Snow Summit Bike Park Opener Delayed By a Day Due to Snowfall

May 24, 2019
by Snow Summit  


Due to significant snowfall the past few days on the upper mountain, the Opening Day of the Snow Summit Bike Park will be delayed one day and is now set for Saturday, May 25. Starting Saturday, the Bike Park will be open through Monday for the Memorial Day holiday with operations resuming on weekends only (Fridays-Sundays) until June 14 when the park opens daily.

Current trail conditions vary from prime to a bit wet, so pack your layers and mud guards for changing conditions and cool temps throughout the weekend. Chairs 1 and 2 will be running with access to Party Wave, Westridge, Miracle Mile, Going Green, Small Wonder, and Lower Turtle. Base area trails are still under construction and offsite trails (Fall Line, Pirates, Pine Knot, and Skyline) are all open.

Come hang out and enjoy the Opening Weekend vibes, featuring DJ SlipMatt playing the latest tracks and mountain sponsor expos on the bricks throughout the weekend. Catch breakfast and lunch at Oakfire Grill, Saturday-Monday, along with offerings at Ironwood Coffee and Skyline Taphouse. Grab the crew and get to the mountains for alpine good times.

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 I had to look it up since it's not mentioned, but Snow Summit Park is located in the San Bernardino Mountains of Southern California for those interested in where's at.
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 Thanks. Just saved me a trip down the Google rabbit hole.
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 mountains that tend to only get like 200 inches of snow a year, so late May snowfall is pretty rare
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 It looks awesome up here. Like half the top is covered in snow. So party wave and going green is all covered
  • 17 0
 The irony in the headline is stupendous
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 That and the fact that this place usually has to make tons of man made snow to keep runs open to get dumped on so late in the year is pretty funny.
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 look closely, that's the last time you'll see the trail crew (or any watering) for the rest of the season

long live summit's f*cked up potholed berms
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 I can already feel the braking bumps.
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 Name checks out
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 Can't wait for the snow to clear... off those 3 runs. (sarcasm)
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 yeah i cant wait to ride in a huge line of riders with no sense of momentum or courtesy... on those 3 runs. the off-campus trails are way more fun anyway.
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 @jordanh604 snow summit isn’t worth it. Trails are clapped after a weeks worth of riding and a bunch of negligent riders. Skypark is much better if you don’t mind climbing for your descents.
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 Was hiking on skyline yesterday 5” of snow on the ground, temps hovering around freezing and intermittent sleet. Felt like March. So bizarre.
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 Berm after the hip is looking solid. Last year that right turn out tended to be loose and flat. Seen alot of people shoulder drive into the berm with a front tire washout.
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 dang, the hip into the berm is looks better than last year! hope the woody isn't slippery AF going into it
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 I hope they did/do what Skypark did on the wooden berms on the bottom half of Arrow and ran/run chicken wire on it. Grip galore!
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 Welp, so much for that. Just came across this on Youtube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=0izLKjw5jTg
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 I mean, it is called snow summit after all
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 The only time Summit can get away with opening AFTER Whistler.
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 So how is the riding at snow summit? Going to LA soon and was going to check it out.
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 It's fine. Getting better and they try to do the best they can given the arcane limits the USFS seems to lay on them.
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 We are lucky to have it after it shut down years ago. Go on a weekday and it’s mostly empty. And for everyone who complains about, don’t go.
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 Lame, unless you're a beginner.
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 The white horror!
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 "Think of the children!" (RIP Maude Flanders)

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