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Video: Lighting up BC's Okanagan with Talent

May 25, 2015
by Skyride  
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The always sunny weather in BC's Okanagan region is known for long days, warm evenings and unreal sessions. Whether it be at a local bike park, trail network, or jumps, the strong Okanagan scene continues to produce some of the world's best bike athletes. Our approach to putting together our team is organic and natural, we want to help support our friends. We want to support the guys we know are out there everyday riding for the love of the sport. We have so much respect for the guys we feel fortunate enough to sponsor. We have seen them grow over the years to be some of the world's top athletes and are overwhelmed with a sense of pride when they succeed.

Working with Harrison Mendel and Robb Thompson over the past year we've collected an immense amount of photos and videos during the many casual sessions our guys have. We're looking forward to everyone's contest season, but more importantly were looking forward to hanging out and riding with all our good friends during those summer sessions that go late into the warm nights. If you find yourself around Vernon this summer come in, say hi and grab a lap with one of our guys!

With pride we present our 2015 roster!

2015 Team:

Noah Brousseau / @noahbbrousseau
Harrison Mendel / @hmendel
Tom van Steenbergen / @tomvansteenbergen
Bas van Steenbergen / @Basvansteenbergen
Casey Groves / @cgroves
Ben Schleith / @bens16
Braden Schleith / @braden-schleith
Colin van Andel / @VanAndelC
Jeremy Weiss / @jeremyfresh

Skyride Season of the Bird images
  Noah Brousseau with his signature cork flip during whip-off worlds

Skyride Season of the Bird images
  Harrison Mendel in front of the lens for a change

Skyride Season of the Bird images
  Tom van Steenbergen up in the pines

Skyride Season of the Bird images
  Timeless style from Bas van Steenbergen as always

Skyride Season of the Bird images
  Casey Groves with a stretched indian air

Skyride Season of the Bird images
  Jeremy Weiss with an insane cliffhanger during whip-off worlds

Harrison Mendel / @hmendel

Robb Thompson / @robb

Josh Palmer / @josht1

Supported by Skyride / @skyride

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  • 21 1
 Ohhhh mannnn,team like that. Like I said ohhhh mannnn!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 13 2
 Cool video, what`s the name of the song?
  • 10 2
 Young Tapz - King & Queens
  • 4 2
 Dude Young Tapz make some awesome songs but i cant ever find them on iTunes
  • 3 1
 He has a bandcamp page for his music
  • 5 1
 My riding has soooo much in common with those guys...........I ride a bike with two wheels. That is all, carry on. I like the feel of the video. Loose, like they have found their way. Like when your finally old enough to be yourself.
  • 7 1
 Skyride and Robb Thompson are making work easier at The next 6 PODs have been laid out for you...
  • 8 1
 sick team!
  • 22 15
 sick riding bad music
  • 16 19
 agreed, that music just doesn't for MTB. We don't wear gold chains and carry glocks.
  • 6 12
flag freeride-forever (May 25, 2015 at 14:41) (Below Threshold)
 Ugh, IKR? More punk, more metal, more Hardcore Superstar, more Ill Nino, more Dirty Penny. How about some Stuck fvckin' Mojo up in here yeah? \m/
  • 9 10
 try muted, with some punk rock. It worked for me.
  • 17 4
 @jloader - not every black person who sings carries a glock and gold chains... this music isn't "thug music" at all you racist...
  • 1 3
 Listen to The Districts - 4th and Roebling over it and mute the video. Trust me. @dk861
  • 8 3
 That video had vibezzz, couldn't look away. Quality all round
  • 6 1
 man that skyride thingyy seems awesome
  • 5 1
 I hope there's a movie next
  • 3 0
 Can't get any better !!!! Such amazing riders right on guys keep killing it
  • 14 11
 I'm all for hip hop in edits, but that was simply awful
  • 7 4
 music was junk, riding cool!!!
  • 7 4
 terrible music. couldn't watch it
  • 3 0
 Awesome, very well compiled.
  • 3 1
 Very greatful to live here.
  • 3 1
 Sick riding and great song. I like
  • 2 1
 Great Riding! Amazing Team! Horrendous Music!!! Proudly take the neg props on this one!
  • 5 4
 Too bad the music wasn't as talentful as the riding.
  • 1 0
 prefer the bike and the dirt sounds....and Im a musician
  • 5 6
  • 13 6
 Turd by Turds.
  • 8 14
flag freeride-forever (May 25, 2015 at 14:38) (Below Threshold)
 Was that a song? Sounded more like a homes talkin' into a mic with some canned tunes playin' in back.
  • 4 6
 Gangsta Garbage
  • 1 2
 Young Tapz - Kings & Queens

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