Shimano Announces New ME700 Clipless Pedals

May 15, 2020
by Mike Kazimer  
Shimano new pedals

Shimano has added a new affordable clipless pedal into their lineup, the PD-ME700. Rolls right off the tongue, doesn't it? The pedals retail for $65 and have the wider body and thinner platform that first appeared on XTR and XT level pedals.

The ME700 pedals are essentially the replacement for the M530 pedals that have been in Shimano's lineup for nearly a decade, and they're 7.7mm wider and 1.2mm thinner than their predecessor. Along with the extra width, there's an elevated rear portion that's designed to increase the amount of contact with a rider's shoe for better power transfer.

The pedals have an aluminum body, a chromoly axle, and use Shimano's proven cup and cone bearing system. The claimed weight is 486 grams, and they should be available by September 2020.

Shimano new pedals
Shimano new pedals

Along with the new clipless pedals, Shimano also debuted two new flat pedals, although these are aimed more at casual riders and commuters rather than serious mountain bikers. Take the PD-EF205, for example. The $45 pedal has an aluminum body and a resin friction plate underfoot; according to Shimano it's “designed for use with formal footwear.”

The $40 PD-EF202 is a little more off-road worthy, but the lack of replaceable pins and chunky aluminum body means it's probably best suited for cruising to the beach or bar rather than tackling a tricky DH line. Like the clipless pedals, the new flat pedals are expected to be available in September.

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 Kinda funny that Shimano's 'entry level' platform spd pedal, that costs about £25 is infinitely tougher than any other brand's £100+ spd pedal
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 Can't beat Shimano pedals for value and durability. I don't use their flats though.
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 @SoddenDeath: Yah i agree with ya. The flat is a no-no even they are durable but the spd is pretty tough like DX(been running them for 5 years and still going strong).
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 You think the PD-EF205 can accept toe clips? I can add sheet metal screws in the resin platforms, just like in the old days.
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 @Pochiemaui: I've seen a couple of the current XT platforms snap axles, and not under heavy use either; the Saints are too heavy despite being good pedals imo. Burgtec Penthouse MK5 all the way baby!
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 I was running the cheap 530s for ages, whenever the cleat wore out I would just buy new pedals and they came with new cleats for basically the same price and just cleats.
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 Too bad the $30 M530 gravy train has been shut down. That used to be the best deal in mountain biking.
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flag WAKIdesigns (May 16, 2020 at 6:08) (Below Threshold)
 Can someone explain me why do these shimano pedals have a cage? Because shoe is not contacting it in any extent bigger than what happens with their standard pedals. That is sides. To me it’s just an unnecessary added weight. I am rather disappointed that Shimano won’t learn from CB, Nukeproof or HT and make meanigful cages giving support to the shoes and protection to the mechanism
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 @WAKIdesigns: it supports the spd system and it gives a way of easing clipping (it helps the pedal align the shoe.)
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 @WAKIdesigns: I find that it's much easier to guide my cleats in when starting on steep terrain. The cageless ones, I'd sometimes have a hard time getting clipped in during dicey situations. I'll take the weight, thank you.
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 @WAKIdesigns: Actually the side part of the cage does contact the shoe and adds to stability compared to the cageless equivalent. Front and rear parts help with clipping in in those dicey start-up situations. I like 'm but if you don't they sell a version with same internals but without cage for each of the pricepoints.
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 @WAKIdesigns: They haven’t changed the previous model for 11 years. I wonder at what point the original project broke even? They were so cheap in the end, all the tooling and machinery must have been paid for years ago? Shimano seem to be the kings of shared parts that don’t change much and probably maximum factory efficiency. As far as I can see the spindles and clip mechanism is the same as before and shared everywhere. This “non touching” platform looks like it’ll run for another 5 years. Just on the point of sharing existing tooling for new models. I wonder how much of “old” Saint brakes is “new” XT? It’s like their strategy is, once they’ve had a return on the initial investment, they always drop the price and start pumping out more units and rebranding as a lower spec product? Anyway the product being replaced was fantastically great value for money, and much better quality at £25 than say a £100 pair of Crank brothers mallet E or other equivalent.
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flag WAKIdesigns (May 16, 2020 at 10:12) (Below Threshold)
 @ak-77: side part of the cage is identical to cageless version. I’ll put it like this: I owned 3 pairs of Pd424 before I changed to flats for 1,5 year and then got myself 530. I didn’t enjoy 530 at all. 530 made me go for crank brothers then times. My experience was this bad - yes.
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 @WAKIdesigns: I agree that the cage didnt do anything other than look cool. Shoes themselves have guides built in so other than protection from rocks or something I cant really see what the purpose of the cage was. I'm on saint clip pedals now and couldn't be happier. The platform actually supports my shoes.
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 @DMal: I got them for £25 from wiggle under a month ago!
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 @Bennyrs: lucky you! We’ve been cut off in North America.
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 Nice update. I've beat on my M530s for many years now and they've really held up well to the abuse.
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 Still running M737 and M525 from 1993 - not looking to change as they work perfectly
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 That’s very cool. You must ride somewhere without much rocky terrain or you bike must have a high BB because mine get thrashed. Even on climbs!
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 yeah I get about three or four years out if some XTs before they're thrashed. My CX bike's XTs hold up considerably better. I get a new pair of pedals with every new bike though, I keep a set as backups and give a set away to someone who wants to try clipless or who is just generally in need.
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 My first 737 lasted 15 years before falling appart
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 I still have 2 pairs of M525's from 91'. One pair has over 30,000 miles and 20+ years on them and it really looks like it! Took them off about 10 years ago. Never did the bearings, so they spin forever. About a year ago I was in Copper Harbor and forgot my M320's at home. I ran flats for a fun ride around a lake with swim spots, so only had flip flops or SPD shoes. I only had my M525's in my bag. With my new cleats, amazed they worked flawlessly, except for the bearing play, of course.
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 Meant M530. Don't know where M320 came from..
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 That Shimano shoe doesn't even contact the cage on front or rear. Why even bother with the cage? Just leave the wide body in the middle and call it done. Lighter to boot, so more bullet points in the press release!
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 I kinda agree. Maybe they think it protects the pedal mechanism?
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 Helps flip the pedal or support your shoe better if you come unclipped.
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 This is how all trail style clipless pedals work - the outer cage is just to help provide a platform for your shoe in the event you come unclipped or are trying to clip in.
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 @Jamminator: I know that’s the theory but I’ve got Trail and non-Trail XTR SPD’s on my two bikes and the latter clips in way faster after I’ve unclipped and I can’t really notice much difference in support either.
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 @jclnv: yeah but which one crank flips better?
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 @jclnv: you cannot experience difference in support because the thickest area of both the pedal and the shoe is at the cleat. The furthermore the cage goes the slimmer it gets. Those cages are worthless.
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 @WAKIdesigns: So just buy the ones without the cage, and get on with your life.
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 I've found that the cage really helps guide my foot back into the clips during dicey situations.
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 @Jamminator: if you think this guides your foot to the cleat or allows you to have a secondary platform to put your foot on, you like Shimano system, then get a real platform, that is Nukeproofs. HT is also solid but costs a lot for a rather cheap looking alloy.
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 You can feel that platform under your shoe when you're off the saddle. Nice to have that weight distributed over more area compared to an egg beater where you're literally just standing on a spindle. I ride XTR SPDs with Shimano shoes and they are great
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 @Jamminator: if you're unclipped, the platform is even father from touching the sole, it's not helping anything.

