Shred Partners with Kelly McGarry Foundation

Oct 27, 2017
by Pinkbike Staff  
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Shred announces partnership with the Kelly McGarry Foundation
Photo by Paris Gore

Shred is proud to announce a partnership with the Kelly McGarry Foundation and the debut of a collection of helmets and goggles that pays homage to the legendary rider after whom the foundation is named. The launch of this partnership coincides with the brand signing Sam Gale, a New Zealand rider and rising star who is carrying on McGarry’s legacy.

“Kelly’s passion and generosity inspired everyone who knew him,” explains Shred Co-founder and Chairman Ted Ligety. “And although his life was all too short, his impact transcends time. We’re humbled and honored to partner with the Kelly McGarry Foundation. In doing this, we’re able to support grassroots biking initiatives while paying tribute to a man whose love for life was perfectly paired with his skills on a bike.”

As a rider for Shred, McGarry anchored the brand’s mountain biking team and provided crucial input on its products. After he tragically passed away in 2016, his friends and family created the Kelly McGarry Foundation to honor his legacy and to support the biking community in his home country of New Zealand. The foundation aims to emulate Kelly’s infectious, down-to-earth personality and generosity by providing grants and financial support to a range of mountain bike projects.

“We’re excited to partner with Shred,” explains Kelly McGarry Foundation Trustee Daniel Wypler. “Our partnership will help continue Kelly’s legacy and enable us to grow and support larger projects throughout New Zealand.”

Shred announces partnership with the Kelly McGarry Foundation
Sam Gale.

In conjunction with its partnership with the Kelly McGarry Foundation, Shred has added Sam Gale to its team. With a smooth style and tremendous control, the sixteen-year-old is quickly making a name for himself.
Shred announces partnership with the Kelly McGarry Foundation
“We’re stoked to welcome Sam to the team. His addition is a great complement to our partnership with the foundation,” explains Shred Co-founder and CEO Carlo Salmini. “As part of a new generation of riders, he’s charging into the future while also embodying the passion and generosity of spirit that Kelly exemplified.”

Others are quick to draw comparisons as well. “Sam is a prodigy of Kelly’s legacy,” explains Emmerson Wilken, a pro freerider from New Zealand. “He’s an absolute shredder on a bike and from Kelly’s hometown of Wakefield. It’s so fitting that they both have support from Shred.”

Gale notes that Kelly’s influence transcends biking. “Kelly was a big part of my motivation to get out and have fun on my bike, as well as push my limits,” he explains. “Yet it wasn’t only his riding that influenced me—it was the way he treated others and his attitude toward life.”

As a team rider for Shred, Gale is helping unveil the brand’s new McGazza Forever collection. This line of goggles and helmets showcases the products that Kelly continually relied on—in fresh designs that give a nod to his New Zealand roots. “On behalf of Kelly's family, we are honored that Shred has created the McGazza Forever collection,” offers Matt McGarry, Kelly’s brother and a trustee of the foundation.

The McGazza Forever collection highlights some of Shred’s most iconic products, including the Amazify MTB and Nastify MTB goggles, as well as the all-mountain Short Stack and the full-face Brain Box NoShock helmets. According to Salmini, “Kelly’s feedback was essential in developing and refining many of Shred’s products, especially the Brain Box. He helped spearhead its creation and had a direct hand in both its form and function. It’s no wonder he was especially proud to wear it.”

Shred announces partnership with the Kelly McGarry Foundation

McGarry’s signature goggles and helmets are now available at A percentage of the proceeds from the sales of these products will be donated to the Kelly McGarry Foundation. “We look forward to riders across the world rocking the McGazza Forever gear and embracing Kelly’s spirit for years to come,” Wypler explains.

Shred announces partnership with the Kelly McGarry Foundation
Shred announces partnership with the Kelly McGarry Foundation

Shred will officially debut the McGazza Forever collection at the 2017 Red Bull Rampage, the same event that helped make Kelly a legend.

“It’s only fitting that we unveil the McGazza Forever collection and our partnership with the Kelly McGarry Foundation at the Red Bull Rampage,” explains Salmini. “Kelly’s runs from the event are nothing short of legendary. But more importantly, the event is a gathering of friends and kindred spirits who share Kelly’s passion and commitment to living life to its fullest.”

