Side By Side Runs: Rheeder VS Semenuk

Aug 17, 2014
by Pinkbike Staff  
Compare the top 2 runs from Crankworx Whistler as Brett and Brandon were a level above the rest this year.

Rheeder on the left. Semenuk on the right.

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 Semenuk's wheelie at the beginning cost Reeder the gold... Wink
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 And Semenuk's time was faster....
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 That was so Enduro ;-)
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 its not 650B, 160mm and doesn't have a dropper post - therefore it is not #endurospecific !!!! gosh people these days....
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flag funsize1109 (Aug 19, 2014 at 9:55) (Below Threshold)
 time dose not madder and it wasnt the wheelie it was the cabin and the budlight whail tail that made brandons run better.
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 Lol I was thinking the exact same thing dirtwork911 . I cant stop laughing at the replies.
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 haha I thought the exact same thing as soon as the video started, perhaps the most important wheelie of 2014
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 Semenuk had the off axis cork 7, plus the two 1 foot magic spinny things. He definitely won..
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 And what about flip double whip? In 2012 Claymore Challenge best trick Yannick´s flip doble whip beat 360 flip and frontflip bar.
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 Semenuk's run seemed so effortless, like he wasn't even trying.
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 There was only one "one foot magic spinny thing" as you call it
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 I believe there was a one foot magic spinny thing, and a one foot magic flippy thing
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 This man knows the ways ^^
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 Semenuk pushed to the top.
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 He pushed with his foot
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 Reminds me of gee and stevie....a great rivalry Smile
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 If anyone's interested the "one foot spinny thing" is called a fast plant 360
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 Literally he didn't take the shuttle to the top of the course. He pushed up.
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 i know its a fast plant i just was making fun of the first guys comment XD
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 Should have lost points for putting a foot down
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 I gotta admit at first I thought I was going to be seeing "Rheeder got robbed" everywhere. But upon seeing the replays, I can see how Semenuk edged him out. Just choked for Brett after throwing down what at any other event could have won hands down. Two riders at the pinnacle of the sport. Great competition!
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 that seven tho
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 ^^those sevens tho..
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 Rheeder aint the Leader
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 no , just dat seven , the second one.
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 The "second one" wasn't a seven. I Know I'm starting to sound like a broken record, but I'll say it again; the last jump off the whale tail was a 360 backflip!
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 oh, yo mean sideways double flip ?
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 No I mean a backflip and a 360 executed at the exact same time in one motion. It's more common in the BMX community than MTB so it's easy to see why it would be called a cork 720. In fact, often when trying to execute a 360 backflip, riders inadvertantly end up "only" doing a cork 720. That's how close the two tricks are to one another in form. It's almost as if a 360 backflip is a cork 720 "completely" corked resulting in the rider being inverted. This means one of the 360s results in a backflip and the other remains a 360; however both occuring at the same time.
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 Rheeder - Semenuk

Hit 1 - Flip / Flip one foot can
Hit 2 - Truckdriver to late Barspin / 360 Tuck no hander
Hit 3 - Frontflip / Flip double whip
Hit 4 - Flip whip / Flip barspin
Hit 5 - Cork 7 / Cork 7
Hit 6 - Flip / Opposite tail whip
Hit 7 - 360 Transfer / Tail whip
Hit 8 - Barspin stepup / Flip stepup
Hit 9 - Truckdriver / Footplant 360
Hit 10 - Tail whip / Tuck no hander
Hit 11 - Flip whip / Cork 7

Semenuk definitely had the better trick on hit 1, 3, 8, 9, and 11. The others were fairly close in terms of difficulty, though I have no say in wether (for example) a flip whip or flip barspin is harder than each other. I'd say the judges did a damn good job here.
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 ^^thanks for that Katakalism!!!
The best post here!!! Good work.

I still pick Mr. BRETT RHEEDER!!
Just a personal opinion.

The judges had their work cut out for them, for sure!!
Bravo Crankworkx!!
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 rheeder in the hit 4 did a oppo flip whip, also in the hit 10, he did a oppo whip, no a whip, only a little correction although my favorite rider is brett rheeder, one should be objective and recognize that semenuk's run was a little better, anyway, both runs were simply insane
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 While we're nitpicking, as said above Semenuk's 11th and final hit was a 360 backflip not cork 720.
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 Oh yah and by the way, hit 8 for Rheeder was an opposite barspin not regular.
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 Woops, my bad on the oppo bar haha.
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 Also, after further review I ascertained that hit 2 for Rheeder was actually an opposite truckdriver to barspin back. I've updated the list with the aformentioned corrections which is as follows:

