Social Round Up: Snow Bike World Championships 2024

Feb 12, 2024
by Ed Spratt  
The first-ever Snow Bike World Championships have been and gone with riders taking on the slopes of Châtel across Super G and Dual Slalom formats. Coverage has been hard to find over the weekend so we have looked through social media to pull together some of the action from the riders.


Henry Kerr

Vincent Tupin

Danny Hart

Harry Molloy

Scott Beaumont

Ben Moore

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 This is not mountain biking, however you sugarcoat it.
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flag mcfadden999 (Feb 12, 2024 at 4:46) (Below Threshold)
 It’s biking on a mountain, it’s more mtb than xc is
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 If only a product existed that could do this. Something that could carve through snow, and cost a fraction of a DH bike.
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 this is embarrassing...
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 @mcfadden999: it's also more mtb than a double backflip off a wood ramp onto a man made landing.
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 @mcfadden999: you've obviously newer ridden a descent on a wc xc course, the Les Gets one is hairy enough on the DH yoke in riot gear never mind a xc bike n lycra.
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 Don't worry, global warming is "fortunately" gonna kill that shit pretty soon.
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 @danstonQ: Don't mention global warming. You'll only bring the usual dumb-f*cks out.
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 @rojo-1: A contraption does exist, it's called a ski-bike. It has skis instead of round rubber things and is far more stable on the snow.
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 @ahhsit: you're so close, and yet so far.
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 @rojo-1: Maybe FIS will start a summer race series on mud and rocks!
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 @bat-fastard: don't bother, he's just a troll. He goes from one website to another writing dumb stuff just to get any attention.
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flag mcfadden999 (Feb 12, 2024 at 13:18) (Below Threshold)
 @pooceq: I’m just spitting truths, ignore me at your peril
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flag mcfadden999 (Feb 12, 2024 at 13:48) (Below Threshold)
 @zoobab2: like I’m a totally going to believe the globalist media machine known as the guardian, I’ve got a pandemic to sell ya if you want
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 Don't worry. This is how 4 Cross will end up in the Winter Olympics. Due to the Climate Crisis, Ski Resorts are looking for ways to stay in business, and Snow Biking still works when there are bare patches of dirt or tire tracks cut down to the dirt. And just like with skiing, they started with slalom, but now they have groomers building berms and jumps for Ski Cross.
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 @mcfadden999: LOL, that comment is even dumber than this new cycling discipline.
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flag mcfadden999 (Feb 12, 2024 at 17:21) (Below Threshold)
 @WhateverBikes: fine be a sheep, I’m trying not to free you from the illusionary world we’ve been force fed for too long
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 @mcfadden999: "I bought a product without having skills to properly use it, hence the product bad" sort of truths?

I don't imagine your credentials of climate research are any better than your mountain biking credentials and that does not seem to be a very high bar
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flag mcfadden999 (Feb 12, 2024 at 22:42) (Below Threshold)
 @pooceq: no I bought a cascade components link and didn’t like it. Cascade being the shady operation they are deleted my review and blocked me from all social media.
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 @mcfadden999: put the tinfoil hat away man. Planet is suffering and we caused it/sped it up if it is indeed a natural cycle. You can't pump Million/Billions of tonnes of CO2 into the sky without having some repercussions.

Unless you think the earth IS indeed flat, and you think it will escape out the sides?.....
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flag mcfadden999 (Feb 13, 2024 at 8:55) (Below Threshold)
 @steviestokes: literally all that co2 was once in the air. The data has been rigged so that governments can tax us all to hell in the name of saving the planet
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 clowns playing in the snow!!! The is no income for enduro Racing but for this stupid investment!!!!
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 @commental: Such as me lol.
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 not a single jump or berm... just ski(slide)biking... WTF
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 So we assumed that snowbiking got more UCI interest becuase it can be covered with already existent cameras, positions and stuff - which did not happen and things were only popping up on the very bad social accounts of the UCI.
Well again: thank you for absolutely nothing UCI. Kill this nonsense sport and invest the ressources in DH or Enduro!
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flag HenkkaK (Feb 12, 2024 at 5:17) (Below Threshold)
 Seems like UCI has taken off something from you personally while you are so negative. This was fun to watch, you dont have to take it so seriously.
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 @HenkkaK: man... let me explain why this is serious... there's now a completely new discipline that:
nobody was asking for + that bikes are not made for + that is not as cool to watch as "normal" mtb + aaaaaaand that's giving world champ's jersey and titles...
all wasting money for the beautiful mtb races that we could normally have (but we don't have anymore) all around the world to share and streghten the sport.

