Social Round Up: Impressive Hits From These 12 PB Groms

Nov 20, 2020
by Aidan Oliver  

Tthe #pbgroms tag has been running on social media for almost a year now and we've been blown away by the submissions. From 9 year-olds taking on World Cup tracks to 13 years-olds taking on Rampage lines, it's made us all feel quite inferior. So here's a round-up of some of the amazing PB Groms out there! The future is definitely bright.

Dane Jewett:

Dane is one of the original PB Groms, hails from our hometown of Squamish and is already perfecting the moves for 2021.

Sebastian Riopel:

Sebastian Riopel already nailing the double barspins at 9 years old.

Lucy Vaneesteren:

The 'Dynamite Roll' is a nestled deep in the North Vancouver forest and Lucy Vaneesteren is one of the youngest riders to hit it.

Sam Toohey:

15 year-old Sam Toohey hitting this monster of a drop in California.

Finley Kirschenmann:

Finley Kirschenmann is 13 and already riding the world-renowned 'Kong' trail in Utah. How long before he moves up to some Rampage hits down the road?

Erice van Leuven

13 year-old Erice van Leuven hails from New Zealand and is already tricking gaps and winning races. Watch out.

Jacob Lingemann

Jacob Lingemann looking like a young Josh Lewis.

Aimar Ijurko

Aimar Ijurko not only pre hopping the infamous A-Line rock drop, but throwing in a suicide no hander for good measure. Just nuts.

Cohen Johns

Cohen Johns in 10 years old and already ripping bike parks a new one.

Harry Schofield

Harry Schofield needs little introduction and has been blowing our minds for a few years now. Watch out for this kid.

Will Jiroutek

Will Jiroutek not letting the cast get him down.

Oscare Griffiths

Oscare Griffiths taking a big ol slam.

Are you an up and coming grom and want to share your videos? Have you and your fellow groms submit your content on Instagram using the #pbgroms hashtag for a chance to be featured on the Pinkbike Instagram account and win some exclusive stickers and merch!


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 At the risk of sounding like a twat, I have a hard time being impressed by kids. If we had the opportunity to practice tricks on a dirt jump bike into an air bag or foam pit, we all would be cracking 3's and backflips. Especially if we had started when my pre-frontal cortex was the size of a pea. As it was, me and my buds learned our tricks by eating shit repeatedly on hard concrete or dirt over and over again until we broke our bikes or ourselves. And then our parents still didn't know what mountain biking was. They thought we were just riding bikes around the neighborhood.

It's cool that these kids are doing it, but mountain biking is getting the Woodward treatment. Tony Hawk's first 900 was sick because he practiced it in skate parks. I'm not impressed by a 11 year old doing a 900 that he learned over a foam pit at a camp that costs $3,200 a week to attend.
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 Oh. You jelly.

In all seriousness, there is something to this as far as access to proper jumps, parks and airbags, especially if you’re talking about tricks. But some of these kids are sending some pretty significant free ride terrain as well, and that’s not just sterile park stuff. I also will say that they all clearly spend a lot of time practicing and are clearly dedicated to their sport.
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 @Hogfly: Yeah, the only jumps we had were the secret ones the BMXers built and would chase us off of when we got caught. Now in Denver there are three outstanding public parks with jumps and slopestyle features better than 14 year old me could have dreamed of.

