Video: Sixpack Launches Emil Johansson's Made in Germany Signature Stem

Feb 22, 2022
by rasoulution  

Press Release: Sixpack

Emil Johansson is not only the King of Slopestyle but also the master of detail. His sport demands trust in every component and German MTB component brand Sixpack is putting its expertise behind him to help him in his pursuit of progression.

In addition to the EJ saddle launched in 2021 Sixpack and the Swedish rider are now launching their latest collaboration, the 31mm signature version of the Millenium stem – the EJ Stem. After a long period of development, testing, and feedback with and from the Swedish rider, Sixpack has now released the product.

With its pure CNC power, made from 7075 T6 aluminum, and 105g weight, the EJ stem provides the precise control and stability required for the most extreme of riders.

bigquotesSince I was a little kid I’ve loved engineering and actually studied CNC machining at school, so it feels like a natural evolution to be more involved in product development. This stem is designed to withstand the demands of dirt jumping & slopestyle courses, yet still being super lightweight & slim. We started the development of the stem back in spring 2020 and I rode my full 2021 season on it. I’m really happy it is now available for others.Emil Johansson

Not only inspired by Emil’s views on environmental responsibility but also because of a shift in the companies’ philosophy, the component specialist established the production of the stem in Germany, close to their headquarter in Vogt near Ravensburg. Reducing the carbon footprint of the product helps take the stem and its development story to a new level.

bigquotesSince I joined Sixpack at the end of 2019 we have been working on moving the production of various components to Europe or even Germany. Because yes: for years, Sixpack also sourced its components from Asia, for the usual reasons. Just in time for the effective start of the Corona crisis, we were already in close exchange with various manufacturers in the immediate area of our company headquarters. With the EJ stem, we are now launching the first product which is 100% made in Germany, and at the same time, the second Sixpack product developed with and for Emil. This makes me unbelievably proud.Jessica von der Brüggen, Brand Manager

Together with the EJ Stem, Sixpack now introduces the Your Part label. The identification mark demonstrates clearly what components of the brand are made in Germany/Europe and calls the consumer to act their part.

All photo credits: Emrik Jansson

More information on Emil and Sixpack can be found below:

Emil Johansson:


Sixpack EJ Stem – Brief Technical Overview
Material – AL 7075 T6
Stem Type – A Head
Clamp Size – 31.8mm
Stem Length – 31mm
Stack Height – 36mm
Weight – 105 grams
Gyro Compatible
Price – 119,95€


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 That’s a lot of text for a stem.
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 ahahaahh really Big Grin
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 PB should probably borrow some for that embarrassment they called a bike check
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 Not all ads are created equal
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 Longer than some bike checks and first look articles…
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 Finally a short light black stem! There is literally none of these on the market! Thank you!
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flag Beskyd (Feb 22, 2022 at 5:19) (Below Threshold)
 You might wanna check Funn Funnduro Stem which is at 31,8/35mm is 114g (kitchen scale) and €25.58 at wiggle.
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flag coadymacmillan (Feb 22, 2022 at 10:10) (Below Threshold)
 ...There's plenty This is the same as a Chromag Ranger
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 Check Newmen and Syntace stems.
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 But this stem is "Gyro compatible"... that's like some specifically engineered shit right there. Not every rando short light black stem on the market can say that...
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 @stiingya: I'm gonna assume this is sarcasm...
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 I wish manufacturers would stop taking pictures of dark coloured products with black backgrounds. It doesnt make a product look better if you can't see the bloody thing.
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 I only ride in places where I'm against a dark backdrop. It's the only way my bike looks good. Coal mines, caves, newly laid motorways, etc. I live in the Dark Peak. I only holiday in places with basalt rock.
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 At least this one has good lighting, maybe wasn't actually shot against black and you can actually see the product. BUT... to your point, no control over the monitor the viewer is going to see it on so "who knows" what the customer is actually seeing. (unlike print where you had that control)
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 Guys, this is getting ridiculous. The entire first page of the mobile feed is almost exclusively reposts of external content. I get that these have always been a major part of the feed and February is slim pickings, but right now the only two pieces of clearly original work are the shitpost from Henry and Brian’s article about PB and Beta. Oh, and slack randoms. The content that used to be diversionary comment bait is currently the best available. And there has been a very noticeable drop in the effort and detail going into just basic things like the bike check post or a first look at a helmet.

The world changes and I make no claim to ownership over the free content the community has grown used to. While not stoked for the Outside acquisition I’ve pushed back against the reflexive negativity and mindless “paywall” comments. But if this is the future of Pinkbike Brian was obliquely describing, I’m very disappointed. Why even post all those reassurances if you can’t pretend even for a few days?
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 I suppose it’s only fair to point out that the feed is better since I posted this. Hopefully it was just an anomaly.
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 Please dear stem manufacturers add a middle line to every stem -just to show you care. ( Just copy the setup lines on the Nukeproof stem).
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 Nope, Propain just uses Sixpack-parts on their bikes. Been using handlebars and pedals from them for quite a long time, somehow they disappered from the market more or less and are slowly coming back now.