Rheeder - Semenuk

Hit 1 - Backflip flat drop / Can-Can Backflip flat drop
Hit 2 - Opposite Truckdriver to Barspin Back / 360 Tuck No-Hander
Hit 3 - Frontflip / Double Tailwhip Backflip
Hit 4 - Opposite Tailwhip Backflip / Barspin Backflip
Hit 5 - Cork 720 / Cork 720
Hit 6 - Backflip / Opposite Tailwhip
Hit 7 - 360 transfer / Tailwhip
Hit 8 - Opposite Barspin step-up / Backflip step-up
Hit 9 - Truckdriver / Fastplant 360
Hit 10 - Opposite Tailwhip / Tuck No-Hander
Hit 11 - Tailwhip Backflip / 360 Backflip
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 Those are some pretty tight pants
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 He definitely got some bonus points for those compression pants Smile
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 How tight are those Jeans!
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 Then he shreds with Gee at Whistler
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 There was just something special in the air during Semenuks run..
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 Pretty sure it was Semenuk in the air that made that run so damn good.
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 can you tell they secretly train together lol insane runs wow! that last cork 7 off the drop was just fucking immaculate. Straight up stellar runs by both of them AND the rest.... way too much awesomeness
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 Contrary to what the announcer said it wasn't a cork 720. It was was a 360 backflip.
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 semenuk defiantly won that. That sneaky little cancan in a flat drop flip and a 360 fastplant off the hut and 2 flat spin 720s. That being said rheeder has improved so so much and coming from such a serious injury last year who knows whats to come hopefully he can challenge and pressurise semenuk in the future. Bit annoying pilgs, reynolds and matt jones were not in it for us english colchester boys!!!
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 thankyou for finally being the only person to know that its called a fastplant....
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 Rheeder's one-hander on the roll-in ramp showed ingenuity out there, take note kids
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 Yeah that would have done it if only semenuk hadn't manualled the pump bumps.
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 Man it would have been damn close if Rheedet stuck his second run..
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 If Rheeder bested Semenuk on his second run, I bet Semenuk's second run would have been two back to back tailwhips on the middle of his run where he did a tailwhip on his first run.
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 yeah i dont know. rheeders first run had a truck to bar back, but second run only had a truck? losing points right there cause its less of a trick.. probably would have front bar'd the step up, barspun out of the sram wall, oppo 440barspin transfer over the hips then like 3whip into the whaletail and same flip oppo whip out.

just what i think could have happened if he had kept going. still confused as to why he didnt throw the bar back though
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could have been a lot of things, sometimes tricks don't click every time, but what surprised me was that no one seemed to notice it was oppo.
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 I'm gonna guess he didn't throw the bar back cause he already knew he was gonna over rotate
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 Brett did a switch 3 bar to bar back, a flip switch whip, and a switch whip into the whale tail. Nobody really seemed to notice that...
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 2 points between first and second place and 10 points between second and third. Nobody can even come close to these two
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 I'd like to of seen how close the guy who was riding without a peak on helmet would have got if he'd completed his first run with the cash roll and the crazy stretched out front flip.
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 Not to mention that pilgrim who came to america only to turn back and that really tall swedish dude.
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 That was a lot closer than it looked live.
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 Got to say that my first impression was it was in Rheeder's favour and much preferred the style he rode with but Brandon's banger to finish was more than enough to separate the two already insane runs. I wonder what Rheeder's dream second run would have looked like?
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 Brendon was the fastest. You can see that he made the difference already at split 1. Then the gap remained the same.
Sorry I am too much into the downhill worldcup... ;-)
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 $25 G's to winner while risking their lives and mid pack golfer on the wkd made just under 1 mil....hum sounds about right! Otherwise unbelievable runs and that course was the best hands down!
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 where does a front flip rate on the scale compared to a flipwhip? It was freakin close but Semenuk def had a bigger last trick and that makes a big impression on memory of the judges.
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 That wasn't just a flip whip, it was a flip double whip vs a frontflip.
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 I know thats what he did, I was asking a simple question. How does a front flip rate in relation to a flipwhip......
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 Rheeder that was an unreal run. so wicked. Brandon had his best lines laid out
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 Last jump decided, if Brandon didn't do this 720 on step down Rheeder would win it
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 yea but them semenuk was after him rheeder so even if he did crash out semenuk still had another run to win
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 Rheeder alley oop transfer was really neat.
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 This course was modeled after Brandon's course in his back yard at home, so yea this was super easy for him.
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 rheeder could have and should have done a double flip whip off the whale tail, that would have got him the gold for sure
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 One video. Too much awesome. Brain hurts.
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