Social Round Up - Rampage 2019 Dig Days

Oct 20, 2019
by Ed Spratt  

The 2019 edition of the Red Bull Rampage is almost upon us so let's take a look at what the riders have been up to after the first few days of digging.

Cam Zink

Brett Rheeder

bigquotesFirst dig day with the crew! Lots of rock to get through if we want this jump to work out mid mountain. Thankful to have the same crew with me as last year.
Stoked to get back out there tomorrow morning to help out Andreu Lacondeguy work on some of our lower stuff.

bigquotesAnother day same rock! Building day 4 underway.

Andreu Lacondeguy

bigquotesDay2 here at Red Bull Rampage and pretty stoked on the build, the line is looking so good, stoked on building some more on the next days with such a crew

Reece Wallace

bigquotesRampage has been crazy this year. Building in a tapped-out zone has been challenging. Most of the ideal and obvious terrain has already been spoken for. We’re weaving between everyone else’s existing lines and having to be a bit more creative. My crew is killing it and it’s starting to come together.

Juan Salido

bigquotesScouting day was a success, found a sick line to start working on today.

bigquotesFrom dusk till dawn. Some of the hardest days I’ve had, but the outcome is completely worth it. Can’t wait to see my line done and start testing.

Carson Storch

bigquotesThe line is coming together with some much-needed upgrades, getting excited to ride!

Ethan Nell

DJ Brandt

Thomas Genon

Tyler McCaul

bigquotesThe diggin’s good. So nice having water access on the hill. Line’s comin along nicely!

Kyle Strait

bigquotesCrazy to think this is my 14th Rampage. 14 times I’ve come out here to dig in the desert and I still love it. Stoked on Day 1 of digging.

Szymon Godziek

bigquotesAmazing days in the desert. Cant wait to start riding my line on monday.

Vincent Tupin

Graham Agassiz

bigquotesGettin’ it done with the team out here in the desert for Day 1, smashing rock and slappin’ dirt. Back out there for more today, just after another cup of coffee.

bigquotesDay 4 update, was a very productive day, got our line nearly completed. Definitely ready for this rest day tomorrow, but getting stoked to start testing things out on Monday!

Emil Johansson

bigquoteslong day digging from sunrise til sunset up at the mountain!

bigquotesno dig no ride, day 3 of digging out here at rampage. the boys are killing it, the line is coming together slowly... body is sore already

Brendan Fairclough

bigquotesTooled up ready for Red Bull Rampage day 1. The canyon gap is getting a face lift. She big.

bigquotesHaving a time out here with Bill and Ben. Still nothing from @therock unfortunately... Olly Wilkins


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 It was cruel for me to see what happened to the terrain in Utah last year: perfect, wide, smoothed highways and curves carved into the mountain! Yes, it's steep!
But I hope the team that creates the most natural line and makes the most of the local conditions, will get an extra prize!
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 So you’re basically saying, that Brendog should get an extra prize
  • 37 3
 His score made it evident that his type of line just isn't credited by whatever improved judging criteria they're using. Hopefully they made some changes. Again.
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 Leave the mountain as natural as possible. There should be a limit of dirt moving. And points for untouching should be added to style speed etc
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 Yeah, perfect wide and smoothed out highways which is why the best riders on the planet are scared to ride these lines.... must be because they're too perfect, wide and smoothed out....
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 You guys don’t understand how gnarly this is. If they didn’t pack it in then rampage would be 25 foot drops with no tricks and people will barley ride away. Then everyone would complain about how it’s not gnarly enough. This years terrain is not possible to ride down naturally.
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 I got diarrhea just looking at the exposure on those lines.
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 Sounds good to me @Hugo26:
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 Carson Storch disagrees with you on that one...
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 @SimbaandHiggins: Yep- saw that last night.......Basically he tells people on Pinkbike who are saying everything is too groomed to shut up and come out here and look at it, ........

This is at minute 12:39 in the video.
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 Yeah, highways on your phone sitting on your couch. This is universally accepted as the gnarliest event in biking. Save the spray.
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 @SimbaandHiggins: Carson is a f-ing amazing rider and so good to watch...but he’s describing smoothing it out so he can manual a section like it’s a pump track. Which is cool, if that’s what it’s about.

