip during Vienna Air King describes the best his skills" - sont you mean 360 triple bar spin?
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 woow, thay came to my town; 1 mile from my house and i didnt know about it D:?
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 radgnar factor is off the scaleee
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 some nice shots...some future POD's maybe?
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 sont you mean don't?
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 "Just living there gave us a boost of adrenaline thanks to the fact it was based in a rough neighborhood where going out with your bike or camera in the evening was rather risky."

its Milton Keynes not compton lol.

loving the pics, some really cool shots.
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 Meanwhile, across the pond.....

"It's Compton, not Milton Keynes lol"

Great write up & pics guys, look forward to the Dartmoor film. Salute
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 Respect for polish riders Szymon and Dawid. Reprezentuja godnie nasz kraj. Super trip. Bravissimo Smile
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 Awesome pics, great riding. Nice work Ryys. // Nareszcie jacyś Polacy błyszczą. Aż się serducho cieszy. Big Grin
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 nice to see people travelling across the world to visit moos
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 nice article, looked like a nice trip
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 When I read Simon "shaman" Hours smile appeared on my face.
Nawet nie wiecie jak się cieszę że na Pinku pojawiło się coś z naszej ojczyzny. ; D
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 great pics, great trip, great ride
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 respect for szymon and david, great pics !!!
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 fantastic pix, lovin it
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 if they want to come to saughton edinburh skate park (uk's biggest) tell them to give me a shout.i will put them up.
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 Those pictures are stunning! Massive props to the riders and the photographer!
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 not sure how you did it but in all of those pics the south of the UK doesnt look too bad, must be a good photographer!
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 You have great texts Ryys i red about "Papierz" trip in Bike Action and your "Film tips" Nice photos!!
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 great to see the drainage ditch by Willen Lake being sessioned!
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 SOOOO eshay!
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anyone notice the kid with the scooter?
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 Damn nice shots new pods
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 I see POD everywhere!

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