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Aug 29, 2019
by Sarah Lukas  

With Mont-Sainte-Anne World Championships 2019 right around the corner and the cooler air blowing through Squamish, it's time to start thinking about some awesome fall riding and flannels. Shop our End of Summer 48-Hour Mega Sale August 29-30th as we make way for new Fall merch. Almost everything is on sale, with discounts up to 50% off. If you missed it, we even got stuff for the woofers in your life.

Sale begins Aug 29,2019 at 12:01am PT and ends Aug 30, 2019 at 11:59pm PT
No Code necessary - sale price will be reflected directly on the website
While supplies last

Pinkbike Cycle Dog Leash Collar Model Emmy


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 $18 shipping to UK and I'm out.
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 Yes shipping to europe and the possible customs charges makes this not applicable. Setup a european proxy maybe?
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flag RedBurn (Aug 29, 2019 at 0:37) (Below Threshold)
 Pinkbike isnt european and for that reason, i'm out
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 another reason of many to move to Canada/USA...
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 These are Canadian $, anyway this is a problem of the bigcartel shop they allway charge to much for shipping outside of America
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 @RedBurn: and yet you are still here commenting.
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 @dark-o: It's not a conspiracy. That's what shipping costs. Try sending a t-shirt across the ocean using your local post service and see what happens.
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 @alexsin: Ok so shipping on Threadless cost 8US$ to Europe for 2 T-Shhits, it worked pretty fine every order. All the shops using bigcartel are charing way mor for shipping
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 We actually are working to switch our fulfillment and shipping warehouse to begin accommodating better international shipping rates. We definitely have found working with a great shipping team can help provide better rates, and a way for us to deal with duties and tariffs up front. We should see this all transitioning throughout September, with October being our new backend system. *fingers crossed*
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 @sarahlukas: that's great. Thanks : )
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 LOL as if the big MEGA SALE banner is a photo and not a link to the shop.
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 Fixed. Smile Thanks
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 How much is the dog?
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 @scary1: If you've got to ask, you can't afford her
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 What they say : PINKBIKE MEGA SALE!!!
What they meant : Heres a dollar off.....
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 I am just not into paying somebody money so I can be a walking advertisement for them.
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 Out of interest, what would it take for you to wear [insert brand name here] on a t-shirt? Free t-shirt? $50? Would the price change, and how much, depending on whether you believed in the product e.g. you swear by Maxxis but you are paid to wear a Schwalbe t-shirt.
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 @iamamodel: I wear tons of mtb merch that's all been free from events etc. Another factor is the quality of the shirt, I still wear my Canfield Bros shirt because it's an American Apparel T which are super nice. Some shirts are your typical Gildan or Fruit of the loom and those are shop rags.
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 @pbmo so do you only were white tee shirts?
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 @rivercitycycles: In other words, "what are you wearing?" A new low for the comment section Wink
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 @DrPerceptron: Right, I should’ve thought more about my response because it’s like sick stalker.

My point is everyone advertises like it or not.......we’re consumers. I just got my PB tee shirts. Good quality at a fair price. I will wear it proudly even though I may look like a dousche.
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 @rivercitycycles: For sure. Also, I was totally joking man and it wasn't stalkerish in the least!
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 @rivercitycycles: if you send me an American Apparel T with your shop logo on it I'll wear it with pride and even post to Instagram for you
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 @Tmackstab: as long as my tshirts are made by 6 year old asian kids in factories killing the world then shpiped on ships destroying the oceans,,,, im cool with that, but pay to have someones name on my shit, thats retarded. in summary child slave labour good fashion whore bad
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 @steve9train: Its totally true hey? Then you get a brand like Needs Factory (Now NF) in Canada who makes and sources their materials locally and people bitch about the price.
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 @rivercitycycles: Guess what, there are other color shirts to WEAR. I understand matching clothes and English. Should give that go.
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 @iamamodel: If it s free, then that is good enough for me to wear. I typically just wear solid colored shirts.
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 I thought calling that girl a woofer was a bit rude, then I scrolled down...
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 to be fair I thought 'woof' when I saw her...
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 Some decent size info would be good. If you're buying a T-shirt and having it shipped to the UK if it's wrong Ithen it's just a waste, I'm not gonna pay again to send it back...

Are they larger to suit the American build or a normal Worldwide small? There was a size chart on one of the t-shirt pages but I've never seen 'Body Width' as a sizing metric. Perhaps a chest measurement like EVERY other clothing manufacturer on the planet would be more useful, or even pit to hem. I was amused with a Shimano shirt I bought which said UK-M, US-S, Asia-XL...

Some colours wouldn't go amiss, please say you are bringing out some non olive/black/grey clothing soon!
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 Sorry about the lack of sizing clarifications. We have a couple of different brands that we work with, and each manufacturer provides us their own sizing chart. The one you saw was probably for Next Level, who does all of our tees. They measure from pit to pit, which is the body width. I would say ours are pretty true to size. They are not slim/Euro fit, but they are not oversized.

We are super excited about some new colors that we are bringing in this fall that are NOT earth tones. Watch out!
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 @sarahlukas: New colours? You've talked me out of buying anything in the sale!
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 @veero: Shew - good thing the sale ended! Smile New stuff is coming soon and it's looking rad.
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 general consensus... unaffordable stuff - still wholly unaffordable if you're in the UK
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 Well enjoy Brexit then. Probably only get worse...
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 @Yetimike2019: not funny pal, all our parts prices are shooting up with the shitty worthless pound rate.
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 @Yetimike2019: yeah we won’t actually be a United Kingdom for long after Brexit and Scotland leave.... Fuxit
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 We are working on better options for our friends globally!
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 I'd buy a t-shirt that says, "Pinkbike: We took a principled stand against promoting e-bikes ... then we caved."
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 Wait did I miss the doggo stuff? Or do all that sell out that quickly.. The shipping probably still will be a killer though to Australia but worth a try ????
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 We still have them available on the site! Working on improving those international shipping costs. After we switch to our new fulfillment center, we will be sure to run a free global shipping sale until we sort out a more cost effective option. Keep your eyes peeled towards the end of this month, early Oct!
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 Oft shipping costs way to much to the uk. Half as much again on shipping not good
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 Had to go mega selling because you ran everybody of with all the e bike coverage.
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 Very lonh delivery to Russia. Waitig a month already( Right before recieved HEALTH merch also delivered from LA in 10 days
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 Ugh - sorry to hear this delay. We are switching our fulfillment and shipping center this month with the hopes of not only improving shipping costs, but also delivery times.
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 @sarahlukas: thank you! Yesterday finally recieved t-shirt and sticker pack! Awesome!
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 @Sirflyingv: Huzzah! Great news. Sorry that it took so long.
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 Nice. Been wanting to get something to protect my frame and it's the only thing that's really in sale.
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 There should be a shirt that says "I'm on Pinkbike"
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