Video: Snowbird's Big Mountain Trail

Aug 25, 2014
by Steven Lloyd  
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At 7.5 miles long and 2,900 vertical feet it is sure to give you an adventure you will never forget.

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 The views spectacular! Unless I'm missing something, the trail looks more like a fire road.
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 yeah i was thinking that, looks great but lots of peddling to maintain speed...
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 I think it needs a few years. Rode it last week, super chunky and waaaay too many switchbacks. Snowbird had a billion acres to make this trail on and they decided to use like an acre to get you down. They have jumps throwing you straight into a rock garden, used nasty pallets instead of taking the time to build a bridge, 8,000 switchbacks that are too tight. I live 5 minutes away from snowbird, I will pass and keep going the extra 30 minutes to The Canyons or PCMR. They messed up on this one. "Going down does not a trail make"-Confucius.
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 ryanfarner, exactly what I was thinking, as a Ut. resident, have to say that top aside from a few ok berms looks like any oil rig road! does it drop into the trees at the bottom? very unsenic from the video, and unfortunately, length ain't everything...
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 "Big Mountain Trail" looks more XC Bike friendly than Big Bike friendly...
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 Rode this on Sunday and the pallets are all gone, proper wooden bridge in its place. Perhaps I have a different view of what a fire road is, but nearly all of it is singletrack (or maybe single+half). Upper part is exposed as it goes down Regulator Johnson. Once you get down to the lower shed of Little Cloud or the upper shed of Gadzoom, it goes into the trees. Then heads over to the top of Mid Gad and makes its way down to the Tram area. Lower part is decently rocky.

All that said, the switchbacks kill this trail. So many of them are insanely tight. And then just the sheer number of them. Ugh.
Its definitely an XC trail, not a gnar downhill trail, not a flow trail. And its definitely a blue level trail.

