6 Women's Enduro Bikes from Ard Rock 2021

Aug 7, 2021
by Tristan Tinn  
We are back in Reeth, in the north of England. After a two year hiatus due to biblical events - floods and a plague. We rounded up six tough women here to take on the challenge!

Photography by Tristan Tinn

Sian Dillon, @sianydillon

Sian's GT Force

Maxine Philby and her Cannondale Jekyll, the bike that took earnt her the win in vets at UK National DH Champs 2021

Maxine's Jekyll

Daisy Harper Brown and her small Forbidden Dreadnaught

Daisy's Dreadnaught - run as a mullet using the Ziggy link

The Ziggy Link

Vicky Chapman and her Stanton Switch9er FS

Vicky's Switch9er

Anna Cipullo and her Cannondale Jekyll

Amanda Wishart of Singletrack Mag and her Juliana Maverick


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 Even covered with mud, the Switch9er FS is a beauty !
  • 33 0
 Even when your covered with mud you’re beautiful
  • 3 0
 Dirty, dirty, wet dirt
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 Should have given that Forbidden its own bike check article. Its just shaming the rest of the bikes with how Fuggin awesome it looks.
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 "Maxine Philby and her Cannondale Jekyll, the bike that took earnt her the win in vets at UK National DH Champs 2021"

yeah but what about the dog? i want to know about the dog.
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 Wut, No dog check? What’s their name? How will we know if thy are a good boy/girl?
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 That's not "Kate O Callaghan" it is Anna Cipullo.

Also "Maxine Filby" went on to win Nat Vet XC week after her Nat DH title.
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 Hate to be that guy, but for those of us who can't help but cringe when we see this spelled incorrectly, Dreadn*o*ught, please.
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You should spend more time learning grammar and how not to write run-on sentences, before correcting other’s spelling…
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 @Saidrick: I’ll bite. What two independent clauses are connected improperly?
  • 2 1

To me, when you use the word ‘but’ more than once in a sentence, it’s a run on sentence. I see a few different clauses there:
1. Hate to be that guy.
2. Can’t help but cringe at incorrectly speeded words.
3. Please.
There should have been a period in there somewhere and a colon to point out the incorrectly spelled word. The whole sentence just seems to keep going and keep introducing new subjects and verbs.
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 A dreadnought fears naught, but I cringe at misspellings
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 @Saidrick: I appreciate the relatively civil tone your second post took, so I will try to reply in kind. I want to say a bit about the first post, though, before moving on to the riveting discussion about sentence construction, which I am sure has all of Pinkbikedom on the edge of their seats.

Your first post really ground my gears, and here's why.

You started with a flawed premise. Spelling and grammar are kind of like a hammer and a saw. Both are useful tools, but not really related.

I am a random nerd on the internet who is interested in both publishing and mountain bikes, but Pinkbike is a professional publication about mountain bikes. See the difference? Even if your criticism had been correct, it was unfair to try to hold both to the same standard.

You assumed that I write the way I do because I do not know better.

You ignored the possibility that my meandering, weak prose might actually be intended to soften the critical message, which was exactly my intention. I even went so far as to imply that some people might not care, but I, and like-minded people, do.

You ignore the fact that correct spelling is as close to indisputable as anything in the English language can be. A word is either spelled correctly according to an authoritative source, or it is not. "Dreadnought" is the proper name of the bicycle in question, according to the bike's maker. Grammar, on the other hand, is much more malleable, and the rules are often broken by writers as a matter of style to create a deliberate effect.

My post was factually correct, and yours was opinion.

Moving on.

I think you will find that everything from "for" to "incorrectly" is part of the same prepositional phrase, and does not require a conjunction. There are only two independent clauses, and they are joined correctly.

Here's my concession. My second independent clause is probably terrible. Both the subject and the verb are implied. "Dreadn*o*ught, please” is basically shorthand for "can you please spell Dreadnought with an 'o' instead of an 'a'?" I thought the meaning was clear, but it is not a great sentence.
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Correct spelling is very much disputable when it comes to spelling of names. Try spelling: Erin or Aaron, Shaun or Shawn, Jon or John, etc.

Your “prose” came off more like someone starting a sentence with “no offense intended,” which usually means someone is about to get offended…

I have no problem with the “fact” of your sentence, it was more the tone of your opinion of how you react to a word being misspelled on the internet. It had an air of superiority to it, as in you couldn’t believe that someone could have gotten it wrong.

A simple “Hey The bike company spells the word a little different” would have been helpful, and not snarky( my opinion).

