Shimano XTR 360 Experience - Ride Down a Trail From 8 Different Perspectives

Dec 2, 2014
This is a cool piece of video technology. Shimano have released a video showing Hunter, Shandro and Vanderham ripping down a trail wearing several cameras which will now allow you to control their point of view in the video. Check it out here, Shimano XTR 360


Riding with friends is one of the best things about mountain biking. There is something special about riding with friends and flowing through epic terrain together. This energy and buzz is contagious and is something we as riders ourselves strive for in our own rides.

Shimano XTR 360

We set out on a road trip up to Kamloops to this area that would allow us to bring XC and Trail riders together on the same trail. A favorite local trail that we found has multiple trail junctions intersecting at multiple points and it allows the riders to transfer through various parts of trails choosing whatever lines they felt compelled to ride. It was the perfect chance to allow us to bring XC and Trail riders together on the same trail.

Shimano XTR 360

With our cameras rolling, the charging trail riders merged onto a trail that the XC riders were already railing along. In firing light with dust flying everywhere, it was fun watching this blissful chaos as the riders shred through the these trails slashing berms, scrubbing tables, transferring across trails beside each other, roosting corners, and near misses flowing together down this mountain. We wanted to bring this energy to life and to tell this story the best we could, we put cameras everywhere and in all possible angles...we literally covered it from 360 degrees. And yes, it all got dusty…very dusty!

Shimano XTR 360

Riders rode our new XTR in both Trail & Race versions in both mechanical and Di2 shifting options. We wanted to showcase our new XTR in this environment to help remind people, no matter who you are or what you ride, our thrills and passions stem from a very common bond … shredding trails together.

It's definitely a must see, check it out!

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 I miss dust, especially when there is 360 degrees of it.. Cleaning crud off bikes in the dark when it's freezing just isn't fun.
(Yeah yeah southern hemisphere and Phoenix... we know!)
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 But what about Tucson? Have I told you about Tucson? LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT TUCSON
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 That was probably one of the coolest things I've seen on the internetz
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 porn is better
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 Porn doesn't make me as physically sick....just emotionally.
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 I wonder how much video stabilization was done, because the video looked smooth, but grainy. I would to see a photo of the camera setup used.
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 Just a bunch of gopros in a circle with one pointing up on top of the helmet
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 is it just a video? mine says it's loading something but never reaches 100%
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 nope that video is just to entertain you while the 360° video is loading.
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 My favorite part was the Brett Rheeder video that was just before it.
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flag pigman65 (Dec 2, 2014 at 12:24) (Below Threshold)
 A blatant and boring Shimano advert,i gave up at 41%,i'd rather watch the Brett Rheeder vid again
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 XTR still exists? Ya would not know it judging from what Im seeing out on the trails.

Shimano keeps digging the hold deeper by not having 1x options available and sticking to their dual-control guns.

I love the shift quality of the shimano stuff - far more refined than Sram. However, it is very clear that the people making decisions at Shimano don't actually ride mtn bikes, don't go to places where mtbs are being ridden and don't listen to their customers very well. The people at SRAM actually do and they get it.

If only I could get Shimano quality with SRAM ingenuity....
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 I understand your feeling, but just buy SRAM and have fun.
The smoothness of the shifter mechanism doesn't make the riding less fun.
11 speed from SRAM > than smooth shifter mechanism.

Also Shimano has 11 speed now, XTR M9000.
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 @ ckcost

Absalon, Neff, Pendrel, Heijden
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 I felt the same way until I got the chance to use the new Di2 XTR. Now I'm gutted my bike doesn't have space for a front derailleur, because if I did I would be all over that 3x11 groupset using the single shifter. Who wants 1x11 when you can essentially have 1x15 (3x11 with servo shifting) at the same or less weight and with greater reliability?

SRAM might have the marketing budget to convince your average rider, but Shimano are the true innovators and despite what you might think @ckcost - I would consider Shimano to be the company who create what riders want AND need, instead of half assing it then convincing us we need it via advertising later on...
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 Remember when the average guy could afford XTR parts? Nowadays you need Mitt-Romney-Money to put XTR on your bike.
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 Even the name "M9000" seems unattractive compared to the XX1. XTR brakes seems to be the only thing that Shimano has going for themselves these days...
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 I made my own 1x10 XTR groupset (XTR Race 28-42 cranks). Just removed the front derailleur, the 42 chainring, and installed a small chainguide (which I built myself). The 28 front 11-36 rear range works perfect and never had an issue with it.
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 You guys understand this is meant to showcase XTR Di2. not Saint, so the riding showcases what XTR Di2 is capable of. Yes Shimano could have went apeshit with Shandro, Hunter and Vanderham destroying some BC craziness. But instead it showed several riders of different disciplines all riding the same trail on different lines with different approaches. can't make everyone happy i guess.
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 So I guess noone remembers Fairclough's 360 DH run?
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 Anyway, it is super cool video with so many riders!
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 Where do I find it?
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 I knew I'd already seen something similar before....cheers!
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 Super cool shots. Kudos to Shimano for that. Shimano/Sram=Yin/Yang. There will always be at least two big players in the drivetrain market. One may jump ahead, but it is only temporary. That competitive cycle is what keeps our gear progressing.

Also, check this out. It isn't a global 360 deg view, (it only offers a 360 deg view about a single axis) but it is compact, clean, and real. I feel genuine excitement for future POV cameras that offer amazing views and features without the industrial design (or lack thereof) of a brave little toaster.
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 OK...that was pretty damn cool.
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 WOW. It must have been super high tech and advanced equipment to film it. It's just as cool as Shimano can be. I still prefer the ol'skool SRAM shredding.
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 Bike Ranch = Yummie no matter how it's viewed! Thank you Brad for your dedication and insight in building such a rad place for us to ride!
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 Hunter, Shandro and Vanderham ...and ???.....there are 4 riders in the video...

oh yeah, its @weenis and he is crushing it.
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 It would be a lot cooler if it worked on my iPad!
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 That was insane! The riding, the trail, and the perspectives, wow. Just wow.
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 Very cool, but I just got motion sick as hell watching that thing. I'll be over on the couch if anyone needs me.
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 Whaaaaaaat? Can't get to the page on my android phone and gave my laptop the blue screen of death twice now. Sh!t@y
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 Which trail is this? It looks like an absolute blast. Very cool way to make video more interactive. I really liked it.
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 I could see serious application for this in racers learning tracks
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 Apart from wearing like 8 cameras during practice Razz
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 I can see future of it on Facebook. If technology gets better and it surely will then we will more than surel have GoPro360+Strava live streaming so that you can share the joy of your passion with your friends Family and Friends. They will feel fortunate that they met you, they will feel so happy for you when they will sit by the screen watching you having fun, tackling insane obstacles or facing challenging climbs on your bike. You will give them opportunity to see the beauty of the nature, you may even be talking to them via microphone in the chin bar of your helmet.
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 @WAKIdesigns don't spoil your next waki-leaks
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 Wooow, that's the wide angle!
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 This needs a VR helmet.
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 Oculus goggles were at interbike...
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 Indeed they were! Did you get to try them?
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 Damn, my computer just barfed...not to mention me..
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