Plus NO coverage at all, which sounded like the only advantage of this discipline being in a restricted area ( like downhill tracks ).

i would take this seriously. i'd do it. mainly because THIS was made by the main mtb race organization in the world.
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 @HenkkaK @VittoSTOKE and remember that this tomfoolery is taking budget away from the core mountain bike disciplines. To see EDR fall to pieces, and then the UCI promotes THIS… it’s a slap in the face.
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flag HenkkaK (Feb 12, 2024 at 11:44) (Below Threshold)
 @blissindex: you have no idea how UCI finanzed the race, how much it costs, how much Chatel paid…
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 @HenkkaK: well I know it wasn’t free!
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Did I get this right?
You're advising that we do like the UCI, i.e. not take mountain biking seriously

Ok. Buddy.
Absolutely valid take. Wrong audience

By the way, UCI is a greedy bunch. They can suck on a bag of dicks.

I'm riding more than ever, don't take it as seriously as in the past and enjoy it more. The UCI still treats MTB like the red-headed step child.
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 @VittoSTOKE: and the fact that the first ever event was world champs! I have no problem if someone wants to organize this kind of sillyness, it looks like a lot of fun! But this needs to be a Red Bull goofing event/series, not worlds...
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 @hirvi: That is not the first ever event. There has been races in the snow for years already and a french championship a few weeks ago.
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 @opignonlibre: yep. Eric Barone has been pushing this for years. Unfortunately the UCI didn't approach him to organise the world champs considering his experience, although he's been quite vocal about his relief not to be involved with this particular race.
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 Why kill it? Sometimes the worst ideas are the best.
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 So no one racing enduro gets to wear rainbow stripes but this people do...
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flag johniep (Feb 12, 2024 at 6:14) (Below Threshold)
 How is enduro any better or more deserving?
Let us have an xc race but not time the climbs. That way you can ride a bike that descends better than an xc bike so you will not need to hone in those skills. You can also rest before the next DH section with no penalty.
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 @johniep: i respect your opinion, but i'll give you mine: enduro is not XC with less focus on climbs. Enduro is downhill, BUT you still gotta bring your big bike up the hill with your legs! it's the best thing for riding not in a circuit like XC or supercross or others.. we have lots of examples of this "formula" in other fields too, like WRC, or enduro with dirtbikes. Transictions are not timed but stages are...
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 @johniep : Shouldn't the question be "How is snow biking more deserving of rainbow stripes?" Afterall enduro mtb is something many of us actually do on a regular basis, plus there have been many big races and worldcup like racing series for a long time. Snowbiking on the other hand is practiced on a regular basis by how many people? And there are how many big events/ series of it?

Now I am not against snowbiking in various forms but rainbow stripes are traditionally highly valued in the biking community, they can accelerate careers!
Snowbiking just seems like a fun little idea that is possibly entertaining to watch but in my opinion not deserving of rainbow stripes, especially not compared to enduro mtb!

Why not make it a Crankworx like snow event or something? Have the super G and slalom races, add some dirt jumping and whip contest or whatever entertaining thing you can think of.
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 @johniep: Have you raced at all? Saying Enduro isn’t deserving of a world champs is a crazy stance to take. It’s been around for a while and is incredibly challenging. Especially with the multiple race day format. And the climbs might not be timed but there are time constraints that can be challenging to meet. And dude, just because you have 50mm more travel than an xc bike doesn’t mean riding the downhill stages is a walk in the park, especially at race pace.
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 There are better and way faster tools for snow than bikes…
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 A bin bag,a cushion and some duct tape.
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 Plastic bin bag for one.
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 Try Googleing Jack Jumper.
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 And if you wanted to mix snow and bikes, this is the dumbest way possible.

This is "slalomn skiing but with bikes instead of skiis" and it's dumb. Bikes make terrible slalom skis.

Even if you believe that we need "wintertime biking on snow" as an event (I'm not sure we do), there are much better options if the UCI wanted to make something that was actually compelling to watch.

Fatbike XC courses would be pretty similar to standard XC racing fundamentals (power, lungs, positioning, tech skills, bike tech, etc.) but in a unqiue format.

If you wanted to borrow something from ski racing, "skiercross but on bikes" would be wild. Sort of like Dual Slalom, but with bigger and more elaborate courses. Maybe run them on those wacky bikes with skis intstead of tires to make it even more like skiiercross.

Or, IDK, just let snow be the domain of skiing, and weird old guys with beards who like to ride their fatbikes through snowy woods. (It's me. I'm the weird old guy).
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 The revenge of the skiers:
FIS Gras Skiing World Championship (
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 Extreme skiing on Bandini Mountain:
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 I'm a rainbow striped world champ! Yes sir but at what discipline? It doesn't matter I'm a world champ.
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 Snow biking : An insult to us all.
Megavalanche : Let's go bruh!
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 I feel like there’s a difference. This world champs felt so odd. As one of the captions says, one guy podiumed on his second day riding on snow. Clearly not a very competitive field, and just a bizarre decision to declare world champs for such a small and niche event while removing funding from events like Enduro.

