Road Trip - Smithers, Burns Lake and Terrace British Columbia

Oct 13, 2010
by Sharon Bader  
British Columbia, Canada is vast and diverse. So vast that there are areas one doesn't even think to visit. Central BC is one of those places. One may ask with all the options for road trips why would one go to a place that is so remote? Let me tell you why. The trails are in great shape; due to the young and active mountain bike communities in the small towns the options and variety of trails is continually growing. Additionally, with the small town hospitality you will have a vacation to remember. This area should be on your list of places to visit.

My Dad once came to this area to work. He mentioned to a local how beautiful this country is; the local replied - "Ya well what good is it?" Hopefully the story below will answer this question.Story by Sharon Bader, Photo's by Lee Lau.

Our trip consisted of riding in Smithers, Burns Lake and Terrace in Central British Columbia.

Central BC has a history of logging and mining. These industries have created access to vast areas where trails have popped up. These industries have also created out of work loggers that find the time to work on trails. Grants have also become available to stimulate these towns by creating trails and other tourism opportunities which fund jobs. Organizations are being created to build more trails. Organizations such as the Smithers Mountain Bike Association, Burns Lake Mountain Bike Association and the Terrace Off Road Cycling Association form to protect existing trails and work with the landowners to create more. Maps are coming soon for most of these trail networks.

The trails in Central BC are a mix of old and new school. Established trails have some of the old school charm with some flowy sections and jumps mixed in. Many of the newer trails are definitely new school with table tops, gaps and bigger jumps. A big bike might be good on some of these trails, but most can be ridden on a 6X6 bike with good suspension and fatter tires.

On this trip we flew in via Hawk Air and rented a mountain bike appropriate vehicle. National Car Rentals provided us a Ford F150.

National Car Rental F150

Our first morning we were treated to breakfast at the Silvern Lake Trail B&B. Michaela has been hosting recreationalists in the Smithers area for the last 20 years! Her food and enthusiasm will keep you going all day.

Fresh coffee!

We sent our bikes to C.O.B. Bike Shop. C.O.B. stands for Children of the Bluff. The Bluff is the area where mountain biking started in Smithers. Dave Percy is one of the original mountain bikers and builders in the area. He now runs a bike shop and supports the growing mountain bike community.

C.O.B. Bikes

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First Ride - Riding in the Babines.

One may not know but there is a mountain range north of Smithers called the Babines. This is an area with a rich Silver mining history. It is now a BC Park and hosts many trails which venture into the Alpine. One trail you can ride is the Cronin Pass trail which traverses the Babines.

Stay right! Gabe Newman, the other owner of COB Bikes and partner in life to Dave, was our guide for this ride.

Heading up the old mining road.

Many old relics of the past are along the route.

Into the alpine we ride with Omar watching over us.

Some steep parts require a walk to gain elevation. Even though in this area Alpine is at 1800m.

Nice mountains

1800m at Hylands Pass

Heading down into Silver King Basin.

We arrive at the Joe L'orsa cabin, named after one of proponents of making this area a Park.

Some History.

Silver King Basin behind us. We came from picture right.

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Google Map of Cronin Pass

Mt Hudson Bay Trail System

It was time to check out some of the local trails.

Hucken Eh is a purpose built downhill-only mountain bike trail in Smithers BC built with a combination of grant-funding and volunteer hours. It is accessible off the Hudson Bay Mountain road as a shuttle or pedal up in the Ptarmigen trail system. It is 2.65km long and drops 277meters. It's more of an intermediate trail but with some optional bigger gaps and rock faces. Since it's exceptionally well-drained it can take some wet weather abuse.

Our guides were Brian Shorter (who's company built the trail) and Gabe.

Contact COB Bike Shop or the SMBA for more information about the trail status and location.

Gabe on Hucken Eh

Gabe on the Rock Face

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Off Mt Hudson Bay ski area is a new trail called Pay Dirt. This was built by Brian's crew along an old abandoned road that was 4.2km long and drops 490m. This is a trail modeled after A line - consisting of tables, gaps and jumps.

Smithers A Line

Gabe on Pay Dirt

Brian on Pay Dirt

Mt Hudsons Bay offers BBQ Lunches for July and August. This was a welcome addition to a day of shuttling!

Also off Mt. Hudsons bay is the trail Piper Down. Named after a plane that crashed many years ago. This trail is 4km long and drops 575m. It is mostly natural but has some cool rock and jump features including a signature feature gap jump over the plane crash wreckage.

Piper Down.

Piper Gap.

Rock roll.

Wall Ride.

The trails are built to be enjoyed by all ages!

