Social Round Up: 12 Inspiring Stories of Everesting & Climbing Challenges Over Memorial Day Long Weekend

May 28, 2020
by Sarah Moore  
It certainly is a beautiful back drop for racing.

With racing still a long way off, there have been fewer athletic achievements for us to highlight on the site. This past weekend, which is Memorial Day long weekend in the United States, Rebecca Rusch rallied to get hundreds of riders to attempt a gruelling physical climbing challenge with her #GiddyUpForGood Everest Challenge. While not all of the climbing challenges below are strict Everesting challenges with repeats of the same hill, the vertical elevation numbers from all are beyond impressive.

Payson McElveen 30,188 ft over 137.13 miles in 14.5 hours off-road
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30,188 to Never Forget The Feeling. There’s a lot to say about yesterday’s Everesting experience, but I haven’t quite returned to the real world enough to put meaningful words together. Just a few things to leave y’all with for now: my legs managed much better than expected—it felt like we could’ve kept going almost indefinitely, but my arms, hands, and wrists were so done that I started having to take breaks on the descents. I burned through multiple sets of brake pads. This was real high country trail, where just cleaning the rock gardens each lap was a victory. The community support was insane. I almost felt guilty how many folks showed up, and how late they stayed. It was so fun getting to shred trail with so many of y’all, and to see so many smiling faces each lap at the bottom. The support from @orangesealoffroadteam was as good as it always is: 0 mechanicals, despite pushing it pretty hard on every descent. The film should give y’all a better idea of just how hard this terrain was on body and bike. I fell asleep curled up in the bathtub at 2 AM last night, before finally making it into bed and battling a nasty fever and persistent hiccups/cough until who knows when. Complete depletion. More soon, but lastly thank you @rebeccarusch for inspiring so many of us to participate. This event has raised $135,000 and counting. Hit the link in my bio if you’d like to be part of this special effort! 📷 @nicholekbaker

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Tom Bradshaw 9639m over 190km in 24.5 hours off-road on North Vancouver's Mount Fromme
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⚠️ Punishingly long post ahead ⚠️ . . "Everything is temporary" @mattyepc - a useful saying during the really good times and the really shitty times yesterday. Stoked to Everest Mt Fromme. . For context, Everesting is when you climb and decend a hill multiple times until you cumulatively climb the height of Mt Everest (8848m). Usually this is done lapping the same piece of road, usually you're a little weird. . . I wanted to make this 'fun' so chose to descend proper mtb trails (Pile of Rocks & Expresso) each descent. 1 lap takes about 1.15hrs including admin time. So I started the first of 17 laps at 1am on Saturday morning. This was so I could get all of the night laps out of the way early, when I was 'fresh' to then try finish at dusk ~9pm. This was a great idea until I got slowed down by a dodgy stomach and finished the last 2 laps in the dark anyway. I finished 24 and half hours after I started, having climbed over 9600m, a lap more than I was supposed to 🤦‍♂️🤣🤦‍♂️. . . ❤❤ thanks to the great humans alongside me - @tessabarnett1 & @jexblakevita there with me right to the bitter end at 1.30am. @t.r_wilding, @evanhpowell, @rosarajoseph, @mattsimsnz & @ollieparrispiper for joining for some laps. The @yeticycles SB150 and @wheelworkshandcraftedwheels wheels for charging through nearly 10000m of riding. As well as everyone who lent me lights or came along to say g'day! #nochamois #nogloves #noworries

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Katie Hall - 29,029 ft in 10:01 - New World Record!