So happy they are there (both for myself and these kids) and it's sick seeing 14 year olds pull backflips, but the rate at which access has changed makes me feel old as hell, and I'm still super young. Stoked for my kids though.
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 Yeah, I'd find it much more inspiring to see someone start riding late in life and get really good
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 You do sound like a twat, These kids could be staring at a screen like most of their peers. This is how extreme sports progress. People spend decades attempting what was thought of as impossible until someone achieves it and everyone else realizes they can also do it. Look at the backflip, it was once an impossible trick and now any freestyle rider that wants to compete needs to be able to execute one. Check out The Rise of Superman if you want to know more. How about some positivity for how talented these kids are and recognition of how much our sport is progressing. I can't wait to see what these kids can do! Awesome round up!
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 you're missing a huge part of the equation, these kids have a way higher mountain to climb to be competitive when they are older. Not only due to the increased volume of skilled riders but also due to the crazy high ceiling of skills that have been developed. Imagine being 9 years old and wanting to be a slopestyle rider but knowing you need to do opposite 720s just to be even considering having a chance.
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 @ipreferdirt: Truth. And if you don't live somewhere with access to an airbag or foam pit, you have almost zero chance. That's why, even though my son loves the thought of slopestyle, he's started to gravitate to racing and freeride instead (though he still loves jumping and learning tricks, he just can't progress at the same speed as someone with a bag).
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 @Hogfly: A lake jump can be a decent substitute for a air bag. Depending on the season of course. Just a thought.
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 Personally, I hate the rebuttal of "if only I had an airbag". It's called progression of the sport. Happened in skiing, snowboarding, surfing, moto, and virtually every mainstream sport like baseball, soccer, and basketball. Idk people in the mtb world get so butt hurt about kids who have access to facilities to progress their riding. Sure know that the people that came before you were complaining about how their progression was a lot slower. As technology increases so do our access to that technology. All we young people hear are whining adults hollering the classic line "back in my day"
  • 6 1
 @CoffeeHouseMedia: Haha well said buddy!
  • 3 1
 @hardcore-hardtail: You also sound a little twatty. Just because kids are throwing backflips and bar spins doesn't mean "most" of them aren't out living their best lives. Not to mention the shade you're throwing at young kids who are only capable of being involved the the activities their parents provide the opportunity for.

OP sounds a little jealous, yes, but you sound like a 30 something working part time duty as a spite filled boomer.
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 It's just a shame that a lot of kids who don't have parents who can afford a decent MTB or a season pass to the nearby bike park will still miss out. Like a lot of 'extreme' sports it heavily biased towards those who are better off in society.
  • 8 3
 @johnnyboy11000: so untrue it's funny. The "rich kids" of mtb almost never make it in the long run. Passion or drive for a sport doesn't come from wealth. Don't get me wrong, a helping hand can make a difference but almost all of today's pro's didn't get handed their position on a silver platter. There's always a backstory to a lot of these kids that obviously a quick video clips can't convey. I personally know Jacob and Sam and they are some of the most genuine dudes out there and work extremely hard for their progression. Emil Johansson is a great example. Man learned most of his riding on one medium sized mulch jump. If anything social media has allowed more underprivileged kids get noticed.
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 I can kinda see both sides of it.....I do sorta agree with you but at the same time it is progression, all sports do it. It's hard to compare generations, we can't compare what Tony did with the 900 to what kids are doing today, in his time, in his era it was epic. I remember the first time I saw a backflip on a BMX bike in the movie RAD!, mind blown, they practiced it on dirt and ramps at the time. Same for moto, the first guys doing backflips didn't have foam pits or bags....Carey Hart tried and 'sorta' landed the first one to dirt in a competition after never really attempting one before, that takes massive have it MUCH easier.

I don't personally like seeing kids sending huge booters and drops....the pain and suffering that we had to go through tempers our view of what we should be doing, these kids didn't have to live that and may not be as close to the reality of the consequences either, especially at their age.

One key difference I think (I don't have kids!) is most of 'us' older generation folk wanted to be good and had very little recognition and lived through lots of pain to get there, we were highly internally motivated. With the younger crowd things are different they have mentors in their parents, other folks pushing them and teaching them, they are massively influenced by social media (positive and negative)....we'll see if they stick with it and continue to push the limits as they get older...
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 As the father of a kid who took the training wheels off at 4 and was sending 3's at the city concrete skate park at 12 and surpassed my ability hitting prolines at Whistler at 15 I am thankful he has a community that is positive, physical and outdoors. I am also thankful that my son and I get to share a passion. He is privileged to have a father who loves to ride bikes and has the means to support it. I would ask all of the "I never had a airbag" folks would they want their kid to have access to one? If your child loved to ride like you do what wouldn't you do to support them? I don't think this is a jealous of the next generation thing. We all know riding bikes makes life worth living and these kids just found that out sooner the us and in a world that supports that passion better. I call this progress. I hope more kids find their way to the mountain bike, BMX, dirt jump, messing around in the woods with your friends on bikes promised land.
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 These kids are out there sending it and your crusty old ass is just on the computer finding something to complain about. Go ride man.
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 @me2menow: haha! I don’t really know how you could practice for the drop I hit. Just send it man that’s all i can say to all of u.
  • 3 1
 @hardcore-hardtail: THIS! Say whatever u will about better grom bikes, opportunities for progression, or whatever, but the point is these kids are ripping and pushing the envelope in a day when many parents are signing their kids up for Coding Camp... Whatever the F that is! More bikes, fewer computers, more dirt, less tech, all fun!
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 Did you even play Lucy’s clip? Dynamite.
  • 2 2
 @CoffeeHouseMedia: I think you & I may have a different definition of "underprivileged". I'm referring to people who can barely afford clothes and food - and there are plenty of them in the world unfortunately. Those who can only dream of being able to afford such luxuries as a bike, or the time to learn how to ride it well.