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Further up the ski hill is another trail called Backdoor. This trail is 6.25km long and drops 1000m back to Smithers. Not to be ridden in really wet conditions since this will destroy the trail and it will be very slick. This is a must do ride off Mt. Hudsons Bay. It's got everything, including wood structures, fast flow and old-school technical. It's very long. Beginners probably will not enjoy it.


The Waterfall.


Log Ride

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Google Map of Mt. Hudson's Bay trail area

The Bluffs

The next day we were off for some crosscountry riding in the Bluffs. Before this we enjoyed breakfast at Zoers in the Hudson Bay lodge.
mmm Eggs Benny!

Then we were off to COB Bikes where we met up with Brian and Dave to head out for an XC ride on the Bluffs.

This area has many old trails that have been hiked and ridden for many years. Recently the SMBA has received funding to build newer cross country trails that are also used by runners! The older xc trails that drop off the Bluff are BC - style XC; which means that they're not very friendly to the bib shorts, don't drop your seat crowd. Stick to the newer trails if you want easier selections. Head to the top and drop down if you want more technical challenge.

Cross Country

Brian the builder.

Trail Crew putting in a new climb up the Bluffs.

One of the trails - the Shining!

Gap or roll the entrance feature!
Brian Shorter

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Google Map of the Bluff area

Tuesday we took a much needed break and checked out another local popular restaurant Chatters. After this hearty meal I was feeling like riding!

Breakfast Bowls of eggs, yams and yummies!

Today we checked out the Visitors Center to get information on other activities in the area.

After spending most of the day resting we went to the Riverhouse for dinner and the newly renovated restaurant.
Getting an early start on the PINKBIKE!

Fine dining.

The Aspen was so cool we had breakfast there the next day. I guess the food was also so good we didn't get a picture but we did get a picture of the cool smokehouse room in the corner and some of the other incredible craft work in the Aspen.

Cool atmosphere.

One thing about Central BC Riding is some days can be moody. Good thing the day started out with a great breakfast at the Aspen!

Moody Babines.

Fortunately you can always find someplace good to eat at the end of the day! The Steakhouse offered pasta, steaks and a buffet salad bar. If you're hungry check it out!
Steakhouse, place of much food.

Burns Lake

Burns Lake is a small town along Hwy 16 known mostly for fishing. In 2006 two avid mountain bikers who relished the climbs up logging roads to descend down the hiking trails went to an IMBA sponsored mountain bike conference in Whistler BC. What they heard regarding land use issues and other user group conflicts pretty much didn't exist in Burns Lake. Playing hookie one day in the Whistler bike park they rode down the trail Heart of Darkness. Like a snail crawling on the edge of a straight razor there was born a dream. To some communities a nightmare. To build a Mountain Bike Park in Burns Lake.

The area was identified - Boer Mountain. A budding trail building company was hired - Gravity Logic. With support from the provincial government the two trails, When Pigs Fly and Charlotte's Web were born.

Map of the area on Boer Mt. Bike park is on the 160 Acres Burns Lake Community Forest Land. The surrounding 4000 Hectare Boer Mt area is crown land and managed by BC Provincial Government - Recreation Sites and Trails BC - under Ministry of Tourism Culture and the Arts. Boer Mt has an elevation drop of 300 meters making the potential of the area as great as the lower Whistler Mountain Bike Park area.

Boer Mt Map - also available at the Tourist Center

The trails wouldn't be possible without government workers such as Kevin Eskelin that share the vision and see the potential for an area to include mountain biking - cross country and downhill, hiking, camping, fishing and just being out enjoying the great BC Outdoors.

Union shuttle

We were met today by Pat Dube and Dave Sandsmark, members of the Burns Lake Mountain Bike Association who showed us the Burns Lake goods!

Hucken Dad

Not bad for only doing this for a few years and as parents even!

One of the great things about mountain biking is it brings the ages together. Pat can ride with his 12 year old son Andre and his friends Pierce and Alec.

Just the evening before Dave and Pat had a trail day on this section. This is another great thing about this community. On one of their weekly rides they will stop at a section to do some work on the trail. This is a great way to build a sense of ownership on the trail and create stewards for life.

After the ride a short distance from the shuttle parking lot is a camping area and this lake and dock.

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Google Map of Burns Lake trails.



We were in Terrace back in 2001. We rode Copper Mountain and those memories are what brought us back. Since then a growing mountain bike community has maintained and built more trails on Copper Mountain. As well another area, Terrace Mountain, has been developed. The most popular mountain bike trail on Terrace mountain is the Flathead Trail built in 2006. Other trails on Terrace mountain include Back Eddy and the Terrace Mountain hiking trail. Back Eddy is one of the older mountain bike trails.