The question is should rampage be a super big, exposed slopestyle event OR an old school free ride event? People have different opinions on that.

Personally I’d like to keep seeing both styles and see people getting good points for both.
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 @Rm344231: Rampage 2018 was about 1000x cooler than Rampage 2001.

I'd rather see a new Rampage 2018, but slightly gnarlier than see another Rampage 2001. The idea that somebody like Sorge throwing a huge backflip on a 60 foot gap on top of a huge ridge with insane certain death exposure on either side with the wind blowing isn't "as gnarly" as what they were doing in 2001 is ludicrous. Watch Zink and Straits chute and tell me that isn't gnarlier than anything ridden in the first 10 years of rampage.

This "blahblahblah slope sucks" attitude is ridiculous. The last few Rampages have been sphincter tightening bonkers.
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 Do you also feel this way about highways? Do you fly airlines? Ever go camping?
Good lord
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 @Altron5000: Its about progression and riders pushing themselves to their limits. In other words, its not about spectators' crappy opinions who have zero context.
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 Agreed, this isn't a Slopestyle competition, it's big mountain freeride competition. Keep it as natural and technical as possible, and no extra scoring for combo tricks.Once again it's not Slopestyle. Of course the odd flip etc.. and the Rampage wouldn't be the same without Straits suicide no hander, but trick after trick should be kept to a Slopestyle course. Basically BRENDOG FOR THE WIN!! Last year his line was the most exciting to watch, and he still threw in a back flip. Come on Redbull get it right.
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 @Hugo26: brendog for the win !
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 go there, go to the top, look down, and then STFU.
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 I do think the term "natural" is used pretty loosely when it comes to rampage. Most of the lines are pretty buffed and many of the jumps and landings for the big drops are essentially built from scratch. I think "natural" at this point has just become a term that means built from or covered in dirt. A jump or landing that's built entirely of sandbags is not natural.

BUT.... that doesn't mean that its not still f*cking gnarly or awesome. Allowing more build time and the creation of these type lines has allowed the riders to do bigger and crazier things each year. No its not Rampage 2002, but that's OK. Things evolve.
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 Nobody is saying that slopestyle is lame - it's damn impressive and you're absolutely right I wouldn't attempt any of it. I think people just want to see better scoring for gnarly lines. Yes, all the lines are gnarly, but some are gnarlier than others whether that is through exposure, speed, gradient, etc.
If Brendogs line had been scored higher everyone would be happier, even if he hadn't won... Perhaps the coverage could do a better job of conveying how the scores are calculated, with Cathro style analysis of the different chutes (etc) as to why one is more difficult than the other? (Get Cathro in!)
One of the things I have always liked about Rampage is the variety of riders, such as Brendog or Atherton, because I like seeing their alternative styles. If they don't reward those riders with a respectable score why would they bother risking their careers/lives for the event? I personally believe the event is better for those alternatives...
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 Brendog ftw
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 if he flips that booter over the 55... he has to!
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 He's going to backflip it. They revamped the takeoff completely to be perfect for that. I cannot wait.
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 Somewhere, somehow, Norbz is getting robbed.
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 Every year during the build days, I have the same thought.... SAFETY GLASSES PEOPLE!!!!!
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 safety glasses safety squints
  • 5 0
 @vtracer: Rule #1, safety 3rd
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 I want to know more about Aggys Evil
  • 5 1
 Seriously. Only 151 mm of travel in the back?!
  • 1 1
 Or is riding something we don’t know about?!?
  • 3 0
 Looks like it’s an Insurgent with a dual crown. Shock looks too short to be anything new
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 @wilbersk: It's a Wreckoning, so 161mm in the back. I want to know if it's a 29er fork with the 27.5 wheels or the 27.5" fork.
  • 1 0
 Anyone knows how much in front? Is it an actual 200mm or a custom 180mm?
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 @Rideuse67: He said 200mm fork so I'd assume that. Also he mentioned it had been custom tuned, I'd guess that means more progression and if it's a custom link, I'd also guess they bumped the travel up a bit over the stock 16t1mm.
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 @tgent: thanks (my ears are not good enough to understand without subtitles).
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 Imagine everyone had to create a new line each year... I feel for the new guys.
  • 3 26
flag onemanarmy Plus (Oct 20, 2019 at 9:40) (Below Threshold)
 Everyone is building new lines.
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 Yea hard to see how they aren’t at a pretty big disadvantage.
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 @onemanarmy: They most definitely are not building new lines.