Also I never said anything about today's pros not having to work hard for it, so I don't know where you pulled that from.
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 @CoffeeHouseMedia: I agree. I think the future pros will need both aspects; wealth, or at least space to build the right training ground, AND the mental side of it all. One of the local Air Rec Center 15 year olds is already sending flip whip to bar spins, cork 720s etc on the mulch jump there. Does having an indoor training facility with an air bag, mulch jumps, dirt jumps, and a skatepark at your disposal help? Yes, but it all means nothing if you don't have the drive and kahunas to get the tricks done.
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 Your just embarrassed that a 12 year old who in-fact does not have access to a foam pit is better than you could ever hope to be. A twat is what you are go hit the massive drops and do the jibs these kids were doing. Now get off the internet since your an adult and find or build your nearest jump and get to progression you sorry excuse for a mountain biker... no offense
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 Having access and good gear doesn’t mean you will have the desire to send and practice every day. What’s to say you wouldn’t be one of the millions of kids getting fat in front of a TV?
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 Well this Lucy Vaneesteren kid is an ultimate badass.
  • 10 0
 Put them all in Rampage next year and turn it into a reality TV show; Grom Rampage.
  • 6 0
 Grompage is a thing... or was pre-COVID. The Outlaw kids basically just had it again with their team a month or so ago as well, I think. At least they were all out in the area.
  • 2 1
 No more reality shows please. We've seen enough people changing tires
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 @Hogfly: I’m an outlaw kid haha
  • 9 0
 This is both inspiring and depressing lol
  • 5 0
 they are all better than any of the privateers... i think! although not seen any of them rid a bike yet! next week how to oil a chain like a pro
  • 1 0
 Hah! Very true!
  • 2 0
 I see Sebastian @ bline all the time. Kid has progressed so much in just the past year or so. He's close to 360 double-truck which just seems crazy for a nine yr old. Big props to "Papa" who spends a huge amount of time with him there (under 12 requires adult supervision).
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 been following that kid since his first post! hes got a bright future!
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 Honestly, I am as old as these guys, and I work my ass off every summer just to get a couple of days in at a bike park on my beaten up cross country bike. Some kids have it served it to them on a gold platter but 95 percent of us have to actually work to do what we love. Ill never have access to an airbag or foam pit but I can sure as hell work on my tricks at on my handbuilt trails. All I'm saying is I doubt if we all started from the same place in life these guys would be as good as they are. Gotta give them credit for their riding tho.
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 The early talent these days is remarkable. The young blood cometh.

I do think it's the rider not [necessarily] the bike for the most part; however, technology certainly has to have played a role.
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 Imma let you finish Pinkbike, but everyone knows @flogan_mtb needs to be on here Smile
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 defenetly! pinkbike needs to jump on some of us Midwest and OZ groms!
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 Thanks man! Drop was quite a huck haha
  • 1 0
 So sick dude!
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 This was rad. Too many kids are sending tricks into airbags and claiming them as legit.
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 So much sickness in these! That rock slab is insane!
  • 2 0
 Wow... these kids shred.. here’s to getting off the couch and getting outside!
  • 1 0
 Is Erice the lil girl from a viral video a few years ago, shredding the rotorua trails on a pink bike? Think she was riding with her big brother
  • 2 0
 VIew this comment on Instagram.
  • 1 0
 Now...put them on a Proflex and see how good they are! I still LOVE to see these kids killing it. Very fortunate.
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 They're kids ripping and having a blast doing so. Why hate on them at all?
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 All these bike park kids are crushing it. I enjoyed the tow in video. Love seeing that stuff. Pass it down.
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 Good on 'em, having fun is rad and being good at rad fun is radder.
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 Cool skills, bad music

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