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Video: Slab Hunting

Jan 1, 2015
by Steven Lloyd  
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 Dang this video is so tastefully done, I really enjoy how genuinely happy the expressions on Cody's face are throughout this edit!
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 Cody is such a good dude and just loves to ride. It was such a cool thing to video him.
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 just realized that it is not a smile its his riding face instead
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 If I had that bike I'd probably be grinning like an idiot too.
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 It's good to know that a bike with wheels that cost more than my entire bike is still noisier than mine!!! Smile
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 Kelly Mc Garry rides for Specialized ? JUST KIDDIN
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 hahaha here have m upvote you deserve it
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 Always nice to see a talented female mountain biker lawls
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flag chyu (Jan 1, 2015 at 22:27) (Below Threshold)
 Good to see another lady shredder.
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 Is that irony or you didn't typed Cody Kelley in google ?
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 I got a bit confused now lol
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 He's just a jealous idiot who feels demasculinized by a guy with long hair riding a bike better than him. Besides this edit Cody Kelly is fast as hell, check out his race times.
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 Hum... why am I neg proped ?
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 How's your chainstay, Cody? (0:15) Wink
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 To me it looks like he is struggling and having to work hard to have fun on those wagon wheels. What would be cool would be to see the same video of him riding 26” and 650b to compare.
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 Yeah! I kept wondering why it looked like he was putting so much effort into moving the bike around, that explains it!!
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 Looking clumsy
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 Go ride one, then come back and see if you want to say the same thing again. That bike is more playful than you can imagine...
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 I have ridden one. It was hard to get the front wheel up, it felt heavy, and I had to slow excessively for tight turns. The whole, "You can't even tell it's a 29er!" thing is all hype. I've ridden SO MANY all-mtn 29ers, and every time was told, "This one will change your mind." I haven't ridden one yet that impressed me.

For reference, my XC bike is a steep geo 29er, so I'm familiar with how 29ers handle. It is my firm belief that 29" wheels don't work for slack bikes, unless you just plan on pinning it in a straight line, which they kick ass at.
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 I love the little tail-whip left turn he makes. Awesome bike handling skills - when I grow up, I want to ride like this. Oh wait, I'm already grown up, crap!
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 Perfect terrain imo
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 Agreed. Love me some rock rolls and big boulder tech. I've been fortunate enough to sample a lot of the east coast flavor, but this left coast tech looks tasty as well.
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 Looked pretty damn fun, could be anywhere, but guessing somewhere in the sierra nevada?
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 It looks like Yosemite area...
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 Yeah, I wish they would've put the Lake or Reservoir name in the credits. It's been a really dry year in Utah so I assume it was a drought all over the West. Makes me wish I would have had the same idea and rode some of the drained out reservoirs. That terrain could disappear next year and stay covered for decades!
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 Looks like it's up near Brighton Utah. Maybe around Lake Catherine or Lake Mary
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flag Rumpleforskin (Jan 2, 2015 at 0:14) (Below Threshold)
 Your telling me you forget where we went on your last "business trip" away from Carol?

All the lovemaking we did?

All the good times we had?

You said you would leave her for me, and then you went and got her pregnant.

Typical Men. You're all the same. Full of stories about being a pro rider and sponsored by Nestle, but at the end of the day your depth in the industry is about the same as your depth in my vagina.

About half an inch.
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 wasatch mountains
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 Looks like the Uintas to me
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 On vital it says it's on Brighton Utah.
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 I fucking love my Enduro
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 Shhh. . . . . They are good but don't tell anybody!
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 Yeah its one of the most heavily marketed and ridden all mountain bikes, but don't tell anyone? It's not like specialized is a secret.
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 That cannot be an Enduro, it's been Photoshopped or rather Premiered in. Everyone knows that 29ers cannot be bunny hopped, and you definitely cannot manual on one! In order to perform such "stunts" you need the playful 26" for life - PERIOD
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 I totally agree with Psycho and WAKI. I also have a Rip-9 and these two bikes are almost dead-on the same in feel and handling even though my Rip-9 is aluminum. They both have plenty of float too.
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 im starting to grow my hair now
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 Hell yeah. Very cool. Those stumps at 1:40 - 1:45 are cool looking.
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 Nothin better than fat rock rollers
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 Hi you the new Greg Herbold and Waine Croasdale son!
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 So sick! Just imagine what could be done on those slabs with a dh bike and a full face!
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 And this is how you have fun on a mountain bike.
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 I would love to know where this is? is this a trail system of just random lines? I want to go there!
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 There's the Capra for YT, this one could be called the Chamois by the lakeside because of his agility on the rocks
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 His dad "old dog" is a bad ass rider to!!
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 Methlab Zoso Sticker, by 7Horse links almost perfectly with this edit. Listen to it, its pretty crazy.
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 Guess you can roll right over them rocks with those big wheels!
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 Did you all get here from Catherine Pass?
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 Where is this at?
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 rad terrain ripping riding.
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 Nice, just really nice. Looks like he had a blast and thats what mountain biking is all about, having a blast.
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 Looks awesome Steve!
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 At last; a good news story about global warming.
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 Notice that his tires touch dirt at the end !!!!
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 now that's some rock garden!
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 Is he rideing a 29er ?
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 Yes, freeride on a 29er is possible. Although I'm a 26 inches rider I'm seriously thinking about big wheels, this guy proves that it can go big with loads of fun !
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 That's brill I have a 29er NINER jet9 once you get used to it I don't feel like I'm rideing 29er it jumps very well and the handling is like nothing els ive ever rode . I do hold back abit on 29er but this vid proved to me nothing to it other than a personal choice ... Good vid
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 probably you need to watch this:
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 Let's be honest, the guy with the spesh is a great rider but the one with the V10 is not really pushing hard.
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 Don't think its to proof a 29er is faster just helps to show case 29er is a more than capable choice . Tho I own a 29er im not going to say they are best just a good choice for me
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 I just wanted to emphasize what you said ''it can go big with loads of fun''
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 That's the 'VS" in the title which misled me, other than that you're perfectly right Wink
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 I can see the stiffness in the wheels
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 Welp. Looks like I have to start wearing 2 different colored gloves...
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 Anyone else notice he is going downhill the entire video?
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 that half table top half whip thing he does is sick
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 very great location
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 Hats off to you Sir!
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 Is uglier than hitting a parent with a sweaty sock.
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 Silly wheels
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