Micayla Gatto - 15,760 ft. / 4,804m over 155kms

Rebecca Rusch - 29,029ft

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“Love without action is meaningless and action without love is irrelevant.” Deepak Chopra. The fundamental reasons I launched Rebecca’s Giddy Up Challenge were simple. I needed to take action for my own personal emotional and physical health, I wanted to connect with my athletic community and I felt a strong desire to do something proactive to help heal our world. #GiddyUpForGood was a type of event that could meet the needs of self care, community and global support, fueled by love. The idea to challenge athletes worldwide to physically push beyond their limits and raise funds for COVID-19 relief was the best way I knew how to take action and #BeGood. What you did over the weekend is nothing short of a global phenomenon. The love, energy, sweat, tears, laughter and leg cramps were felt around the world. 890 of you joined me from 43 US states and 11 countries. Collectively we climbed over 10 million feet and raised over $130k for COVID-19 relief via the Be Good Foundation. We were 47% female/ 50% male and 13-66 years of age. This was the worlds largest combined discipline “everesting” attempt and the first event of this kind. My ride was the most elevation I’ve done in one day. I rode 23:15 hrs non stop, 21 times up and down trail creek. And you know what, it didn’t feel that hard. And that’s not because of me, it’s because of you. I felt strong, consistent, powerful for nearly a full day of riding because I was pushed forward by my commitment to you, my commitment to my Dad and his Be Good instructions and by the power of our collective love and action on Memorial Day Weekend. I am so proud of us and what we achieved. I’m so inspired by your stories. I’m so grateful to be part of such a positive and proactive community. I’m physically exhausted and emotionally elated and energized to continue taking action with love! Here are a few images from my ride thanks to @stellar_media My smile says it all. More cowbell, more action, more love! #GiddyUpForGood. NOW TO CELEBRATE!!! Live podium , awards and cheers on Instagram live today at 6 pm MDT! Join me for top finishers and also @livcycling and @giantbicycles give aways! #giddyupforgood

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Matt Meredith - 29386 ft. in 29 hours and 14 min on foot (2 weeks after cycling Everest)

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Giddy? YUP!!! 🏃🗻#Everesting ☑️ #GiddyUpForGood 📷- @jaydashphotography Soooo happy, especially as I'm sitting in a chair sipping on a nice latte, to have completed this event. 27hr, 28min to the top of the 7th summit (Ended with 29386 ft). 29hr, 14 min total time to get to the trailhead. @alltrails says it's 7.1 miles, so 49.7 total? The mileage got a little wonky in ultra mode, although the @garminfitness #fenix3hr has been bomber for three years under normal modes ⌚. Everesting, you say? According to @everesting who have established guidelines as a means of comparison, I guess? -You choose a hill, could be anything (literally a staircase apparently), and go up and down it (the down part is optional for running apparently). It's a little silly in my humble opinion, and very taxing mentally, going up and down something repeatedly! But, it's a fun challenge for the endurance inclined, and I wholeheartedly recommend it! Thank you to @rebeccarusch who inspired this attempt for her #GiddyUpForGood event that is going on this weekend. I was not planning on this after having completed the bike version two weeks back, but after hearing of the event and good cause, I just had to give er a go! This was a fundraiser for #COVID19 #CoronaVirus and if would like to donate to the charities she has set up, the link is in my bio. 👟- @salomonrunning #TimeToPlay ⚡- @gnarlynutrition #GnarlyFueledThis #adaptiveathlete #outdoors #mountains #endurance #fit #fitness #trailrunning #utahisrad #trail #mountainrunning #UltraRunning

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Katerina Nash - 10,500 ft

Andreane Lanthier Nadeau, Emily Slaco & Zanny Venner - 4442m off road

Katie Holden - 13,233+ 3765 ft

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Goals are not supposed to be comfortable. I set a high goal for @rebeccarusch’s #giddyupforgood because nothing about it made me comfortable. Even though I had never done 10k before, I had been close enough to feel totally comfortable reaching it. 15k was a big step up for me - climbing has always been my biggest weakness, something I have always felt self conscious about, something I feel like I should be better at, faster at , stronger at, everything at - it is HARD. I have definitely gotten better at it, but I made a conscious decision to work to get better at it and that in itself has been a journey. I would say I am currently in a love/hate relationship with it Hahahahaha I actually quite love it just reallyyy love going downhill. Anyway, with all this time off the bike on a flat island during quarantine and not being as diligent as I could have been with nutrition on the day, my pace was considerably slower than I anticipated (part of that was probably being fearful of uping my pace and not finishing - I PR’ed on my very last lap!). I wasn’t planning on being out there that long and didn’t pack lights and was ill prepared to go into the darkness so I pulled the plug. Kinda. I set a goal to get out there and hit a mark. I may have been off the mark but I went out there the next morning and finished it. It is a little bittersweet to miss my main goal but I wanted to do something that was inherently uncomfortable for me and that was achieved in this experience so I am proud. When the consequence are low (bruised ego vs. injury, something tangibly serious) I will always shoot high because It is worth it for many more reasons than hitting the mark. 🎯 I am so grateful for my amazing pal, @jillkintner who is the best pal & cheerleader I could ever wish for - you’re the best. ❤️ Massive thanks to Reba, Ally, Erica, Monica & the entire team for the massive effort 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽! I am SOOOO inspired by each & every one of you that attempted this in whatever challenge you chased, you all pushed me so much. Y’all are crazyyyy. THANK YOU to everyone that donated for covid relief, I think the number is at $120,000+ and growing. INCREDIBLEEEE. Link in bio to donate!!!

