Video: Pre-Season Tear in San Remo

May 9, 2015
by Slawomir Lukasik  
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Photos by Piotr StaroĊ„ -

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 This is mountain biking, no more flow trail videos of smooth dirt where road bikes can ride down. Mountain biking is meant to be rough
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 Yeah! The IMBA can suck it!
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 Actually, mountain biking is riding a bike in the mountain. It's meant to be whichever of the countless options you find the most fun. I thought it only referred to wheel size, but apparently it's also "pick a favourite style and be a dick about it"

P.S. I actually ride exclusively rough natural terrain, mostly due to lack of flow trails, but I definitely wouldn't mind some diversity
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 dirt merchant? a - line?
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 Anyone can ride a flow trail it takes talent to ride a trail like this
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 @powdershredder3 I wish everybody understood that....
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 Powdershredder3, my personal preference is rough and I'd go out of my way to ride it but I still do love a session on a flowy trail. Just because it's 'easy' doesn't mean you can't make it a challenge I.e. Double/tripling pumps, go bigger off jumps with more style/tricks, look for sneaky lines, test yourself at how fast you really can go when it's a bit looser or wet etc.

I agree that World Cup races should become more challengingly technical but I will still have just as much fun challenging myself on a flowy dh track or a super fast man made trail centre style track or at bmx/pump tracks.

I still see too many fast racers with tonnes of results etc. that cannot do the most simple of bike skills like bunny hopping (without clipless pedals) and manualing. No time for practising these when your hairing it down a root and rock infested wall. As much as a love the challenge of a technical trail or watching world cups where riders are pushing their technical ability and fear rather than fitness and 'who runs the stiffest suspension and lightest bike', but there is a time and place for flow and some of the best edits I've seen are of being creative on a flowy track.
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 Care to name a fast racer that can't bunny hop and manual?
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 It didn't occur to anyone that to ride a very technically difficult trail with flow, you must first know how to ride an easier trail with flow? The point of a flow trail is for learning flow, and then taking your flow to the next level (ie. manuals, faster corners, gaps, etc). I'm sure the rider in the video didn't learn to flow like that on a rough technical trail.
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 @lukedaq totally agree with you, what bothers me is that more and more tracks are getting more "flowy", awesome trails I loved because you know only the worthy would be able to ride them don't exist anymore, most of the trails are getting destroyed to make them more accessible(?) remember the days where there was a trail where you could totally nail a section with your insane line that most people wont be able to do? guess what! now its flat and somebody removed the rocks/roots!
and that really sucks, and thats why people like enduro so much! I cant get my hands off my enduro bike because I know natural trails are how MTB is supposed to be! specially for experienced riders!
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 @NightFalcon : Being a dick about it? No. I've not beat up anyone or clowned them on Twitter yet.

That said, Trail Pussification sucks! When you have a great trail system that's pussified in accordance with some industry driven standard and turned into a noobtastic flow trail, things are going soft and backwards.

Here's a hint: DON'T REPLACE OR REDO the existing trails! ADD flow trails.

Lastly, and now I'm being pendantic (which some may say is being a d1ck), you ride "on" a mountain. Not "in" it, unless you're in Kentucky.

I'm not downing flow trails, but I don't want them at the expense of technical.
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 @timsim07 I don't mean elite World Cup riders or similar - most of them do some sort of bmx track/ dirt jump training which definately helps with those essential skills but go to a regional downhill race (or national) and you'll see that many non-elites who still have a lot of speed don't have the basic skills.
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 lukachadwick - when it comes to racing, time is the only relevant thing, nobody gives a F if you have certain skills polished or not... the only relevant thing in that matter is how do they come back after the big crash. Look at Danny Hart, Sam Hill, and compare them to Minnaar, Atherton. Everyone's a hero until the big one comes. And many of us know it subconcsiously, that's why we spend most of our time inside of our comfort zone and while we may have some good moves, we suck at racing, at living up to our potential. If you deliver better than you can, then you are smart, if you deliver less, then you are simply "slow"... Racing is a skill on it's own. I know a dude who is worse than me, but he always leaves me behind on rough bits. When I watch him ride he is always an inch from dying, but still, he finished minute ahead of me on a local Enduro race. So I keep it low to not come out as a douche, they give no medals for the most sensible pace Razz
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 Some elements of what you are saying I strongly agree with. I too know people who ride flat out but have very limited bike skills because they lack fear and push hard. I agree that racing is so much more than just riding and takes some real skill to perform well at. But my point is that many racers lack the basic skills. In contrast to your anecdote, I find that even with my limited race history I can get very close times to those who race all the nationals and every regional they can get to and this is because I can ride at a slower average speed but I use basic skills like bunny hopping and manualing to get into better lines or cross lines or even get me out of situations where I might otherwise crash.
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 dat music! YEAH! \m/
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 gnarly! dusty and chunky. mmm and I LOVE those bars.
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 Those bars really do finish off the bike nicely
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 ...really tied the room together , dude.
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 Slavek is a joy to watch on the mountain, he has such a natural, smooth, nearly effortless style. As to NS bikes, in person I sawonly their AM bike and it looks totaly legit. Proud to see more and more Polish guys kicking it, in terms of riding, photography and bike making Big Grin
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 He's using a X9!! See Sram, nobody need an X01 or an XX1 to be fast!!!
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 We definitely need more edits with a Muse soundtrack!
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 It blows me away how fast people go in these videos.
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 He goes fast not only in videos Smile
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 That Marzocchi looks like the s*it. Hope their products will be available long into the future.
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 Nice Vid! Love the Slow Mo
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 short but sweet. dig it!
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 Dude is murdering off-camber rough dry. Skills.
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 hell yeah!! great one!
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 what's the song?
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 NSbikes are so cool they look to work like HELL!!
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 Came to comments for the slow-mo h8a comments. None yet. Am disappointed.
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