Social Round Up: Nerves & Excitement Before the First of the Season - Nove Mesto World Cup XC 2020

Sep 29, 2020
by Sarah Moore  
Jolanda Neff

Kate Courtney

Anton Cooper

Mathias Fluekiger

Emily Batty

Stephane Tempier

Pauline Ferrand Prevot

Peter Disera

Haley Smith

Yana Belomoina

Anne Terpstra

Henrique Avancini

Gerhard Kershbaumer

Rebecca McConnell

Malene Degn

Notable Absences: Catharine Pendrel is expecting and will not be racing and Lea Davison has made the decision not to compete in Europe this season.

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 As a race-starved fan who has never watched an XC race, can someone break down the format for me? Like basic stuff, is there qualifying? What is an XCC/XCO/whatever? What parts can we stream/what are the important parts to watch?
  • 16 0 has an article and some great videos on the basics, but here we go:
- XCC is a short track (1 km) race with 7-8 laps. The finishing order will determine the starting order for the "big race". One row includes 8 racers, and the first row is the most important.
- XCO is the real race itself, with a 3-5 km long lap, and 5-8 laps.
- Women do less laps than men, and the whole race is about one and a half hour long (XCC is 15-20 minutes only). And both races are exciting! Smile
- You should pay special attention to...
...the start, where they sprint for the best position before getting to the narrower parts of the track.
...the (double) tech zone, where refreshments are handed out, and tech problems are repaired. Some racers use this to gain advantage on their "resting" opponents.
...the downhills, where better racers can get some advantage.
...the climbs, where the real action happens. This is where riders start their attacks, or just simply push brutally to tire the others.
Nove Mesto is probably the best XCO track out there, with rock gardens, jumps, pump tracks, roots, but you will only see its whole beauty during the XCO race, not the XCC. The crowd is also frantic, but this year we have to miss it.
Also, check out the "who to watch" feature on Red Bull, to get a basic idea of the better-known racers.
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 @MarcusMTB: Thanks so much! 2020 has thrown a lot of curve balls so far, but getting stoked to watch some XC might be the most unexpected!
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 @N-60: in you're in for a surprise, xc racing is awesome!
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 La Bresse 2018, women's XCO. One of the most exciting races ever! Watch this....

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 I would find these athletes more relatable if their bicycle social media presence was a handle and a tiny flag and a thumbnail photo. This instagram stuff is just too much, the pro portraiture, the curated lifestyle glimpses, the pretend intimacy. I don't get how people can habitually scroll stuff this heavy and not have it burn them out. You're the best that ever did it, PB!
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 Emily Batty is beautiful even with mud all over her face. Go get em Girl!!!!
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 Diggin' Anton's sweet mullet!
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 Its a race, the beauty is all in the winning, not the grinning.
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 Jolanda should race in baggies.
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 good job the ladies have their eye lashes done to keep the mud out of their eyes :-)
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 Kinda forgot about Kate...I feel like she's going to kill it.

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