Shaun Palmer “The Miserable Champion” to Headline X-Dance Action Sports Film Festival

Jan 10, 2012 at 6:05
Jan 10, 2012
by Mike Levy  
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Chainsaw Productions Presents the World Premiere of Shaun Palmer “The Miserable Champion” to Headline X-Dance Action Sports Film Festival SATURDAY January 14, 2012


Chainsaw Productions brings the greatest action sports documentary to life and to the big screen at the X-Dance Action Sports Film Festival Salt Lake City, Utah. Meet the Legendary Shaun Palmer himself with the film's director Brad Holmes as they celebrate the World Premiere of their film that took a lifetime to make.

How long has Brad been working on this project?
5 years.

About 3 years ago was an initial 20 minute release on Palmer, tell us what to expect from this 45 minute version that is premiering at X Dance?
It was not a release, but more of a teaser. We wanted to show it to our friends to see what the overall response was. The 45 minute version shows more of what has been up to for the last few years. There is some moto as well.

What was the delay in bringing this to light?
Palmer! Sex, drugs and rock and roll. Palmer wanted to comeback for the Olympics. He needed to get a 1st or a second going into Vancouver and he finished a heart breaking 3rd place.

Are the plans to tour the film around to film fests at this point and when do you think we'll see an online premiere?
No real plans yet. I want to premier the movie at X Dance to get an award. I am open to an online premier, I think that's the wave of the future. We will see what the agents say I guess.

Palmer has been on top of every sport he's pursued, what is he up to these days and what's he got in the bag in the not so distant future?
X Games boardercross - Palmer needs to win and put it all behind him for his personal ego. I can't wait for that day to come. Palmer and I would like to do an artistic style mountain bike movie that has nothing to do with winning. As a film maker I would like to do a movie starting from scratch, documentaries are a hand full.

[North Lake Tahoe, CA] - The Miserable Champion is a shocking portrait of one of the most notorious athletes of all-time, action sports hero Shaun Palmer. This tell-all movie reveals Shaun from birth to the near fatal overdose to his comeback to make the 2006 Olympic Team. Palmer - The Miserable Champion is an intense look at Shaun's ups and downs, background of growing up with no father figure, evolution from rags to riches and his experiences with sex, drugs and rock-and-roll. Shaun's story is like no other athlete's in history. He has been at the top of Snowboarding, Mountain Biking, Skiing and Motocross. USA Today asks the question “Is This The World's Greatest Athlete?”

More information on Shaun Palmer “The Miserable Champion” at and

Shaun Palmer Miserable Champion Poster

Chainsaw Productions was formed by Brad Holmes in 2001 in Lake Tahoe to produce ski movies, Chainsaw productions has expanded over the years and produced many significant projects. Our production credits include. The people V.S Brad Holmes, Stars Skis & Hucks and Revolve just to name a few. We are currently getting ready for the release of Shaun Palmer's “The Miserable Champion”. Other Chainsaw Productions clients include. Snickers, Honeycomb, ESPN, Fuel TV, RazorFish, Octogon Sports, Dalbello and NBC.
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  • + 11
 Cant wait for this to come out on DVD.

Palmer is a f**king badass!!!
  • + 2
 I wonder if he is related to that family with the single mother and the five daughters? People often accuse me of knowing these women but I swear I have no idea what they are talking about.
  • + 1
 Heh heh ...first thing I thought of...looks like he has some ability...but looks a twat too...
  • + 1
 Hace aproximadamente una hora
Luisa Saavedra

Shaun, I am your uncle Chris,
Tims brother. I´m trying to get in touch with him. My e-mail address is, I live in venezuela. Tel. 58 285 615 7640
  • + 1
 looks rad. but roskopp is wrong about jordan. he was a good baseball player. hit high 200s with power to opposite field and had great speed in summer ball before the baseball strike ended that career.
  • + 4
  • + 2
 now this is what they should have named spiked ice tea and lemonade after!
  • + 1
 met the king in tahoe this summer...rad dude for sure. looking forward to seeing this.
  • + 1
 I always followed this guy growing up, wicked biker and snowboarder, his decks still kick ass to this day
  • + 1
 Luv the Kings logo in the movie logo and luv the cramps jersery. Palmer friend of mine.Legend.
  • + 2
 He's like Bender, but faster, more successful, and wayyyyy cooler
  • + 3
 so nothing like bender then?
  • + 2
 nah cos bender is fuckin badass too
  • + 2
 He's one of the pioneers of American dh, and he, like bender, LOVES to party
  • + 5
 ... and he doesnt say stupid things like "go big or go home" in every video he's in.
  • + 1
 Cant wait for this. This guy was a big reason I got into mountain biking when I was a wee lad listening to Op Ivy and Rancid
  • + 1
 this should be a mountain of kick ass DVD!!
  • + 1
 Can't wait to watch. Napalm is the man!
  • + 1
 This is awesome. Shawn Palmer is a LEGEND!!!
  • + 1
 Can wait to see this!!!!!!! Go the PALM!!!!
  • + 1
 i believe i read somewhere he was trying to make a comeback in DH racing
  • + 1
 no, he was using DH as a cross training sport for the olympics...2 1/2 years ago
  • + 1
 He did. Was recentelly riding for Santacruz. I know for sure he rode Sea otter in 2010.
  • + 1
 what does he do these days ?
  • + 1
 tells sweet stories of the ol' glory days
  • + 2
 Still dominates on a snowboard 15 years later.
  • + 1
 Will it be released on DVD/Blu Ray? Hope so, big Palmer fan.
  • + 1
 did he have a ski company
  • + 1
 What's the tune? Palm rocks.
  • + 1
 Agent Orange - "Bloodstains"...the studio version
  • + 1
 Thanks Bell.
  • + 1
 any way i can watch the full video?
  • + 1
 i will buy the dvd
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