Replay: Slopestyle - Crankworx Innsbruck 2021

Jun 19, 2021
by Pinkbike Staff  

Update: Slopestyle finals/broadcast start: 12.30-15.00 p.m. CEST

Following a windy kick off to the weekend on Friday and anticipating Saturday’s weather forecast, the Slopestyle finals have been moved to earlier in the day in order to secure a safe event and LIVE broadcast.

What’s new in the sports program – Saturday, June 19, 2021

Slopestyle training: 9.30 a.m.-12.30 p.m. CEST
Slopestyle finals/broadcast start: 12.30-15.00 p.m. CEST
The online schedule has been updated to reflect the change:

The rest of Saturday’s sport schedule remains unchanged.

Big jumps mean big tricks. Innsbruck's slopestyle course has now seen two intense events and is a crucial stop for riders hoping to take the Slopestyle World Championships.

See 2021 Rider List here.

Tune in to watch the full viewing experience at Red Bull TV: Crankworx Innsbruck Slopestyle


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 Ahhhh yes!! Wake&Bake and slope style to watch!! Its going to be a good day tomorrow.
  • 12 0
 Username definitely checks out!
  • 4 0
 preach! breakfast bowls and slopesteez
  • 4 0
 As an American that had to google the time conversion .....and without googling to compare where London is to Innsbruck on a map...I was surprised to see that London is only 1 hour behind.

Just to confirm what I was reading....EST is 6 hours behind CEST?
  • 3 0
 Yes, EST is 6h behind CEST, so broadcast is at 6:30am.
  • 3 0
 So, live at 3:30 AM here in Washington. Gonna make for a long day....
  • 2 1
 @mikeshannon: Haha....You can hit the rare and elusive 4:20 A.M
  • 4 0
 London and Innsbruck really aren’t far apart.
Why would you think that?

As a European I’m honestly interested in why people in the United States always think that England is so far away from mainland Europe.
  • 3 0
 @Pukeproof: Europe? It's Innsbruck, Australia innit? ;p
  • 2 0
 @Pukeproof: I think it's because you all have many countries close together. We're used to large distances between our big cities...It's like do you know that California is like 32 hours drive time away from Florida.
  • 5 0
 @kymtb0420: Capetown is 175 hours of driving from London and their clocks are only 1 hour apart Wink
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 @Pukeproof: To give perspective..... It's just after 6am on the west coast of BC.... On the other side of our country, in the Atlantic coast.... It's Already 11am... It take almost 24 hr to drive to the next province from where I live.... We can fit three of your country inside of my province... And still not see one another.... the vast empty land in North America is mind blowing....
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 @wingguy: Well...I'm on the same time zone as Cancun Mexico. haha. Vertical vs Horizontal. I'm trying to think of a joke here, but i'm just going round in circles.
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 come on boys. give the girl at the drinks a high five
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 I will miss the first hour sadly. I hope I can watch Tommy l. do another insane double backflip!
  • 2 0
 Wow, Diego Caverzasi is an alternate
  • 1 3
 Noooooo now I can’t watch it. Frown
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 The replay will be available immediately following the event.
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 @sarahmoore: I don’t know about that...maybe I’m just unlucky.
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 @sarahmoore: just didn’t work on mobile, but very much worth booting my computer up for.

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