To check out the full McGazza Forever collection, drop into

Shred announces partnership with the Kelly McGarry Foundation
Kelly McGarry. Photo by Paris Gore.

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  • 25 8
 "A percentage of the proceeds from the sales of these products will be donated to the Kelly McGarry Foundation."

I don't know man, at this point it feels a little like brands are cashing in on the big guys name. T Shirts, stickers etc is one thing, but this seems different. Obviously the foundation is onboard and I hope they do well, but I'm not comfortable buying this stuff.

Sam's a sick rider tho, so good luck all round!
  • 6 2
 At the same time, one could argue it would be cool to have all this year in his name. More and more people will be wearing this stuff so the legend lives on forever. As long as all of the proceeds do actually get given and it is a significant sum - I can understand not all profits as the company has to grow somehow but it should be a significant slice of the profits.

I trust the foundation definitely wants what is best, however I definitely see your point regarding the matter, but hope it isn't true.

  • 72 0
 @kit-nz I'm one of the trustees of the Kelly McGarry Foundation (KMF), and I wrote the commercial agreement with Shred. I would like to make one thing clear, Shred isn't "cashing in" on Kelly's name or brand. Shred is a business and needs to cover the cost of manufacturing and shipping the products; the profits generated after costs go directly to the KMF and the projects and causes we support. I do think the article was poorly written and may not have conveyed that point correctly.

Every cent the KMF has raised or received from individuals or brands goes towards funding projects, and you can find a list of those on our website.

All of the KMF trustees are Kelly's friends or family and we donate our time to make the KMF possible, no one receives an economic benefit. Our goal is to honour his legacy and support mountain biking in NZ and partnership are needed to make that a reality. Lastly, every single person in the KMF reviewed this partnership and approved it.

If you would like to support the KMF I would encourage you to make a donation on our website. Since you're a NZ resident and the KMF is a registered NZ charity you can claim the donation back on your taxes.

If you have any questions or concerns email me directly
  • 7 0
 @wypler: bravo. I cant think of a single thing wrong with purchasing and wearing a product that keeps the memory of an ambassador of the sport like Kelly alive. Clearly this is done with sensitivity to the family and foundation but i hope the OP doesn't get flamed or 'neg propped' into oblivion for his point- i think it came from a respectful position- a reflection i believe of the respect Kelly held and what he meant and represented. Quite apart from all that, the googles look GREAT and if i was in the market for some, they'd be on the list. #mcgazzaforever
  • 17 0
 @wypler: Thanks for taking the time to go over this and explain the links in more detail - much appreciated. I definitely need to apologise for the way I expressed my point, it was a poor choice of words. "Cashing in" indicates I think there's something dodgy or underhanded with what Shred (and by extension KMF) is doing, and I definitely don't think that. Everything you've done with the Foundation is amazing. The new link with Shred, supporting a young gun rider, and making a good and tasteful product - I'm 100% sure Kelly would have been stoked and on board.

I guess it's a personal thing for me struggling with seeing posthumous commercialisation of a name & a legacy - for some reason it feels weird. Even though I know it's a good thing. It's probably because I'm old...

I do sincerely wish you all the best with this and hope you keep working with every different organisation you can to keep doing the foundations work.

While buying the products isn't for me, I have taken you up on that encouragement and made a donation to the Foundation.
  • 4 0
 Mate any other foundation I'd be with you but this is run by kiwi bike riders and in my experience nothing wrong with them and they'd be totally legit and doing all they can to make Kelly proud. Shit I miss having a beer with him so much.
  • 5 0
 That leaf pattern on the helmet is pretty sweet. I'd like to have one.
  • 2 1
 I think it's rather amazing! In his life he had such a positive impact and even in his death you can see the positive ripples that was Mcgazza!!
  • 2 0
 Goddamnit, I'm too old to run Shred gear. I have to support the foundation in old man ways.
  • 3 0
 Mcgazza forever
  • 2 3
 I can't see any of the products on the website. Are there any retailers in Nz, ideally Christchurch

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