Shimano BDS, Revolution Bike Park 2016 - Race Report

Aug 28, 2016
by Yasmeen Green  
The Shimano British Downhill Series returns to the hills of Rhyd-Y-Felin for the second time this year. Revolution Bike Park was to host round five of the series, one mile down the road from the Bala racetrack. With over a month of waiting riders were eager to get riding on the newly modified race track. Event organiser Si Paton, his dig team, and Revolution Bike Park have spent the last week perfecting the track for top racers from across Britain.

Shimano BDS Revolution Bike Park 2016

The overall length of the track is 1.6km, giving the riders three minutes of technical descents, drops, and jumps. The rainfall and sunny weather throughout the weekend left the track with a thin layer of slippery slate and mud. Though the track dried up from the rainfall overnight it was short lived when a sudden downpour let loose before the race runs.

The Track:

Once off the uplift, riders had a small push up to the start gate. The track started off with three table tops that lead the riders down the first of the high-speed wooded sections. Riders were briefly sent into the open over a table top.

Tahnee Seagrave had a full day of riding on Saturday however she chose not to race on Sunday. Rumors say that she s saving herself for Andorra this weekend.
  Tahnee Seagrave had a full day of riding on Saturday however she chose not to race on Sunday. Rumors say that she's saving herself for Andorra this weekend.

A berm carried the riders further into the wood where they were met with a decision to make on line choices. Most riders debated that going around a drop would set them up straight for the following berm, instead of going off the drop then having to slow down to make the corner. Following on down more drops, slated shoots, and slippery roots, the track narrowed down to a high-speed section over two table tops and onto the step up.

Aston Tutt getting her crash s out the way in practice.
  Aston Tutt getting her crash out the way in practice.

Shimano BDS Revolution Bike Park 2016
  Joe Smith going for a one hander over the step up.

The last third of the track started in the woods with a section that had riders bouncing around like a pinball. Carrying their speed down from the woods over jumps and through berms riders were nearing the end of the track.

Shimano BDS Revolution Bike Park 2016
  Over the boardwalk jump the riders hit another table top and railed two big berms that lead them into the last three jumps and across the finish line.

Race Day:

Umbrellas up rain coats on. The show must go on.
  Umbrellas up, rain coats on. The show must go on.

First down the newly soaked race track. DMR Juveniles. Chris Cumming set a time of 3:08.060 giving him first place. Series leader in his category and national champ, Harry Barret was unable to take the win however he sat in second with a time of 3:14.766. In third, Luke Williamson was over eleven seconds off Harry's time. 3:30.461 gave James Elliot fourth. He was followed by Pearce cycles rider, Matt Bower in fifth.

Shimano BDS Revolution Bike Park 2016
  Harry Barrett the current series leader in his category

Next down the hill. Super Alloy Spring's youth boys. Setting the pace Atherton Academy rider, Kade Edwards takes the win by over two seconds putting Jamie Edmondson into second with his time of 3:03.489. Sitting in third, Luke Birkett with a 3:06.583. One second away in fourth place, Adam Beaty. Leaving Riley Scott in fifth with a 3:09.766.

Shimano BDS Revolution Bike Park 2016
  Kade Edwards pinning his way to a first place.

In Dainese veteran men, Madison Saracen Factory Team manager, Will Longden takes yet another win. Missing out on a top spot on the podium by under a second, Andrew Titley crosses the line with a 3:15.997. In third with a time of 3:19.630, Mark Weightman. In Kore grand veteran men, Richard Binns takes the win by a big margin of thirty-two seconds, Michael Waud came second leaving Steven Felstead in third with a 4:45.212. In NS Bikes' master men, Neil White's time of 3:02.450 brings him into a first place. Adam Smith was not too far behind in second. Peter Walton followed in third. Craig Taylor's time of 3:12.606 gave him a fourth place. Four seconds away was Peter Crooks in fifth.

Shimano BDS Revolution Bike Park 2016
  Neil white on his way to first place in master men

In Rachel Atherton's Junior Women category, Cairn Bell took the win by over six seconds. Junior women's National Champ, Aston Tutt wasn't on pace, however she took second with a 3:56.028. Megan Jones crossed the line in third with a 4:05.852. After snapping her handlebars at one of the earlier rounds of the BDS, Sumayyah Green has re-found her confidence and is back on pace in fourth with a time 4:18.243. Following her in fifth riding for One Giant Leap Llangollen, Rosy Monaghan. In Uberbike women, Martha Gill came first with a time of 4:38.208. NX2 rider, Lindsay Hanley came across the line five seconds away in second. Leaving Ellie Dewdney in third.