And it's not not how all work. Many have a flat platform that will actually contact the sole, and some even have pins in them!
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 @Dbeisen: doubtful. How could the cage offer more support if the cleat isn't in, when it doesn't even offer support when the cleat is in?

Also, brings up the major problem with clips: "if you come unclipped": you're not fully in control of being clipped in, and that's just a terrible idea.
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 @NWBasser: how can the cage guide anything when it's below the clip mechanism? If your shoe is touching the cage, then you have to lift it to get the cleat in the clip...
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 @JDub713: no you can't, not the front and rear parts of the cage. It. Does. Not. Touch. The. Shoe.
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 @just6979: Do you have any personal experience with these pedals?
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 @just6979: Another guy on PB that's likes to tell me what I do and don't feel on my bike, even though I've used 3 generations of Shimano pedals and can feel a clear difference between them. Also, completely tossing aside small details like retention spring tension, shoe design/shank stiffness, and shoe/pedal combinations. Thanks for your wisdom.
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 @NWBasser: No one does, these aren't out yet. However, you can see from the photos that the cage does not touch the (matching brand) shoe. If the shoe flexes enough to allow the wearer to feel the cage, than something has gone wrong.
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 @JDub713: I don't know what you have for pedals or shoes, I'm talking about this pedal with the shoe they chose to display it with, and Shimano pedals with similar designs combined with Shimano shoes with similar designs. I'm assuming that the newest pedals and shoes would offer the most potential support...

Spring tension has nothing to do with whether the cage contacts the shoe sole or if the cage actually offers any support.

If the shank is flexible enough for that shoe in the photos to contact the cage, then that's a terrible design and will feel about as bad ad wearing skate shoes on Egg Beaters.

