Slack Randoms: MTB Industry Trolling, Air Powered Bikes, Near Misses & More

May 21, 2021
by James Smurthwaite  
We use Slack as our workplace communication tool at Pinkbike and we have a #randoms channel which we use to share an assortment of videos and stories from all corners of the cycling world and beyond... We thought a couple of the moments from the past week were too good not to share with a wider audience, so here are some of the highlights.

Commencal trolls YT Industries

bigquotesThese goats have seen our riders and they’re scared...

Road cyclist grabbing a rival to avoid a dog in a race.

This wild clip comes from an Under 23 road race in Cremona, Italy. A stray dog hurtled across the road towards a break away of three riders - Valentin Retailleau and Paul Lapeira in brown and white from AG2R Citroen and Lorenzo Balestra in white, red and yellow from Beltrami Tsa Tre Colli. Lapeira was able to successfully avoid the animal but it looks like Retailleau saw it late and ended up clinging on to Balestra and surfing behind him to avoid tasting tarmac.

The riders quickly untangled themselves although it looks like Balestra was left with a mechanical after the incident. It was all in vain though as the three riders were caught before the end of the stage that was won by Davide Boscaro.

A reminder to not stand on landings...

Slovakian World Cup downhill rider Rasto Baranek posted a heart-stopping clip from some local downhill trails where he came within a hair's breadth of hitting and seriously injuring a child that was roaming around the tracks. His (translated) caption reads: "It happened to me for the first time and I hope that the last one... I never ask such a surprise again ... fortunately nothing happened to anyone but I'm telling you, tighter than this was no longer possible... 20km / h, me 80kg + enduro 16kg. Thank God I flew a little more to the left than usual." Thankfully the child was unscathed and probably learned a valuable lesson too.

Speaking of close calls

Skye Schillhammer and TJ Hysler got far too close for comfort here in Bellingham. Thankfully neither was hurt.

bigquotesIf you’ve ever wondered what happens when you follow a buddy too close. Really glad I didn’t take down TJ Hysler with me!

A top quality advert from Matt MacDuff and Bicycle Broker

Not many riders would be able to survive the Loop of Doom and still have a laugh about it afterwards. Fair play on Matt MacDuff and Bicycle Broker for making an insurance advert watchable!

Recreating Rob Warner's fan bike in Glasgow

Caution: strong language

What happens when you cross what looks like a hovercraft propellor with a bicycle? Well the results aren't actually as disastrous as you'd expect. If you want to see the original from 15 years ago (feel old yet?) Rob Warner's segment from Earthed 3 is below:

A wild two-wheel drive fatbike

The engineer that brought you the saw-wheel bike is back with a new wild project, a two wheel drive fat bike. Why? Why not. Skip to the 3:45 mark if you're not bothered about the engineering and just want to see the bike in action.

A drone melting inside a volcano

Drone operator Bjorn Steinbekk Kristjánsson recorded footage traveling over an active crater, before directing the drone inside to film the lava close-up.

Halfway through the video, the footage begins to glitch before blacking out as the drone starts to melt. Speaking to Storyful, Steinbekk said that recording this footage was a “great ending” to his project filming the eruption over the past six weeks. The Icelandic Meteorological Office said the eruption at Fagradalsfjall remains stable, but that they continue to monitor the site.


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 Yt is such junk compared to commencal. Hopefully this gets their ass in gear and they finally fix their bikes, stock, customer service, build quality.... everything!
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 The dong on that goat at 0:32 tho. That's the real message from Commencal. Savage move boys.
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flag crazy9 (May 21, 2021 at 19:52) (Below Threshold)
 YT whips commy
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 There's plenty for non-YT riders to hate on - some of it with good reason, but the fact is they ride great. Even Max Commencal takes notice.
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 Difference is one company is deeply ingrained in DH Racing while the other just picked a big time rider for marketing reasons overseas and chucked him as soon as gials were accomplished.

Now look at their results (male/female?) than look at commencals.

YT tries to be the "Dude" so hard while Commy simply are
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1. Aaron Gwin does not allow himself to be 'chucked'. Don't give YT too much credit for what happened there.

2. YT is not hyper-focused on racing success although they have had a lot of successful racers and Oisín O’Callaghan will be one to watch. Commencal has an awesome team and I root for them. Especially Pompon.

3. Agreed - cringy Alpha-Bro stuff is annoying, but that's Markus for you, and it's his company. Max's past with Sun is a bit shady but that's no big deal to me. I almost bought a Furious but the Supreme doesn't do it for me. The frame design, especially the way the tubes meet at the head looks awkward to me. Since I never plan to reach any level of success DH racing, I'll wait a several years til my TUES dies and see what's up then.

Not gonna try the Commencal skis, either.
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 I wish I didn’t like the Tues as much as I do. I keep trying to talk myself out of the one I have on order but can’t. Commencal does use better quality alloy tho
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 Commencal: 1, YT: 0.
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 Shit just goat serious!
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 @mi-bike: They aren't being sheepish about that video.
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 @ratedgg13: I think they're just kidding.
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 Can't wait for the DC crown addict blog
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flag Clem-mk (May 21, 2021 at 23:53) (Below Threshold)
 Niner 3 - commencal/yt 0
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 Are you sure this isn't in baaaaaaad taste?
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 @GoWithTheFlo: Am I the only one that found the irony of the Kid falling over into the KIDDY POOL humourous??

Won't lie though, was a little worried that the kid feinted and was head first into the water!

They kind of remind me of the Youtube vids of the fake pedestrian accident dudes who kind of slow mo crash themselves into the hood of a car, and pretend to be injured, looking for a quick payday.
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 @labrinsky: underrated comment
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 @dark-o: then badleroy guy will chime in and will be a dick about DCC and everyone who opposes his opinion
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 How dare those goats parody my unique riding style! I'm incensed...
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 I feel personally attacked
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 What do you call when you stop and can't unclip and just fall over?

