Simple Summer Session 17 - Experimental Short Video

Sep 3, 2017
by Dmitri Shushuyev  
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I tend to listen to a lot of speeches and watch a lot of documentaries and so I wanted to create a mixture of raw elements with an infamous speech "What Is Your Life's Blueprint?" of Martin Luther King, Jr.

I wanted to try something different with incorporating foley work / RAW sounds or creating a complete sound design for a short. As I was filming Simple Summer Session 17, I thought to myself why not give it a go here. During the event, it was impossible to record any original sounds, because of the loud speakers and commentators on the microphones. However, a work around that was to record sound separately after the event. A friend of mine who rides BMX (Anar-Erik Kütsar) helped out by riding at the local skatepark while I was recording the sounds made.

With a proper stereo system or with good headphones you should be able to experience this short in full because the details are in the sounds.

DP | Edit | Color | Sound Design & Sound VFX: Dmitri Shushuyev (Instagram: @dmitrishushuyev)

Foley Sound Recreator: Anar-Erik-Kütsar

Music: Carved in Mayhem by Luke Atencio (licensed through

Narration: Martin Luther King, Jr., "What Is Your Life's Blueprint?"

super seater to double whip

3 double whip


table air

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 That was sick
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 Uber sick! Totally brilliant actually! Wow.
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 Thank you!
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 i've always envied bmx bikes, they are such simple and durable machines,
is there a go-to build for 26 or 650 bike? single speed disk brake bike, simple and durable.
i wish i could ride bmx, but that pedaling position is not great for my back and knees.
is there a go-to bike you guys can suggest? thanks
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 Go for 24" and stop making excuses or ride a DJ or just put the seat up
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 Nice one, it remind me this awesome song
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 I expected another Rick Astley here, but that's actually good!
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 You should check this:
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 Not gonna lie, for a Monday morning, it was the nuts! Inspiring and brilliant! Very well done!!!
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 when i see a video like this i want to go out and buy an BMX. just 4 fun.
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 The problem with sports in general, there's like a several billion person cluster fuck trying to be good at any of them. I started hockey when I was 3, and still ended up getting discarded eventually. These guys will all be discarded as soon as someone better comes along.
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 Seat grab dubby made my left knee hurt some.

The open shot is proof that 10 ft airs out of a quarter (in addition to being the greatest feeling ever) are pure. Like, BMX.
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 Awesome work.
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 Thank you!
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