After a messy start to the season Junior rider Sumayyah Green takes forth.
  Junior rider, Sumayyah Green

Next down the track, Spank Junior men. Times were tight with Wideopenmag rider, Charlie Hatton one second off the win, giving Joe Breeden first place with a time of 2:52.776. James Purvis came third with a 2:58.641. Missing out by a second, Kaos Seagrave came fourth. Douglas Vieira came fifth with 3:03.524. In Pro Tharsis Senior men, Andrew Cooper took first place with five seconds to spare, Kieran Davies' time of 3:09.428 took him into second. In third place, Jay Teague with a 3:12.337. Callum Brookes crossed the line in fourth with under a second off fourth place. Martin Ashe goes into fifth with a 3:15.938.

Shimano BDS Revolution Bike Park 2016

X-fusion Expert Men. Lewis Boyce takes first place with 3:00.087. Followed by Calum McGee in second. Riding for Hope Factory, Mathew Rushton came into third with a 3:02.833. In fourth and fifth with under a second apart Kris Gemmell crosses the line with a 3:03.71 in fourth, with Lewis Summers a hundredth of a second behind in fifth.

Shimano BDS Revolution Bike Park 2016

In Schwalbe elite women riding for Madison Saracen Factory Team, Manon Carpenter took the lead with mighty twenty-two seconds. With a time of 3:47.938 Lucy Drees came second. A very muddy Becci Skelton crossed the finish line in third with a 4:12.649. Rebbecca Kennedy followed in fourth and Jessica Greaves in fifth with a 5:45.594.

Shimano BDS Revolution Bike Park 2016
  Becci Skelton crossing the line looking like she a had a pretty wild race run.

Shimano BDS Revolution Bike Park 2016

In Schwalbe elite men Josh Bryceland set a time of 2:48.673, giving him a podium spot in fifth. Last year's overall series winner, Joe Smith came fourth with a 2:47.528. Taking third a second faster than Joe's time, Adam Brayton. Phil Atwill's time of 2:45.520 left him in the hot seat waiting for Marc Beaumont to come down from his re-run. As Marc neared the finish line spectators eyes were glued to the timing board watching the second come by as Marc crossed the finish with a 2:43.857 giving him the win by two seconds.

Regarding the Re-run:
Once crossing the line on his first race run Marc Beaumont demanded a re-run. This was due to getting caught in some supposedly loose course tape. After radioing through to the race marshal the commissaire issued a re-run. According to the race marshal, Marc was pushing close to the edge of the track when his handle bars got caught on the tape, causing him to crash. It is unclear if the tape was loose as it wasn't going into the track and each elite rider had the same racing conditions.

Due to the heavy downfall of rain just after seeding no elite rider knew what the track would be like. This put the re-run in the position of being an unfair advantage. The crash took place a marshal point 4. This was very close to the top where he could have pushed up and taken his re-run. Was him going all the way to the bottom more of a practice run? Some say let Marc have the win and other say Phil was robbed of his first BDS win.

Phill Atwill waiting in the hot seat for Marc Beaumont to cross the line..
  Phill Atwill waiting in the hot seat for Marc Beaumont to cross the finish line.

Giving it his all his all Marc Beaumont hitting one of the last jumps before crossing the line
  Giving it his all, Marc Beaumont hitting one of the last jumps before crossing the line

Shimano BDS Revolution Bike Park 2016


Schwalbe Elite men:

1 Marc Beaumont 2:43.857 -
2 Philip Atwill 2:45.520 +0:01,663
3 Adam Brayton 2:46.107 +0:02,250
4 Joe Smith 2:47.528 +0:03,671
5 Josh Bryceland 2:48.673 +0:04,816

Schwalbe Elite Women:

1 Manon Carpenter 3:25.325 -
2 Lucy Drees 3:47.938 +0:22,613
3 Becci Skelton 4:12.649 +0:47,324
4 Rebecca Kennedy 4:53.759 +1:28,434
5 Jessica Greaves 5:45.594 +2:20,269

Full results

Shimano BDS Revolution Bike Park 2016

Join us for round 6 Llangollen BDS on the 17th and 18th of September.

