Social Round Up: 7 Athletes Getting 'Quarantine Jacked'

Mar 19, 2020
by Sarah Moore  
Kate Courtney

Loic Bruni

Yoann Barelli

Alex Pavon / Juliana Bicycles

Ines Thoma

Dawid Godziek

Catharine Pendrel

As the world struggles to suppress the spread of COVID-19, please follow the guidelines of your local health authorities. Even if you don’t have the virus, hospital visits put additional stress on your medical systems; do not undertake any activities that put you or others at risk.


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 Same here but replace donut with beer
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 @onemanarmy: just have the donut around the beer ..easier to throw and to catch!
  • 55 3
 The next donut better be THE GRIM F***ING DONUT!
C'MON ALREADY!!! or, im gonna violate your 6ft radius!!
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 * you're. (I'm grammar nazi'ing myself)
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 Only one donut I want and it's not edible.
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 @mudmonster666: do you need one to sit on due to your piles?
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 No images of Yoann Barelli because he's undoubtedly naked somewhere.
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 And making me feel guilty for eating a bloody chicken mcnugget or ten occasionally
  • 21 11
 @nimmo: nothing to feel guilty about. His opinion isn’t more valuable than mine to me. Stop letting people with social media followings influence you as though they have anymore knowledge or authority about a subject.
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 @stealthpenguin: missed internet sarcasm strikes again!
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 @nimmo: haha fair enough man it’s hard to tell these days ????????
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 He is certainly naked pouring hydroalcoholic gel on his body...You know, for hygiene and stuff ^^
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 Damn Godziek. I’m going to have to fail at trying that.
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 Well, when you weigh 13lbs, why wouldn't ya?
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 I see what you did there. SMRT.
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 We just moved into our house that we spent 10 months building and seeing him stomp on the wall and drag his feet makes me cringe! Lol
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 make sure your walls have good studs... you can see that wall flexing like crazy! If he keeps that up he'll have a new doorway.
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 My daily workout consists in tidying up the mess left behind by my kids and cats, otherwise my house would look like an accident between two garbage trucks.
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 Do it flexing a unipodal squat...
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 I hear you brother/sister or however you identify - shit, commenting is so hard these days!
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 If Loic would of shot the video in landscape then maybe we wouldn't have to watch him playing with his baguette so much?
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 Ozzy Man: "Yeah, nah". Mid-strength beer instead.
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 I wish I had the motivation do do any exercise during these times!
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 All I have the energy to do is browse PB, and Strava
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 Jealous, sitting in quarantine wearing a boot for my achilles. Need some creative ways to do cardio without being on my feet too much.
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 Eating double stuffed Oreo's and drinking a Pepsi while watching these. Now I feel like trash LOL.
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 gotta dust off the backyard pumptrack
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 Ha! I wish! Over here it's kids you have leave me alone and go somewhere else in the house while I virtually teach my students. Can someone let the dam dogs out I am teaching here!
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 Godz trains while drinking Redbull. That’s what us amateurs have been missing.
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 I just went riding and the trails are packed like holiday. Shelter in place = everyone out and about.
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 @scary1: Really going to be crowded now that the Governor shut down the state !
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 We’ve been riding at 5am with lights to avoid the crowds!
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 Why are you posting shirtless pics of dudes on the front page. What is this
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 Keep riding until the trails close or can’t leave the house. Perfect trail conditions in PacNW now, at least sub 2,000ft that is.
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 Just do it alone or an appropriate spacing from your buddy. I saw way too many bro squads at the trailhead today.
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Never ride with bro squads is the first rule of Fight Club.
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 @gafoto: seriously, I have never seen more people riding, in groups and hanging out on the trails as yesterday... not even on a holiday weekend. Folks driving out in groups from the City... Trail head parking completely full everywhere. Californians enjoying their corona vacation.
BTW, I don't approve of this. I live there and cant help seeing it...
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 Making the best of it. The new normal will be for athletes to be judged and paid based upon their social media performances instead of races and competitions.
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 Please Loïc, get your dignity back and dress up properly, drink wine instead of Red Bullshit, and show us how to bunny up and shred a carpet with an apartment bike.
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 The only reason you are quarantined is you that tested posited for Covid19, otherwise you can still go ride your bike while social distancing!
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 Going to go dig some new lines in the woods, just me and the dog.
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 Sometimes I think if the WC XC thing doesn't work, or she gets bored, Kate can perform for Circe de Soliel.
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 Damnit I knew I forgot to do something.... oh well, too late.
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 7 athletes getting unfollowed for boring content lolol
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 Ines in Loic's outfit doing Kate's exercise
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 my hammies and adductors are smoked just watching that clip of kate.
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 Loic for president!
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 throwing the term "jacked" around loosely I see
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 I vote for the beer....Portuguese SAGRES...Cheers friends
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 Super Bock
  • 1 0
 Freaking Loic... ????
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 That guys pretty funny
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 Blah blah blah
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