EDIT: just checked: they now have the same address on their website so seem to be connected in the meantime. But originally I think it were two companies.
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 @basti-rhymes: the original Sixpack Icon pedals are still the longest lasting pedals I've ever had. 10 years for the oldest pair and still fine.
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 @Muckal: stoked to hear that! If they need to be serviced at some point just send them in and we make sure they are running for another 10+ years.
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 @basti-rhymes: True that. Sixpack was founded in 2008 and we´re now more than just back Wink Propain and Sixpack are both managed by David Assfalg & Robert Krauss. Nevertheless Sixpack is a separate brand with different teams. Both brands are striving to give all of you the best time while doing the best sports, tho.
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 @SIXPACK-Racing-GmbH: Really?
I had some in 2019, and I liked them but they didn't last a year. They're probably in the bottom of my parts bin now. If I can find them, you'll refurbish them?
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 The end product stems from what was a very simple idea to begin with.
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 Thanks to the design philosophy they're setting a high bar with this.
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 “After a long period of development, testing, and feedback”
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 "We started the development of the stem back in spring 2020 and I rode my full 2021 season on it. I’m really happy it is now available for others."
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 Isn't Sixpack the OEM components label of Propain?
Whenever I bought something from Sixpack, it was an OEM takeoff from a Propain. That's okay anyway, and a stem is a stem (as long as it's not from Syncros or G5).
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 Nope. The founders used to do business together, but seem to have remained close to each other.
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 @endoplasmicreticulum: Propain and Sixpack are both managed by David Assfalg & Robert Krauss. Nevertheless Sixpack is a separate brand with different teams. (In other respects: credits for your name Wink )
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 Looks like a decent product, but the greenwashing is ridiculous.

Riding a bike can lower your carbon footprint. Buying this stem (vs all the other similar stems) not so much.
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 We see a big difference in sending a stem halfway around the world from the manufacturer to our warehouse versus a stem that is produced a few kilometers from our headquarter. We are not fans of greenwashing ourselves, but we see it as our responsibility to keep the transport routes of our components as short as possible wherever possible and to think about the big picture for all of us even if we´re eg not yet able to use German aluminum.
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 I think it makes a difference. Not having to send the thing from the oter part of the world, plus most likely saving in sending people in planes for meetings and checks (my experience is you need to travel often if you work with asian manufacturing companies) makes a difference.

Also, the environmental standards that manufacturing companies are submitted to in Europe and Asia are still quite different (not every country in Asia is the same, but China, Malaysia, Vietnam and Cambodia - having worked with them- are really lacking. don't get me started with health and safety by the way...
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 Another ad? Seriously? This is getting out of hand. Yesterday it was Cascade Components, today it's this crap.
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 You must be new here
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 All 3 of todays homepage posts are ads, they are gonna milk this cash cow dry baby!!!
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 Got me wondering, if I was a world class rider, and I was offered the chance to have a signature ‘thing’, what would be my most/least prized thing? A stem would be pretty low on my list. A saddle too - it’s like every rider could fart on me! Handlegrips would be ok, though they don’t last so long.

I’m thinking signature pedals (flat) would be ideal - people appreciate their pedals, they last a while, and while they’re mostly the same you can at least add a few nice design touches. So, Cranks Bros, OneUp, Deity, give me a call!
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 I'm choosing spoke nipples.
I can have the slogan 'Give BigTim's nipples a twist'
Of course, I'll make sure they are £5.99. Each.
And come in a standard so only my bespoke signature spokes fit.
Which won't fit regular hubs of course (but my signature hubs).
Which obviously will only fit my signature frame.
This time next year Rodney, I'll be a millionaire.
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 @bigtim: big tims 4 inch long nipples
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 No gyro tabs?
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 Yep. It’s a stem!
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 Is there another similarly light stem that looks decent but isn’t super expensive? Building out a kid bike and wanting to use something other than the obligatory Wren stem for something that looks a a touch cooler
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 I like the Dartmoor Trail v.2 stem Its forged and thus strong and cheap
  • 2 0
 imo there are enough dentist priced stems.
Companies should start making bars with 12° back sweep and zero up sweep.
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 Pure CNC Power!
  • 2 0
 hat paint job makes it look like he's riding a specialized (the S logo)
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 You toque the words right out of my mouth.
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 If I install it on my dj bike, will I land flipbar 1st try?
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 Yes. Make sure you are recording.
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 Will be much cheaper it they make them in China.
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 Pick a stem length and be a dick about it
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 Mmm. But who makes them brown grips??
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 Rather take a bj than that ej
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