SilverStar Bike Park: What's New for Summer 2016 - Park Report

May 18, 2016
by SilverStarBikePark  
Let the Re-Build Begin!

The SilverStar Bike Park is having a great run! We are continuously ranked as one of the best bike parks. We have been adding new trails every year and pushing our offerings for the riders that visit our resort. Whether it be the newly completed Jedi Mind Trick, the progression of Challenger, the jumps on Pipe Dream, the flow of Super Star or the tech of Gnar we have a trail for everyone. What we have not done for the past 10 years is give one of our trails a full facelift. We are always tweaking and re-working sections to keep them smooth but it is time to see one of our signature trails reinvigorated.

SilverStar PR image.

Welcome to Rock Star 2.0.
Rock Star is one of our original Jump trails. It is a black trail that has countless Silver Star berms that we are known for and loads of jumps. If you know this trail you also know you need to learn this trail. Some of the jumps are not that consistent. The speed of the trail dictates that you need to check your speed for this one and then let it run for the next. They were also built with a different style than what we see in the modern Bike Park. By piling up dirt from both sides, ending up with a narrow feeling jump. We have also found that the skill level of the park has come up. Some would even argue the jumps on the blue Jedi Mind Trick are bigger than the jumps on Rock Star. This is all about to change.

We will be super sizing Rock Star! Don’t fret, we will not be taking it to the level of Walk the Line for all you lovers of Rock Star. But it is time to bring Rock Star up to the standard to which it was originally intended. We want it to sit in-between Jedi Mind Trick and Pipe Dream once again. The jump frequency will still be quick, the jump size will get a smidge bigger and the overall feeling will stay much the same, but it is going to feel like a brand new trail. We will be starting from the bottom and working our way up, so by the time that the opening weekend arrives we should have something new to ride in the Bike Park.

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Beowulf Trail
Beowulf saw over 7km of trail completed last summer. Unfortunately hardly anyone got to see what the trail crew was doing in the depths of Putnam Creek. Year 1 we opened 6.3 km of the multi-directional trail from the top. We worked the trail in this fashion so people could get a preview of what the crew was up to. Year 2 we worked from the bottom back up. For year 3 we will be working from the finish back down to the section we completed last year. Once again allowing all you Trail riders a taste of what is coming when this 30 km+ epic is finished. We will be opening a new section of the trail EVERY DAY throughout the summer.

The flow of Beowulf is designed to go clockwise. For this year, however, you can ride out and back from the start of the trail as well as the end and see how the crew is making out. And the finish is going to be exciting! We found one of the original relics of the old Silver Mining days gone by. It was used as a water catchment from far beyond the village to bring water back to the miners. This means it has a slight downhill grade allowing us to build a pumping, flowing, luge track to put the smile back on your face after the climb out. Grab your trail pass and come say hi to the crew as they work their way towards connecting the dots.

It is going to be another epic year in the SilverStar Bike Park and the crew is excited to get back to work this week. Enjoy your spring and watch for more updates and photos as we progress from a winter wonderland to the opening of the Bike Park on June 18th for our first bonus weekend.

- Cam Sorensen

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 Super excited! I ride Whistler a lot because I live close... but I always look forward to a few weekends spent at Silverstar. The trails are fun, and the people are oh so chill.
  • 7 0
 Gotta say, doesn't matter what kinda bike you're on Silver star is always a blast. DH laps, trail bike. Stoked to get some faster turn around times then pedaling up or driving up!
  • 5 0
 Ready to Rock (the) Star 2.0
  • 4 0
 Right on! I'm all for a rock star revamp. Bigger cleaner jumps are always good. Bonus weekend, here we come!!
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  • 7 3
  • 11 1
 $52 day pass silver star, whistler $59. Getting close
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 Pay those guys properly
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 Whats with the extension of Walk the Line? Or a once over on Walk the line. The fact that the jumps don't quiet work out is just part of riding Silver Star. It's like one of the installed cameras. It says it is installed on the 3rd jump and it is on the 4th. Or some love on any of the more tech trails like Gnar or Worldcup DH. We don't need another trail that's like Whistlers A-line... Because than we could all just keep going to Whistler. It's the charm of the Silver Star trails that attracts not something that's just like somewhere really familiar.
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 Right on, Cam. Cannot wait to ride your new improved Rockstar. Your trail building expertise is second to none so I know it is going to be flowing air-filled perfection.
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 If the breakbumls could be maintained often especially on world cup and rockstar that would be awesome, and lots more enjoyable
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 This video is from 2013.....must have changed so much since then!!!
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 Not really...
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 Hell ya SSBP! Always great times at this hill. Can't wait!
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