The shoe pedal combo in question the Shimano/Shimano combo in the photo on this article, where is it obvious that the cage offers zero support. Protection for the mechanism is arguable, but support is obviously non-existent.
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 @just6979: Spring tension has a lot to do with how much your foot moves around while engaged to the pedal, not just clipping in and out. Sounds like you lack experience with clips. AM shoes are designed to be flexible as pedaling efficiency is not the sole objective. Comfort and protection are considered more than a shoe designed for efficiency. Shoes with stiff shanks are practically useless off the bike, you may as well walk around wearing ice skates or snow boarding boots. If you don't walk around before and after a ride, or spend a whole day at a bike park, you may not understand the value in that.

I'm riding Shimano's SH-AM7 shoe and they are way more comfortable than the FiveTen Maltese Falcons they replaced. Those shoes are awful and I don't understand why anyone would wear them. Shimano shoes also allow for enough flex to wear them off the bike comfortably.

We can argue until we're blue in the face, and of course you have now changed your tune and stated you are simply talking about the shoe/pedal combo "displayed" above supports your argument, when I clearly stated in my first comment that my set up does contact, in which you falsely argued. You're wrong. They wouldn't offer a platform pedal with an SPD if it didn't offer any benefit to a specific buyer segment. Also, they wouldn't sell for shit either (which they do)
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 @JDub713: LOL. Off course spring tension has to do with clipping in and out, cleat moving inside of the mechanism? That’s like arguing what was first: egg or the chicken? As to walking around in shoes if somebody uses Shimano pedals then they are in the wrong place to start with, due to the fact how big the cleat is. As to looks, with all due respect, they’re all ugly and Shimano looks like something stolen from The set of Star Wars. They also have cheap plasticky vibe to them. Pick a shoe and be a dick about it or what?
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 @WAKIdesigns: I'm not being a dick (you're one to talk though, since half the people that frequent this site would prefer to see you banned for life simply from your pure ignorance, the other half enjoy the entertainment of your ignorance), just stating facts from what I encounter with the products I purchase. Aesthetics are less important than functionality, could really not give a shit if a pair of shoes looks good but fit/feel as if they were carved from f*cking wood, they are useless to me.

I have no problems walking around in Shimano shoes with the cleats on in regards to cleat size. The channel made in the bottom of the shoe keeps them tucked away nicely. If you haven't ridden with them, pipe down and wear what you bought, I'm simply stating observations from my experience with the product. Maybe it will encourage some people to try other things other than what the comment section dictators (you and the likes) have determined works for everyone else.
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 @JDub713: I had 2 different pairs of Shimano shoes and 3 different pairs of Shimano pedals between 2005 and 2012. I had Shimano shoes on CrankBros Mallets DH in 2018-2019. You are not stating facts, you are stating your personal experience with something as extremely personal as it gets: shoes. Shimano shoes differ between each other quite a lot. Carved from wood? If you use this sort of language, then I can easily tell you that many Shimanos look like they are made by same people who make counterfeits of Star Wars toys. I can throw crap at virtually every MTB shoe but you chose to judge whole 5.10 line based on Fricking Maltese Falcon, possibly worst shoe they ever made. Had them. Currently have Hellcats (All black, since the rest looks like somethin stolen from some clown show for 8yr olds) which are really good for the most part, mainly extra deep channel and cleats can be mounted quite far back which I appreciate, but the heel area is a disaster. I wish they had Shimano inside cuff and tall heel area.
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 @just6979: I should have been clearer. Do you have direct experience with both caged and non-caged Shimano pedals?
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 Got 11 yrs out of my M520s without any kind of servicing, a rock finally killed the left one. Currently on M530s, the outer portion of the cage is a bit mangled due to rock contact, but functionally they're fine. Combined with their shoes with the channel in the sole it makes find the pedals very easy after unclipping.
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 Replacing a $35 pedal with a $65 pedal??
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 By the time it actually hits the shops it'll be much closer to $35
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 Had spds for almost 20 years this is the first one I have gotten excised for in a while.
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 You could've just waited for a sale instead of selling a kidney.
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 @R-M-R: hurr hurr
  • 2 0
 Take my money!
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 Once again shimano bring a good value product
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 What shoe is that?
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 Yeah, I don't see this shoe on their product pages.
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 Looks like an updated ME7.
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 @aerius30: Yeah I just noticed the "E7" on the side. But the side looks different. Either way, looks great! I really wish they did the same design in a flat version (not the AM7, this looks way better)
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 Shimano update saint brake levers with one that doesn’t wear so quickly and has consistent bite point
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 Velcro clippers.....??
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 I clip in to my clipless pedals.
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 How many times...
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 May I suggest a name for the flat pedal - Slipomatic?
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