Megavalanche feels so unique and chaotic with the mass start on snow. At least it finishes on dirt single track too. I think people like Megavalanche for the absurdity and novelty and I think it requires a ton of skill, but nobody I’m aware of is calling for UCI to make a world champs of it.
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 @KaiaDaKilla: Yeah, snow only makes up a small percentage of the Mega track.
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 This is laughable as a bike sport. How about water biking next, or bike surfing UCI? We need more laughs.
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 Don't give them more Silly ideas, man...
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 I'd rather ride Chatel in summer than absolute trite like this. Speaking of Chatel in the summer, have an appointment with Chatel's Ric et Rac red trail this year. Want to clear the whole thing.
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 Châtel this weekend almost host the first "MudBike World champs".... It'll be a thing in next years...
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 In one jump?
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 Keep the hype up Josh, you never know, someone might give a shit about this one day. Maybe tell us about the millions of viewers this attracts in the hope you can actually get people to care about this BS.
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 still 49 days away from april fools
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 From benmooreracing "Guys racing with illegal bikes made it a bit deflating for those of us that stuck to the strict rules; and therefore, some of us had far less grip."

Could anyone give a bit more info for the instagram-less cave people here?
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 Probably spikes longer than 5mm
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 UCI had an opportunity to establish and build up actual snowbikes (aka bike frames with skiis) for such racing. They've been around for awhile and the engineering is getting better and better. Hill access is opening up. It could have actually developed into a sport. Actual snowbikes would make this interesting, at least to me, presuably they could go much faster and the focus would be on racing and not just staying upright. The footage of MTBs racing on snow looked awkward and relatively slow. Probably fun to muck about, but rainbows for a discipline that has nearly 0 grass roots participation and no training facilities? I scratch my head.
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 A world championships for a sport that literally no one does!
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 must be embarrasssing to wear a rainbow jersey from a discipline nobody cares about with no coverage and just one race in existence. bullsh...
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 Have none of you really ever raced a snow race? I don't know about being deserving of a World Champs jersey, but 4X and Dual Slalom on snow is a ton of fun. I know there are some East Coast guys here that have raced these before.
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 One of the arguments against a breakaway DH series is that the UCI would ban competitors from the world champs. I think the UCI has now debased the rainbow stripes enough to make that less of an issue.
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 Even Loic was giving the UCI shit about labeling this MTB on their IG channel. He may have deleted the comment, but it was to the effect of 'Come on now.. this isn't mountain biking. Put it on its own account.'
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 Tahnée Seagrave's comment is still up!
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 First of all, I want to say sorry to all competitors and winners in this discipline for what I am writing now, but I think it´s a complete mistake for the UCI to include this ridiculous thing into cycling. Seriously, was it necessary?
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 Yeah, it's painful to watch. But I have new idea for UCI: river biking. Imagine something like this but on downhill bikes! This surely will be a blast!
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 We'll just rig up those giant trikes they ride on lakes with two wheels and race them down class 5 rapids!
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 My gawd that dual slalom is lame af haha. Doesn't look fun to ride, definitely isn't fun to watch.... I bet this is a one and done event.
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 It looks like fun and all. And the calibre of the riders and I presume difficulty of the activity is without question. But the fact that this is an official UCI discipline bewilders me. This is riding a bike down a ski course.
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 I hear that adidas / 5.10 is releasing a MTB shoe with a P-Tex sole to make the tri-pod slide faster. Next year the discussion will be all about what wax you have on your shoes...
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 I mean to be honest I don't hate it. Looks fun, and maybe is a way to keep the ball rolling in the off-season (or you could organize dh races on the southern hemisphere....)
But it does sit weird having this suddenly pop up, with no real media behind it, noone knows what it's about, only a few pros went to ride, all this establishing a completely new format while the sport as a whole is in crisis mode?
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 What people don't know for a fact:
- UCI make a lot of money with these events. The resort/ venue and local authorities and government pay UCI to run their business. They (venue) have everything set and ready to go just need UCI to come and do what they do;
- 99% of the world doesn't know nothing about corruption. Now you have a glimpse how it works. Eg: snow bike world championship! Really?
- UCI is an organism like FIFA, FIA, IOC, FIBA etc and like any of them is ruled by on thing only: make a lot of money and pretended they care for the sport
- UCI will do no matter what to tell us they are doing it for the sport. To enlarge the support, the community, the riders, the disciplines but in fact they will try to make us to believe they are actually doing it for the food
- if you search around any sports history becomes clear that corruption is there to stay.
Money rule everything around you! Dollar dollar bills !
Sad but true
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 Studless category please !
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 You’re in it
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 This is 100% about trying to qualify this “sport” for the Winter Olympics.
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Châtel (France) bikepark is 32 kms from UCI Center in Aigle (Switzerland)...
Why don't you call it "UCI french-swiss artificial Snow Champs"???
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 Tell the NBA
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 I'm surprised no one has come up with the Olympics conspiracy theory yet. Why are they doing this? To get Downhill in the Olympics. In order to add a discipline into the Olympics you have to remove one. Which event do you remove?
OR... you can make downhill a winter sport. Only one catch, winter events must be on snow or ice. Currently the UCI is experimenting with cyclocross by adding a world cup on the snow as a tester for adding CycloCross to the winter Olympics... on the snow.
Want to add Downhill to the Olympics... We present to you the Snow Biking World Championships.
And no, none of this is likely to be true... OR IS IT?
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 Not sure it warrants a World Champ jersey at this point, but it certainly looks like fun! Traction looks good but not great and also fairly predictable, which means good drifts. If they did this at my local ski hill I think I'd give it a go. Waaaaay back in the old days, like 1991, A Basin in Colorado had a dual slalom race down a mogul run. After the first run, the brakes were blocks of ice and didn't work. It was a good time though!
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 UCI please kill this "sport" immediately. I can't believe a dime was wasted on this crap.
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 Hilarious how most of the competitors at the "World championship" are saying it's the first time they've ever done the sport! Big Grin
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 I did a snow race at Pomerelle ski resort in Idaho back when we tried this out the first time. I buzzed my lower down parts on my crazily spiked tire and was instantly very glad I wore lots of layers. Then I crashed off a jump and bruised my hip bad enough to not walk right for a while.