Agree it would be hard to be new, but I also like the "veteran advantage" of it not being your first year at such a crazy event. Also to make things easier on the new guys, often they do ride existing rider's lines after getting permission of course.
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 @tgent: New no. But they're all out there working their butts off improving/changing their lines. Building new elements. Example.... Reed's line didn't score that well. He's building a lot of new stuff.
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 Can’t believe Deakinators Foot Long Log didn’t make the cut.
Also Odub pick-axing to some Firestarter made my day.
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 @PeteRepka lol typed my comment before reading yours...Terrifying
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 Damn Lacondeguy's bike is a work of art! sooo sick in desert camo and sending it for Jordie no doubt Rough AF \m/
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 Everyone, call out @therock, he needs to go help Brendan.
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 Lol- people #seriously debated last year that if Dwayne The Rock would have gave BrenDawg a legit “shout out” on social media ......his score would have being 10-15 points higher and he would have podiumed __ just by virtue of Dwayne Johnson’s #clout
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 @SirWonky: Dam rights
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 Thank you for doing this. I was trying to find them all myself and this is much easier
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 Video. 5:43. I really thought it was just noobs that leave their bikes in the middle of the trail and walk away. Shitty enough on standard trail. Absurd on cliffs.
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 Lol I saw that too and facepalmed
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 One of the biggest things I’ve seen so far is Deakins chocolate log he made for o dubs insta. Can’t unsee unfortunately
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 So funny !!
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 Simon's NS is one bad machine.
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 Mabye someone can answer a question for me here. If the rampage stream starts at say ten o'clock my time, how long before the first rider drops? Like is there an hour of talking or 5 minutes?
Odd question but trying to plan my viewing
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 I am loving all this Rampage info. DJ's video was really great as we got to know him and his crew, sort of. Also gotta say horse with no name was a deadly pic.
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 Raw Gambler looks magnificent... with a rusty chain as a colour highlight!
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 Go watch Zink's video on youtube, he has taken grass to the event for relaxing on. Matt Jones also has a great video showing riders features
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 Finally!! where have these post been!!
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 We have site access now so you’ll start to see coverage rolling in soon!
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 DJ, what a dude. stay safe and hope you win it.
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 Zink's clip ; at 4:53 => TOP 3 "GO PRO BEST LINE"
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 question is, has anybody actually ever seen carson's torch?
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 Did I spy a 911 in Cam’s garage?!
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 Huge Porche fan but funny there is a 700 plus hp Jeep Helcat lcoming out that is faster. Want to see someone bust a 10 second 1/4 with a DH bike hitch rack.
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 @jorgeposada: you have to let go of the HP factor if you buy a Porsche, every half sporty common street car has as much HP as a Porsche (350+), you buy one for the whole childhood driving experience. And for us, can’t own one without another steed to haul the bikes unless you add racks!
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 @GnarAZ: I appreciated what your saying but numbers are already in. Plus I was driving a 911 before you were born. Anything else is Chinatown
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 This is true prognarcore, all the bro-brahs and core-ha’s unite to shred the gnar to the gills and w/o turner bikes 29dhr?
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 Brendog FTW
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 jony salido rules¡¡¡¡
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 I spy new Hope V4 Caliper Smile
  • 2 1
 Grow the fuck up!
  • 3 4
 Kyle Strait is going to win this shit.
  • 2 3
 Is Cam Zink rocking an eventually new D4 ? damn it looks fresh ! at 4.20 ?
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 Where you been sleeping?
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