The Fainting Goat.
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 Kids on the trails is pretty normal at Leeds Urban bike park,we have families walking the trails with dogs ,motorbikes,remote control cars you name it.just have to co exist.Obviously loads of accidents and fights.Got to love a bike park in the middle of a massive council estate.
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 "Two wheel drive bicycle"

Because that hasn't already been attempted more than enough times...
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 I remember seeing a 2WD bike on display at Rim Cyclery on a trip to Moab some 15 or so years ago, I think it was shaft drive and boy it was a heavy beast. As for 2WD, the only time I could see needing the extra traction on my fatbike is slogging up a steep hill in the snow and I'm pretty sure that without any weight on the front wheel its not really going to do any good.
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 For those of us who don't happen to know what a fainting goat is, basically they're an American (go figure) breed of goat that has a genetic condition that makes them fall over when startled. Basically they just tense up and tip over, thought they might be a bit paralyzed when falling and right after.
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 "The Myotonic Goat Registry believes maintaining the breed is of great significance. [...] Therefore, to protect the breed, the MGR registers all crossbreeds. This allows for identification of purebred Myotonic goats. [...] It has been controversial over the years, as some breeders think crossbreeding should not occur."
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 Earthed 3. Hell yeah.
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 Great clip.

Even being sub 40 right now watching him say "I'm Rob Warner and this is...." in perfect Knoxville Jackass manner makes me feel soooo old
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 I feel like The Q is just a massive Russian mafia money-laundering scheme. Like who actually thinks of this stuff and decides to build it.
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 But seriously, what’s wrong with those goats?
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 Fainting goats.
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 These goats are drugged
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 There is a breed of goat that does that. They have some on a farm in Calistoga CA and they are a tourist attraction.
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 Fan bike > ebike
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 I had an absolute sx, awesome frame then got a meta am for the north shore. It was ok but tried a 2009 spesh trail sx, which rode way better, especially the seat position for climbing, so bought that and sold the meta. Still going strong.
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 But insurance company adverts have the highest watchability : dubious product ratios in biz, plus they're too big to fail

Industry trolling: Jack Reading's Carbon-Free Commencal Supreme World Cup DH Bike

Ride or don't
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 Don’t get the hate on YT, my Jeffsy rides beautifully and you couldn’t beat it for value, especially for an actually good bike.

Would have a commencal though
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 Seems like there's been a ton of yt hate lately. Guess people are moving on from sram for now haha. Or maybe DCA has effectively convinced people to dislike yt..
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 I was just telling the story ive heard from multiple people about following Skye and how he goes slow but pops super high off the jumps and people have a tendency to almost run into him, lol.
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 A miniscule amount of tomfoolery
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 all i see is peeps trying to catch up and if doggin works they doing it...
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 don't go near the lava
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 Damn, why every one hating on YT?
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 Most of them are old and bitter.
  • 25 3

Nah, YT used to be young, cool, authentic and the underdog.

Now they're just major player suits like everybody else who think they can get away with trying to be younger for marketability. It shows...
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 They look like they're trying too hard
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 @Wheeeliemann: hello fellow kids.jpg
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Can't argue with that. Except their youth racing has been on fire....
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 @suspended-flesh: that's funny. it's not cuz we're old and bitter, it's because we're old, we've ridden a lot of bikes, and we know that comparatively, they're poor quality and have poor service. if i was 20 again though, and working for barely above minimum wage and eating a giant pancake once a day for sustenance, i'd buy one if all the commencals and canyons were gone.
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 @ranke: what is the evidence for poor quality vs other bikes? I wish companies had to post their warranty rates, but all I ever see are anecdotes, which seem very impressionable to group think.

My anecdote. Been riding a Capra as a daily for a year and a half. It also serves as my backup at Angel Fire (where I see a ton of supremes, since Commencal is a sponsor and many Capra and Tues since they are on the affordable end). Nothing YT has built on my Capra has had an issue. Several components from E13 have had issues. E13 has been great about warranty. There doesn’t seem to be any difference in failure rate going by the bikes that come through the shop either.

Not that my size is available in either, but money no object I would get the Supreme. But I’m my reality, the 30% price break on the Tues for competitive build makes it more likely.

Anyway. Don’t get the hate (not necessarily directed at you) for YT.
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 @pcmxa: some buddies that had them when they were exploding on the scene. linkage problems, warranty problems, ordering problems, delays for months before covid was even a blip... i can imagine they could better now with some years behind them, but have no experience riding anything other than their decoy in the past year... which is actually a pretty good ebike (and looking better to many now that spec and sc are profiteering).

but commencal is just too good to pass up in the direct to consumer arena imo.
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 @boozed: and only getting so far
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 The TUES is a killer deal if you pick up an end of year deal (not sure that still happens) and has been battle proven by some of the best racers and freeriders. I've had no problems with my 2015 Capra that I didn't cause for myself. I ride it every time I ride unless the TUES will work. People get very defensive about their brands and often rat-pack another brand to validate their own choices. Just ride what you want and what fits in with your other hobbie$ and don't give a rat's ass about what people on PB say because most of the time we are just talking sh1t.
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 My next bike is gonna be a YT Frown
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 You're gonna like it.
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 @Lion1 you'll dig it dude. It's a good bike for the money and it's very capable. people (including me) just like talking smack here. everyone climbs the scale of rigs if they start riding young. just make sure the next one is a commencal if you can't go for top of the line. they're badass bikes with ridiculous parts specs for the money.
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