Social Roundup II - Red Bull Rampage 2019

Oct 24, 2019
by Aidan Oliver  

It's the last day of practice at Red Bull Rampage and the riders have tested most of the lines. Check out all the first hits and behind the scenes action from Social Media.

Cam Zink

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Cam Zink foot plant spinning the start drop. Zink's line is full of heavy hits and he'll be the first rider down the hill.

Ethan Nell

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Ethan Nell's Hip at the top of the mountain allows him to go HUGE

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bigquotesStoked to have the fam out here in support

Andreu Lacondeguy

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Rampage rookie Bienvenido Aguado earned his spot through the Marzocchi proving grounds. Finding a new line at the venue has been tough, but Aguado said "I'm happy to be here, I'm grateful and ready to send it."

Reece Wallace

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Reece Wallace's line still isn't finished, but he got on the bike yesterday and flipped his drop at the top.

Juan Salido

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bigquotesLine is working great, only one more feature to test and we’ll be ready for finals.

Carson Storch

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Carson Storch looked super comfortable straight away and has been flipping and spinning his way down the majority of his features.

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bigquotesFeelin good, havin' fun.

DJ Brandt

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DJ Brandt got a big surprise in the pits yesterday. He was given a Rockstar helmet.

400 [Failed to load instagram embed]

Tyler McCaul

400 [Failed to load instagram embed] McCaul sent his huge drop yesterday. One of the gnarliest moves on the hill. McCaul is about three feet from the edge of his drop.

bigquotesGot triple dipper on the penny today. Gotta say, having Josh Bender scream the wind status to you as you’re rolling into a drop is pretty f*ckin rad

400 [Failed to load instagram embed]

Szymon Godziek

400 [Failed to load instagram embed] Godziek was the first person this year to hit the HUGE Price is Right drop. Kyle Strait, Reed Bogs and Tom Van Steenbergen have all hit it since.

400 [Failed to load instagram embed]
bigquotesGot my best support come to the zone today. Got a sick practice on my line too. And we got a picture with the legend @thebendersender.

400 [Failed to load instagram embed]

Kyle Strait
400 [Failed to load instagram embed]
bigquotesHappy to knock this big girl off today! Measured out at 70FT. Craziest feeling being in the air for that long.

Vincent Tupin

400 [Failed to load instagram embed]
Vinny T has been stomping his lines and oozing style all week.

Graham Agassiz

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bigquotesGot to blast the bottom jump this morning before the wind kicked up and shut us down for the rest of the day. Buffed out the rest of the line ready for tomorrow though... huge thanks to all the boys for all the hard work up and down this entire line.

Emil Johansson

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bigquotesMy first rampage bike is ready to get the tires in the dirt out here. Could not be more happy about how this Swedish Air Force themed custom paint turned out. Number 99’ on the head tube for my year of birth. @trekraceshop x @ericheth never disappoints | can’t thank all the sponsors involved in getting this bike ready on such a short notice!

Brendan Fairclough

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bigquotesA few from yesterday’s windsurfing sesh. New day and unfortunately its canyon test day ????

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  • 37 22
 "BUT ITS TOO SMOOTH! ITS A GLORIFIED SLOPE COMP!" - said all ignorant arm-chair fanboys with zero understanding of how f*cking massive and gnarly this is.

This is shaping up to be the best Rampage yet. I cannot wait!!!
  • 23 1
 this line is getting more played out than "it looks like a session"
  • 1 1
 I like the rawer lines and am sometimes disappointed they don't score higher. That said the tricks are cool too and you can't expect these guys to send huge tricks and flips off of raw untamed lines. If anything I wish there were a contest more up my alley of what I enjoy, not to say Rampage isn't a blast to watch no matter how the judging skews.
  • 1 0
 these riders make it smooth = doesn't mean its easy Smile
they are the best of the best so f*ck trolls
  • 2 0
 its almost like, if all the riders are happy and hyped to compete... maybe it doesnt matter what "WE" think...
  • 1 1
 Anybody else on their safari browser and just see a page full of “view post on Instagram”? Major ugh.
  • 1 1
 Anyone know what pedals Brendog is using?
  • 7 0
 Probably his own? DMR Vault Brendog? Or did you spot something different?
  • 6 0
 I'm not sure if this your question is sarcasm, but it looks like he's on the DMR Vault pedal. I think him and Lacondaguy both have signature models of that pedal, or did at one point. Five Ten or Troy Lee posted something about Brendog being in the new signature shoe colab too.
  • 1 6
flag freeride2020 (Oct 24, 2019 at 16:11) (Below Threshold)
 Something Deity. Looks kind of like a Black Kat.
  • 4 0
 DMR Vault.His signature pedal
  • 8 0
 He only needs one pedal apparently..

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