Social Roundup: Final Prep - Red Bull Rampage 2018

Oct 26, 2018
by Aidan Oliver  

With most of the digging done, riders spent yesterday afternoon trying to get through their lines. Check out the photo epic here from yesterday's practice sessions.

Wind has delayed the finals by an hour (they're scheduled to start at 11:00 am PDT). In the meantime check out some of the social media posts from riders hitting the first lines below!

Bas Van Steenbergen was on a heater yesterday but we have reports he is out after a crash yesterday.

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After multiple crashes and a reoccurring shoulder injury Cam Zink has pulled out of finals

MENTIONS: @redbullbike


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 Wait a second... you guys removed the voice of freeride.... probably the most knowledgeable person on the planet in regards to rampage history and the current riders.... and replaced them with these two dudes?

Hey redbull... Sal doesn't need to do every one of your events....
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 Can't upvote this comment enough.
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 What do we want? Knowledgeable announcers.
When do we want them? NOW!
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 Bring back CAM MCCAUL!!!!!!!!
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 Are you sure Cam isn't announcing?
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 @slayerdegnar: I just saw Sal in the pre-show and got upset.
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 @slayerdegnar: I hope so. But the preshow stuff isn't him so far. Maybe they'll switch over to Cam when the event goes? Or maybe he'll be out on course? I don't know.
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 @slayerdegnar: in the horrendously boring pre-show yesterday they said Aaron Chase is announcing. Should be great.
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 @north-shore-bike-shop: Better than Sal but he's still no Cam. I guess they wanted to get someone from their Redbull roster in the seat....
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 Fuck. They should have Cam and Claw do it live, then let whoever do it for the TV masses.
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 So that accidental bounce that Remy did is probably still bigger than anything I've ever done intentionally.
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 I like the still shot. Call that the rototiller
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 I just like the dutty sound the lay-dee holding the camera makes. Oooooooohohoh
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 \m/ SLAYER @%^&*$# SLAYER \m/
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 Raining Strait!!
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 Strait into the abyss
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 Kyle Strait wins social media with that post.
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 Especially with that song!!!!
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 @petrospit: Oh f*ck yes. Everything about that was so right, sending it, the vans, the music, Strait even has original avid codes on his bike. It feels like a piece of lost NWD footage to me. I've literally watched it like 20 times now.
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 Every year there seems to be wind delays, why don't they do this event earlier in the year?
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 Too hot
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 Or earlier in the day. Get the golden light and have calm conditions.
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 You don’t want to be down there earlierthan now, it’s frying hot. That area usually doesn’t get much snow during the winter.
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 Damn wind delay means I have to get another hour of work done before I slack off and watch Rampage for the rest of the day. The kids can teach themselves anyway...
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 Windy day out there.
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 I just want the winner to be the rider with the LEAST manicured looking run. They give them this awesome looking mountain, and all you end up seeing is dirt-jump lips everywhere Frown
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 Probably just that 30 foot gaps make 8 inch pebbles just vanish on the screen
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 Judging ratio of RBR.. do you mean

Gnarly : Slopestyle : Smooth
60 : 20 : 20
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 Go ride it on your dirt jump bike then
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 Wind wind poxy wind

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