Copper Mountain currently has 18 recognized trails, most of which are unsanctioned with structures. They are astoundingly steep and technical. Three are approved, Packhorse, Lucky 7 and Lick Bike, these trails contain no structures and are straight up technical natural gnar.

The Terrace Mountain Bike Association does not have a website, but you can find them on Facebook.

When we arrived we were told that the local Terrace Rod and Gun Club was putting on a bike biathlon. They were supposed to put on ski biathlon last year but it was cancelled and turned into a run due to lack of snow. The popularity of that event gave them this idea. It was fun!

29 participants, a third of whom were kids, rode one short bike lap, shot 5 rounds with a 22, rode again, shot another five rounds and rode one more time.

Canadian bikes a shootin'!

About 29 people participated in this event, 1/3 were kids! Bodes well for the future of cycling in Terrace.

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Trail head for Terrace Mountain. You can ride here pretty much from anywhere in town. Great little crosscountry network of trails maintained by the Terrace Mountain Bike Association.

Terrace Mountain trail head.

View point.

Rod on the descent.

Terrace cross country.

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Google Maps of Terrace Mountain

Copper Mountain

Then we went to Copper Mountain. Our first lap we rode up Packhorse and down Lucky Seven. This trail is three years old and the locals think its getting eroded. "Eroded" in small town BC means buff, fresh loam to those of us from bigger cities. These trails simply don't see much traffic.

Once at the bottom we met up with Wade Muchowski one of the local builders. With him and his crew we did three more shuttles to get a good taste of Copper mountain steep and deep!
Copper mountain steep and deep

Wade's World.

Lower gap trail.

Helen on the roller coaster.

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Google Map of Copper Mountain Trails.

Stats for the trails we rode:
Lucky Seven - 3 years old - 343m in 1.7km
Sexecutioner - 290m in 1.4km ( one of the original trails)
Wades World - 130m in .52km
Ya Boi - 240m in .89km

Travel Information:

Downtown Smithers - very nice compact downtown with great restaurants, coffee shops and stores.

Getting Here

Hawk Air has regular flights to Smithers and Terrace that will get you there in two hours. Unlike the mayhem of the Vancouver Terminal, flying with Hawk Air out of the South Terminal is a treat! We were at the airport 30 minutes before our plane left. One nice thing about this flight is going over the Coast Mountains which are beautiful and incredibly glaciated.

We sent our bikes to COB Bikes via Greyhound who were incredibly helpful with trail information and any others things we needed.

Once in Smithers we rented an F150 from National Car Rentals whose desk was right beside the baggage pickup. The truck offered great convenience in transporting the bikes to the trails. Also of note, if you travel to central BC in the winter National Car Rentals has winter tires on their rentals.

You could also drive to the 1100km from Smithers to Vancouver in about 18 hours. This would be an option as part of a BC Road trip that included Williams Lake, Prince George, Burns Lake, Terrace and others area along the route. One could even take the Ferry from Prince Rupert to Port Hardy and include an island trip and riding in the Comox Valley.

Storksnest Inn offers hotel style accommodations with a complimentary breakfast. They have secure bike storage, wireless internet and are walking distance to town.

Storksnest Inn

For a more home style atmosphere the Silvern Lake B&B is an option that is a bit further out of town with great views of the Kathlyn Glacier and great hospitality.

Silvern Lake B&B

Aspen Motor Inn also offers secure bike storage, rooms with kitchenettes and their newly renovated Riverhouse restaurant. Definitely worth the visit even if you don't stay here.

Aspen Motor Inn


Mountain bikers breakfast at Chatters on 4th Ave. Also serve lunch and Pizza for dinner.

The Riverhouse at the Aspen also offers Hearty Breakfast and HIGH quality Dinners. EAT HERE AND CHECK OUT THE AMAZING CRAFTSMENSHIP INSIDE.

Steakhouse on Main has a Buffet, Grill and serves big servings!

Breakfast is also offered at Zoers.

What else is there to do?

Check out the Visitors Center for maps and information.

Golfing - one championship course, one par 3.
BV Museum and Smithers Art Gallery are in the Central Park Building at the junction of Main St and Highway 16.
Moricetown Interpretative Centre and Moricetown Canyon. Driving Tour of Telkwa High Road - including Driftwood Canyon Fossil Beds.
Hiking in the Babines as well as biking.
Hike the Prairie or to Crater Lake on Hudson Bay Mountain
Farmers Market - Saturday mornings from 8 am until noon. Parking lot of Central Park Building
Plus a long list of outdoor activities - rafting, canoeing, kayaking, fishing (lake or rivers) Steelhead in the fall season, so the rivers get busy.