Anyways, fun talking to you, I am off to go get my bike back for the bike shop to go for a ride.
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 @Saidrick: *incorrectly-spelled.
You're welcome.
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 @Saidrick: Hate to be that guy, but which words were "incorrectly speeded" (sic)?
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It’s actually [sic]….

Just sayin’
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 @Saidrick: sounds like we should chalk the whole thing up to misunderstanding. Hope you had a good ride!
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 Wow, Amanda is racing on Nobby Nics
  • 10 0
 The latest generation with the new thread pattern are really decent all-round tires. Like smaller-knobbed Magic Marys.
  • 1 0
 @Crossmaxx: nice! I am running DHR2/Agressor and Agressor basically gives you almost zero grip. I thought Nobby Nic is kind of the same
  • 2 0
 @skulichkov: I love Nics. Predictable fast rolling rear tire for enduro-y stuff, and I run em front and rear on my hardtail. I think the knobs are pretty tall compared to the aggressor, so why they roll so well, I have no clue.
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 @skulichkov: I bought an aggressor for a rear tire and went back to a dhr 2 after a handful of rides. No grip in loose, or sandy/loose over hardpack. Also I rode a steep, blown out, deep dust/really deep moon dust double black yesterday and had nowhere enough grip with an assagai front and dhr 2 rear. Needed shorty front and rear for that sh!t
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 Why does GT make such a fantastic looking downhill bike but a terrible looking enduro bike, they clearly have it in them to design nice bikes.
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 The Jekyll is the one that fell out of the ugly tree and hit a few branches on the way down.
  • 13 5
 @drjonnywonderboy: Well yea that thing is hideous, but tbh I don't remember the last time Cannondale ever made a nice looking bike
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 @Danzzz88: I think the new Jekyll looks sick. Those prev generation ones look hideous tho..
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 I also wonder why they make such an ugly (and tall?) looking bike.
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 @drjonnywonderboy: the linkage looks like it would be a really flexy frame
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 @drjonnywonderboy: but how weird is the that vertical water bottle? Looks so odd… not to mention the bent down tube to allow for it to fit looks like a prime spot for smashing rocks
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 Anybody else notice the XX1/GX build with an SX crank on the Dreadnaught?
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flag stubs179 (Aug 7, 2021 at 5:24) (Below Threshold)
 Pretty sure SX, NX and GX aluminum crank are all the same. It is only the chainring that changes.
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 If they goy away early they may be alright. Just having a beer after a crash and rain turned some parts into an oil slick. Not enough skill in me so retired for a beer.
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 SX model cranks were the only feasible 165mm cranks I could find recently for a new build. Didn't bother me a bit knowing they were going to get hammered by rocks and roots anyhow!
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 Why are people down voting my comment? They just don’t like the truth? Haha
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 @stubs179: They are different aluminum alloys. 6000 series vs 7000 series. 6k being heavier and cheaper.
  • 2 1
 @NateMob: ah, guess SX is a lot different. NX and GX are just steel vs aluminum chain ring. Interesting
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 Is Forbidden trying to make their bikes look like e bikes? Looks cool.
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flag stubs179 (Aug 7, 2021 at 11:38) (Below Threshold)
 That bike is hideous. The Stanton is the only good looking bike it the lineup.
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 That Switch9er is a freakin beauty eh
  • 1 0
 I hope the weather stays dry for them. It’s a stunning place in the dry and a bit bleak if it’s wet
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 It's interesting to see a few are running different brand tires.
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 I like the way the water bottle just sits on the Cannondales.
  • 1 0
 But I have no idea how they manage not to lose them. These fabric bottles are super minimalistic on the frame, and look great on road bikes but even there I have dropped bottles when going over speed bumps.
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 The factor that tips enduro bikes into ugly territory like no other is the horrible enduro seat angle *puke emoji*
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 Gotta say, I own and love a jekyll, and while the forbidden looks tasty, I would sign up on that Stanton in a heartbeat.
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 Gowannn Daisy!
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 Interesting to see all the RS athletes using the lyrik, and the fox athletes using the 38 (ok one 36). Wonder why no zeb?
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 Because the added value of those forks compared to the extra weight is already debatable for fast lads so for women I doubt they would see any difference but would still have to handle the extra weight. Add to this tue fact that they probably pay for their parts and may not change them every seasons.
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 Kate O'callaghan sure looks a lot like Anna Cipillo!
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 Only steel s'got the feel!
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 looks like a session
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 Swoon it's Amanda
  • 2 2
 Big swoon
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