MENTIONS: @BritishDownhillseries / @TheHillsAreAlive


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 Very disappointed with the knee jerk decision made by the commissaire at this weekends British Downhill Series event at Revolution Bike Park. After announcing that Philip Atwill won the event and then giving out another run to a rider after running wide on a corner and getting caught up in the course tape. After hearing from the marshall who saw the incident that the tape 'may' have been slightly loose and hanging down it was not blown out onto the track (SAME FOR ALL RIDERS) This rider convinced the marshall he was due a re run and when the marshall got asked by the commissaire "did the tape cause an obstruction to the rider" he answered yes which of course it did because the rider rode into it and had the course tape not been there he wouldn't have crashed. It's just not acceptable for a rider to get a sighting lap on a wet track and then race 30 minutes later on a drying track especially not under these circumstances. This didn't just cheat Phil out of his first BDS win but was completely unfair to every other rider in the elite category. No doubt all other riders could have knocked quite a bit of time off their first race times given a second run after feeling out the wet conditions. Should Phil have crashed due to catching his handle bar on the course tape under the same circumstances we would have took it on the chin and brought it to the next round. In future the commissaire should take longer to assess the situation and property speak to the marshall about what happened, it has already been admitted that after speaking to the marshall in detail that a re run would not have been issued. This isn't a dig at the team or this rider but to the commissaire at the event. Don't normally like making these things public but only those who know Phil well will understand how much effort he puts into his racing and this weekend not only has his first BDS win been robbed from him but also bonuses and points towards the overall that Phil would now be closer to leading hadn't the commissaire made this mistake. Ben Reid, Propain Dirt Zelvy team manager.
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 The facts on what happened with Marc Beaumont are the following:
All the elite riders had the tap the same however Marc was pushing to the edge of the track. This caused his handle bars to catch on the tap resulting in his crash.
He told the marshal he wanted a re-run as the tap was 'loose'
This happened at marshal point 4. Which begs the question, why didn't he push up when he was so close to the start? The fact that he came to the bottom and may have seen Phil's time could also be another issue.
At the time of it happening a quick decision was made by the commissaire, that may have not been the right one. At this point the rider could have issued a protest (must be done 15 minutes within receiving results) which would cost them £25 and is refundable if your protest is vailed.
  • 15 118
flag TomFoolery (Aug 29, 2016 at 11:25) (Below Threshold)
 Will someone get these two Brits a hankey to whipe their tears away?

Marc won, it's over. Congrats Marc
  • 22 1
 @TomFoolery: I couldn't care less, just relaying information.
  • 25 3
 shouldn't have been a re-run - especially if that re-run affords him such a significant advantage and the circumstances for the rerun are that silly - i get the option for a rerun if the tape impedes significantly (as Marc probably argued since it made him crash) - but none of the other elite racers even mentioned it and it wasn't changed throughout the course of the race, that tells me that it wasn't a significant enough impediment and that if you're on the very edge of the track, there can be consequences for a risky line like that - I'm bummed phil didn't protest and it can't be changed at this point because someone who didn't deserve to win got a cheap victory out of it. In my opinion - both Marc and the Commissaire owe Phil like a keg or something, maybe giving up the winners purse would take the sting out of losing his first BDS win to someone who didn't deserve to be on the podium at all.

Side note - can we just get Peaty to be the commissaire in the future?
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  • 5 21
flag Joebro1995 (Aug 31, 2016 at 18:56) (Below Threshold)
 Lame move trying to put down the achievements of others. Yes it may have been a bit unfair, depending on your perspective. Well life's unfair. Marc made it down with a QUICKER time, thus he won. Quit whining and suck it up.
  • 22 0
 Calling it Spank junior men?
  • 10 6
 Have you been under a rock all year?
  • 21 3
 @teamkr: been living in America, sorry
  • 18 7
 Not sure what the point of the monster girl is... I can't imagine this attracts many women into racing.
  • 9 2
 I'm sure everyone would rather see them support some of our racers than have an umbrella girl!
  • 15 1
 @cinnamon140: Monster was represented by two lads and one girl, not sure what the problem is
  • 4 1
 @Roguee: not out for an argument so apologies if this comes across as confrontational. Supporting riders shouldn't give you free reign for pit girls. This isn't Santa Pod, it's the premier race series in the UK. There aren't podium girls at WC races! I understand events like this take a huge amount of cash to operate - maybe energy drinks are a necessary evil?... There are a lot of people doing a lot of hard work to increase female participation in the sport - only a couple of weeks ago Rachel ran a ride clinic at for emerging female racers.
  • 10 2
 I appreciate the monster girl. It's not like the pic is of just her.
  • 5 2
 She's not dressed provocatively or "encouraging sexism" so I don't see the problem. I hadn't even noticed her standing there until you mentioned it so it didn't take the attention from the riders either.

As for "attracting women into racing," if a girl wants to race or watch racing she will go to the event to see it. A model being their is hardly going to put them off enjoying their favourite sport.
  • 10 2
 man Peter Sagan was fantastic on that race!
  • 7 1
 who is Seter Pagan?
  • 2 1
 @makripper: if you are in MTB "no te Pagan" (spanish) would suit it better thats why he went to road...
  • 12 5
 Marc Beaumont and Manon Carpenter , these are happy news.
  • 7 1
 Phil Atwill is the man, so much steeze! Bummed to hear about him getting robbed out of a victory.
  • 5 0
 Bryceland seems to be really struggling, would be great to see him back on form soon! Is there an injury I've missed?
  • 1 0
 @RedRedRe group podium picture is of category winners. Ratboy came 5th. Pretty straight forward as to why he isn't in the photo.
  • 4 0
  • 2 1
 Helmet cam footage would help. Gutted for Phil. On a positive note, he has a lot of racing left in him Wink
  • 1 0
 Love the casual podium silly-empty hands up
  • 4 4
 Rat boy too busy to join the podium picture?
  • 1 0
 He was on it, it's just the Elite podium picture in this article has been cropped to show the top 3, not top 5 as on the podium Smile
  • 3 5
 podium girl looking for a dentist she's come to the right place
  • 7 9
 Yeahhh Slugger!
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