Smithers Bike Shops

C.O.B. Bike Shop
Dave, Gabe and Omar

McBike and Sport in Smithers and Terrace.

See you there!


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Haha that run down Piper was quite an experience!!
Let me know if you're ever down near the US border/ in WA!!!
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 Glad everyone enjoyed the report! Sorry it was so long. But now all the info is in one place for when you plan your next trip! FYI, it takes as long to drive from Vancouver to Smithers as it takes from Vancouver to Moab...
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 I took care of a guy who's a parapalegic and rides quads & snowmobiles out by Burns. He told me about this article and one of the builders. Very cool! Whenever my non-riding family say's "Why did you move to BC?!?" I send 'em a link to stuff like this. Got a buddy who moved to Winterpig who I would love to take on this trip. Already planning some camping for next year!
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BUT when u become very judgemenal or opionated about certain buisnesses in town
and publish it for all in a negative fibe it is beyond a insult and target
becareful what u publish it can be very harmful for some.. for some not that cool !
bike on Smile
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 if your talking about the crappy food at the A......n, maybe they cater to the locals but man i complained about the food and they basically told me that nobody else complained and that was about it....they didnt offer to reduce my bill or anything, and when i asked to talk to the manger about it, he wouldnt even come out and talk to me. and im not a picky eater, the food just sucked. that was 4 years ago, i dont eat there anymore when i pass through
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 See private message bikerrr. Hope you can pass it to the owner
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 It's too bad that you had a negative experience at the A....n. My experience has been that they are consistent for a pub. Just keep your expectations reasonable...don't order butter chicken in a northern pub! They have been very supportive to the local bike association and have sponsored some events. The first few official meetings were held in their meeting room and that was the start of the $400,000 plus worth of trail building here in Smithers. They've been especially good since they changed hands last year.

The trails here are still in great shape. The Bluff trails and Hucken eh are stellar!
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 the aspen was terrible for food there last year, we waited 20 minutes to get our drinks then almost two hours for food! when it finally came I refused to eat it and asked for a explanation as to why it took so long seeing as there was only two other tables that had people. no explanation equaled me walking out the door and finding another place to eat. hands down probably the worst eating experience I have ever had.
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 Amazing TR! Looked like nothing but epic. That area has always been on my list to ski, I guess it looks like I'll have to visit a second time in the summer with two wheels. Awesome job guys.
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 Obviously - the skiing there is unreal. Quality snow and terrain. Not many people. Lots of choices especially if you tour
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 Vancouver! You must land there to save yourself some serious travel time.
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 This is still about 12-14 hours drive north of Vancouver though... Would want to fly into Prince George, or Smithers, if possible.
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 you can fly into Smithers 3 times a day from Vancouver. Air Canada comes in twice a day and Hawk Air comes in once a day. You can bring bikes on all 3 flights.
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 We flew with Hawkair and it was super easy. Great customer service. Some of the best views of huge jaw dropping mountains and icefields as you fly to the north
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 The skiing in Terrace is pretty darn good. Pretty much start of the coast range. Smithers gets a bit wind hammered but good touring in the Babines.
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 oh man that looks like one hell of a road trip, props for that dude on the transition for doing xc trails on his dh bike
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 ya he's pretty strong! He rode that bike on Comfortably Numb in Whistler!
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 Amazing write-up, took a while to get through all of but worth it. It looks like you guys had a blast. Now if I convince my wife to plan a trip in that area...
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 Awesome riding. What time of year were you there? What months are the riding season? Snow must come pretty early in some of those high passes, yeah?
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 we were there Aug Sept.

Smithers and Burns riding would start sooner then Terrace. They don't get as much snow.

They could probably ride March/April to Oct/Nov
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 Burns Lake usually starts riding by mid April with all trails open by early May, and we're still riding tacky but not solid trails now on Oct 15th but snow is coming within weeks. You'd have to ask the locals in Smithers and Terrace on when things dry up but its probably pretty similar. People are surprised to hear how long the season is this far north of Vancouver, but being this far north the solstice holds sway over the season, once the sun is high days are long and dry. We chose to develop on Boer Mtn because of its south facing sunny exposure, early melt and fast shedding of water. It all helps keep the season long, and the trails dry and low maintenence.
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 for terrace, march till october is about right, although last year we had a freak year and we were riding in february
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 In Smithers, we're usually riding by mid-April. Last year rode up until November 15th and then started up again on April 3rd. Not bad for being this far north. Like derksen42 said, the summer days make up for the winter and we can ride late into the evening. Can't beat it.
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 Riding in Rupert! Really? You'll have to be our tour guide the next time we're up there!

We went through Rupert on our last trip when we took the Ferry down to Port Hardy. Its a nice town, except for some parts...
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