Sixpack Launches Emil Johansson's EJ Saddle

Dec 7, 2021
by SIXPACK Racing  

Press Release: Sixpack

As part of its collaboration with the Triple Crown of Crankworx winner Emil Johansson, the German MTB component brand Sixpack has developed the Signature EJ saddle for dirt jumping, slopestyle and freeride, which is now available on the company's website and in selected bike shops.

What to do if the athlete misses a product in the new sponsor's portfolio? The athlete's requirements for the product must be identified & combined with the know-how of the company's internal engineering team. Through the exchange of ideas and sketches from both sides, initial approaches begin to emerge. Numerous meetings between athlete, management and brand later, there is an agreement on a specific way forward. Of course, the designers also have a say and put the finishing touches to the design. After that, the final artwork is sent to the manufacturer. Once you have agreed on a manufacturing method with the producer, the first samples are ordered. These reach our headquarters in Germany at Lake Constance a few weeks or months later (in Corona times rather second) to be put through their paces.

In this specific case, the Sixpack team worked with Triple Crown of Crankworx winner Emil Johansson to develop his signature saddle – the EJ Saddle. Emil´s way of working coincides with one of the responsible employees at Sixpack, so the project is another piece of self-realization for both sides.

Emil's solid performance on the bike doesn't come from anywhere. Everything he does, he does without compromise. Each detail is perfected.

The prototypes of the saddle have already been extensively tested in preparation for the season 2020 and at events during the last year. The feedback was translated into the final product, so that the saddle has been successfully used by various athletes (besides Emil himself, Korbinian Engstler, Phil Atwill, etc.) in the season 2021

bigquotesSo happy to now launch my signature seat together with Sixpack. It’s the one seat I use for all my bikes. The seat is one of the 3 most important contact point I have on my bike. Designed to give good grip & not dig into the knees when pinching it.Emil Johansson about the development of the EJ saddle

Emil's logo is embossed into the surface of the saddle, which is made of non-slip PU material. The sidewalls of the saddle are edged with durable black Kevlar from the back to the nose. The material protects the product from damage (in case of falls or euphoric dropping when winning various titles). On top, the material gives the rider's legs ideal support when guiding the bike, improving the execution of tricks on the ground and in the air. The sides of the saddle adorn the brand elements of Sixpack, embroidered in white. The rails are made of CrMo steel and guarantee ideal hold of the product for countless hours of training on the bike. They are additionally stabilized and stiffened by the rail plate. The saddle thus puts away even messy landings (which are unavoidable even for top athletes) without hesitation. The ergonomics of the saddle (size: 240x140mm / weight: 283g) give his driver the freedom and at the same time support he needs for his performance in the field of slopestyle, dirt jump, freeride or on the pump track.

Further information on Sixpack Racing can be found on the website, and

The EJ saddle from Sixpack is available online at for €59.95 and in selected bike shops.

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  • 110 3
 Awesome reporting! Way to show us PICTURES of the saddle.
  • 7 2
 the photos are behind a paywall.
  • 38 0
 Oh yes, lets make a press release for our super cool new saddle! But lets not include any pictures of the actual saddle!
  • 22 1
 “Of the three contact points on my bike, this is one of them.”
  • 4 0
 Makes you wonder what are the remaining two "most important contact points"! His pedals or his grips? Or one pedal and one grip?
  • 10 1
 Finally! Now his last advantage is gone! I will buy his seat and thats it for this „talent“ at Crankworx! Muahahahahahaaaaa!!!
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 Originally written in German, and translated to English by a non-native English speaker. Ausgezeichnet.
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  • 1 0
 @mi-bike: do mesmo jeito que vc sabe q algo foi escrito por um gringo, da pra gente saber que o texto foi traduzido por alguem que nao eh um falante nativo em ingles.
  • 1 0
 @ryd-or-die: Thank you for your contribution, but 'howso' is incorrect English. Wieso (why) and Wie (how) on the other hand are perfect German words.

Wish I didn't need to explain this, but Howso is ... Originally written in German, and translated to English by a non-native English speaker. Ausgezeichnet.
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 “Emil's solid performance on the bike doesn't come from anywhere. ”
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 All I want to know is why this is better than my current seat and it's weight with some pictures of it.

Not some lame marketing spiel about the back and forth between designers and the athlete...

None of us dream about the process of bringing this product to market unless there are tangible benefits (if even just asthetics).
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 But Emil rides it so... It's better?
  • 3 0
 Doesn't matter what bike Emil uses. He could win a triple crown with a beach cruiser.
  • 3 0
 Guaranteed not to cork up your 720?
  • 4 2
 But Emil doesn’t ever sit on his seat.
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  • 1 0
 Coming from the company "Sixpack", the stool version of the seat should be out soon.
  • 1 0
 After a brief visit to the Sixpack website that is indeed a good looking saddle. Looks like a Titec beserker
  • 1 0
 So you're saying if I buy it, I'll be able to ride like him?
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 Does he even need a saddle? Maybe to make it look like a bike?
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 ideal to grab mid-air

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