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Lael Wilcox - 225 miles and 29,541’ of climbing

Karsten Mad - 29,029ft over 247km in 11 hours 30mins

Kate Courtney - 15,000 ft in 5 hours

Anka Martin - 5223m over 82.7km in 10 hours


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 Bradshaw's feat is inhuman when you consider the trails he rode are gnarly AF and the fact he did it on a proper enduro sled! Also, the ALN-Zanny-Slaco team crushed all your favourite diamond head trails (the ones you know and love from all those Squamish sick edits.) So stoked that some folks went after this on proper bikes and gnarly trails!
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 Agreed. I mean the SB150 has a pretty good pedaling platform...but holy smokes
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 What is that - about 17-18 laps?
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 @djyosh: 17 laps. Which is insanity, and more than he needed to do.
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 I drank 14 beers in one sitting over the weekend, hardly comparable but a feat none the less.
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 I'm charging hard on the tall can challenge!
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 30 years of mountain biking and I've never once pedaled for the sake of climbing. It's all for the stoke of the dh. But my wife likes the fact that getting to the dh makes me a happier, svelte, young, almost 50 year old.
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 There have always been people out there for the pain and the gain of climbing. I would assert however that prior to on board devices / tracking / Strava etc. riders at large did not seek out these metric based goals. It was more tactile, more internal. It was measured in experience rather than a report on a screen. There is possibly a loss or gain in the story telling of these feats. The same could be true for the memories and motivations.

Personally I have to admit that my ride planning, feelings of accomplishment as well as sense of imagining what I’m capable of have certainly been affected by the ride data era.
That said, the biggest of big days are a great experience even if (and perhaps especially so) your device craps out or -you rarified puritan saint- you never had one with you in the first place.
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 Googled it after posting.....

– Rides can be of any length, on any hill, mountain, driveway or bridge. Essentially anything that has a vertical gain can be used to complete an Everesting.

– Rides must only focus on one hill or mountain per ride (e.g. you can’t base yourself in one location and ride multiple hills). You cannot ride different routes on the same mountain. If there are 4 routes, that means there are 4 possible ‘everestings’ (think of it like the North and South face of Everest).

– Rides cannot be loops. The descent must be via the same road unless you are prevented from doing so (e.g. one-way street or one-way trail). This is to prevent kinetic gain sometimes afforded by a loop, or an ‘easier’ descent.

– Rides must be full ascents each time (Strava segments or the accepted ‘traditional’ climbing route will generally be the best guide for this. You can’t commit to a combination of full and half laps). Acceptable is a shorter segment of a climb if it is recognised in its own right. If in doubt, ask.

– The exception to full repeats of the same section/segment of hill is once you hit 8,848m you can abandon that repeat (although we highly recommend bagging ‘just a few’ extra metres.. just in case!)

– Each repeat must be ridden up and down (i.e. you can’t get driven down each time). You also need to keep your device recording the whole time.
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 Overall MTB community showing a strong presence in the Everesting world.... dig it.
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 What about mark scott? Climbed 8614m with no repeats
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 They call the challenge "KTWO", I think its the second highest peak in the world?
You are only allowed to use a trail or road once in either direction during the challenge.
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 @Dwmarine: thats the one
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 I'm not taking anything away from anyone here. And I was a hard NO on this challenge...But, since Bradshaw posted his strava screenshot. I thought Rebeccas rules (maybe everesting rules too?) stated no loops. It had to be a single hill. Up and down. Straight repeats.
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 Those are the official rules, but...

You can request an exception to have it counted. The main thing is that you don't get free elevation gain. Also, if you don't care about the "official" listing, then you can do anything you want. I did 12,000 on Saturday for my pure enjoyment only, I didn't care if it counted to anything.
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 These "Official Everesting Rules" are some of the most ridiculous Gatekeeping flex I've ever seen...

Anyone who has climbed 8.848 m / 29,029 ft using their own power in one ride has everested... FFS...
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 @hermichut: agreed - I give more props to whoever does this NOT up and down the same track. Much more of a challenge to do it in a loop too - more distance. Also going up and down the SAME road is surely just mental torture. As if doing that much climbing wasn't ridiculous enough.
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 All of these are ridiculous physical accomplishments
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 Anybody find out if Randy did an Everest?
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 Randy did Everest...he actually rode up and down Mt. Everest
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 Nathan Davis climbed 32015ft 117miles on the 23rd
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 What about Keegan Swenson breaking the men’s world record in 7 hours and 40 minutes?

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