For the $10 to go up (season pass discount) its good for 2-3 laps in an afternoon. If you don't have the discount or want to spend longer doing lift service biking, head over to DV or Canyons.
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 I've ridden it too and agree with Reignonme. They tried to be everything to everyone: The trail is open to uphill traffic until 11 when the tram opens, so they never steepened it enough to be a rowdy dh, but it's also so bumpy, gravely and steep enough that riding up is miserable. The video shows the bermed switchbacks nicely, but there also are a lot of turns that are tight, flat and low speed and overall flow is lacking. I don't mean to say that this trail isn't fun -- it is. If you can't have fun riding a bike downhill then something ain't right with you. And there are some nice whoops in there and occasional flow. But Snowbird is going to have to add more trails quickly to justify a $30 day pass ($10 even for season passholders!), especially with so many better trails nearby. This has become my go-to trail when I'm feeling totally bored with SLC and Park City's hundreds of other miles of great (free) trails... which isn't very often.
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 Once you get off of the steep terrain at the top where the straight aways are the trail actually gets pretty fun. There are a few rocky sections to blast through and some rolling single-ish track through the woods that aren't shown in the video.The top of the trail is somewhat monotonous for us gravity junkies, but it's a lot of fun overall.
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 Yes, being on your bike is fun... my point is simple--don't pay for this. Just drive up BCC and hit the crest--FOR FREE and get 10 plus miles (if you shuttle Mill D) of some of the best balls out DH the Wasatch has to offer--or rip Pinecone, Great Western... need I go on? All for FREE.
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 Easy, killer.
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 I hear ya. I hear ya. See ya on the trail sometime.
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are there any improvements to the trail since your comment? Thinking of riding it this year.
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 Like with any resort I am sure that Snowbird will strive to keep making inprovements to the trail. I know they are listening to comments made and are taking that feedback. They are also building new trails as we speek. I am stoked to see what is to come.
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 Curious why the video seems to focus on the upper part of the trail only? Like the first 2ish miles of the 7.5+ mile course. Doesn't seem to show any of the trail below the upper shed of Gadzoom.
The nature of the trail definitely changes once you get below there.
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 We filmed the upper part of the trail because it was the most asthetic for filming and we had time constraints. The lower part of the trail to me is the more fun part, but it also is mostly in the trees and not as many views to work with for a video. The lower section is more high speed and flow if you ask me.
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 Despite of all the bad reviews I would say that the trail looks kind of fun. Can't deny it. While watching the video feel the crave of going up there.
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 That is not big mountain riding that is fire road riding and ski resorts do thish for money but they should try to keep the trails challenging with the spacr they have downhill is dispearring even in its own parks and something must be done ik it's better for less advanced riders but some jumps won't hurt
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 It kind of makes sense to build something like that to get the widest variety of riders to come up and ride something that allows people on normal mountain bikes to have a great time descending the entire mountain without a lot of fear. We only saw a glimpse of the 7 1/2 miles, but I think it's safe to assume it doesn't get really rowdy. They can then start building more typical bike-park trails or maybe (gasp) steep, challenging trails with natural terrain. I think that must have been Vail's philosophy - or at least at Lionshead. I saw several easy but very-fun looking singletracks under the gondola that most people could enjoy, then some more challenging fare off in the woods.
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 Let's just call a spade a sucks. Even if it were free, it would kind of suck. However, the growler of beer I had in between lap 1 and 2 combined with the views made me almost enjoy myself.
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 Snowbird held a meeting with local riders a year or so back wanting info on what riders are looking for, because in their own words "snowbird is known for building things wrong, and we want to avoid that this time". Well, they didn't listen at all, and built something else completely wrong, a huge disappointment, it's a Big Mnt FAIL !
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 I think he likes to manual
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 He must! Snowbird's an incredible Mtn and this is a start. kinda looked like he was trying a bit too hard to make the trail look fun...which i realize may sound stupid. But here's my point...When you see a really creative, technical, or otherwise challenging trail, people don't screw around on their bikes so much...more actual focus on the trail and riding. Don't get me wrong, it looks like a fun trail and I bet that guy could smoke me. Mostly it looks fun cause of the views and to just be in the mountains on the bike though... Not cause its a great trail...but it is a start!
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 That looks terrible. On another note: 1.) That woman shreds; and 2.) Braaap.
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 As a season pass holder, $10 for a few laps followed by some post-ride beers at Oktoberfest sounds like a nice way to spend an afternoon. Looking forward to seeing the new trails Snowbird is working on, too, especially if they turn out to be at the more technical end of the spectrum.
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 Thanks for sharing some footage of the trail Steve. Also, thank you Snowbird for continuing to develop the MTB scene at the resort. Keep up the good work!
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 why did they build an XC trail at the bird???
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 XC trails have more technical features than that. as ryan said above, it looks like a fire road! But a fun fire road nonetheless.
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 most probably built it to attract riders of all abilities, that way you get more money coming in to the resort to further develop the trails, looks like an easy but alot of fun trail to ride imo
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 I dont care what anybody says... I wanna ride that trail.
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 It's no Top of The World that's for sure. Keep trying Snowbird.
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 There was nothing about that trail that necessitates a full face helmet.
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 I think you have to air out of the tram to start the trail. They didn't show that on the video.
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 with my guys, you definitely need to air out the tram.
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 Ok Ok Ok, I have been reading all these post and I have to say that I enjoyed it, Call be Old School But this is how MTBing Started in NorCal on Forestry Fire Roads!!! Just saying not every trail needs to have super sick jumps to huck, or tight single track to be super fun. Just have a blast and ride, that is what MTB is about, to get off the streets and get in the dirt with friends!!!! Ohh Yeah the Manuals were pretty RAD!!
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 i would like to see more of Amanda !
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 That is one long warmup trail...
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 What a manual, the guy.
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 Think he must have been getting paid for each one.
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 I would like to see more Amanda :-)
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 Sick filming!
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 I would just like to add that I am in love with Amanda. She fine...
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 Fingers Crossed by Ferrier. Nice, sounds like The Black Keys.
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 Looks fun imo. Your riding a bike, peddaling is part of it.

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