Kevin Miquel Appears To Have Signed with Specialized

Mar 16, 2021
by Alicia Leggett  

Kevin Miquel, who ranked third in the 2019 Enduro World Series, has so far been cryptic about his new bike sponsor. Today, he hinted on Instagram that he will be riding for Specialized. He reposted Loic Bruni's Instagram stories, one of which had the caption "Spesh boys" on a video of a training session, and which showed him wearing Specialized gloves and other kit.

Kevin did black out the 'S' on his glove in the repost, but the cat just might be out of the bag. We have reached out to Kevin for more information.


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 Excellent, much deserved!
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For those who want to learn ...!
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 @TARTARA: I learned nothing
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 There are few things I love more than seeing "DH riders on road bikes" content on the front page. Normalize enjoying both!
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 But what if I don't like being confronted by the fact that I need to work cardio to be faster?
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 @4thflowkage: It's not just about being faster, it's also about being more enjoyable. You can do the same rides at the same pace as always and just feel less wrecked the whole time, both on and off the bike. I used to be all MTB all the time and after just three or four road bike rides I was noticeably faster and fresher on the trails. You don't have to go full roadie either; grab a Specialized Sirrus or a Cannondale Quick (or whatever flat-bar road bike tickles your fancy) and go jam the neighborhood in shorts and a t-shirt. Don't be shocked if you accidentally go full roadie after you find out road biking is actually fun though and don't blame me when it happens.
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 lmao just finished the podcast on spy shots. i expect some salt, i didn't listen to half an hour of spy shot psychology not to see the show in action.
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 @pedaldragger: Speshology?
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 It's not a surprise since last year's Sunn Enduro Team instagram page saw all its posts deleted and became the Specialized Enduro Team page
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 That Roadie he's on looks more like a BMC Team Machine than anything Spesh make.
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 Aero roadbikes look so generic these days it might as well be a Cannondale, Canyon, Specialized, Factor...
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 @pensamtb: Tru dat - take the stickers off and it'd be hard to tell the ones with dropped seatstays apart. And we think too many bikes look like Sessions.
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 The slight forward offset in the front fork in the first pic does make it look like a BMC but the top tube is definitely Tarmac SL7
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 Scratch that, looks more like an Allez Sprint
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 Can't be; Allez Sprint has an aero seatpost.
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 Not a very aero helmet
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 When the Big Secret.
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