It doesn't end there, my cousin broke his wrist, my good friend (also with crazy spikes) had to chose whether to run over a rider, or his brand new V-10, I'm pretty sure most of us had frost bite on our feet, and the guy that won was the only rider who didn't crash.

OR we could have done the same event on skis or snowboards that were designed for it and had just as much (probably more) fun.
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 So, I guess the V-10 won?
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 If it's not something that everyone can do - it's not a sport - just a spectacle and entertainment.
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 @neimbc Exactly. Try rolling up to your local ski hill with one of these bikes and getting on the lift.
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 I think this is one instance where the comments under the Instagram posts are more brutal than on the PB story.
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 This is dumber than e-bike racing
  • 1 1
 Just as "edge of my seat" excitement as it was back in the 90's. At least they have spikes in their tires this time. Again, they ACTUALLY have bikes designed do a descent job on snow, good thing the UCI appears to have banned them. I just can't wait for the downhill track world championships down Alpe d'Huez. Because that's also something you see, fixed gear bikes in the tour de france.
  • 4 4
 Who started mountain biking? A bunch of dudes riding down Mt Tam having fun and doing something cool. Who cares if it is a whole different terrain. Downvote me all you want and I’m not saying I like the UCI, but I think this it’s closer to what some people did in the 1960s then most of the stuff we see today.
  • 2 0
 They should have the bikers race a snowboarder, it's just about as dumb. I'd be into this if they used a cross course with obstacles, but this is just dumb.
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 I don't know snow biking this deserves a rainbow jersey at this point in its life, but it looks pretty fun. I think snow biking in more of an xc format with fat bikes would make more sense, but it would be boring to watch. At least it's not more ebike events, let's just be happy about that.
  • 3 0
 Oh boy, UCI. Good luck dying on this hill convincing everyone this wasn’t a half baked idea.
  • 3 0
 next let’s do skis on a dirt bike trail world championships
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 Nahh, THIS is snow mountainbiking!:

and this:

  • 2 0
 It looks like you found the only spot with snow in the valley. I totally agree that riding on regular soil is soooo boring
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 Corporate area at the bottom full of UCI and Winter Olympic staff necking champagne, apparently... Snow biking will be in the 2030 winter olympics, i betcha.
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 Anyone have a summary of the argument between Carlson and a couple of the World Cup DH guys?
  • 2 0
 In summary:

WC riders 1 & 2: this is shit
JC: no it’s amazing, a lot of people were there and loved it, it’s what the sport needs to expand, everyone is fine with having to race through the winter. WC rider 3 back me up
WC rider 3: where are the rocks and jumps?

It was a car crash.
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 Looks cold...Excuse me while I go turn the heating up.
  • 3 2
 Lmao we have found something that's even more boring in the flesh than on paper
  • 2 0
 I'm just here for the comments
  • 1 0
 What are they doing, maybe half the speed any decent skier could go on skis on these courses?


  • 2 2
 I thought Pinkbike shamed these people enough when it was announced that they canceled the event
  • 4 2
 This is stupid.
  • 2 0
 What a happening!
  • 2 2
 I decided to click the first one just to see, then saw the first comment from Tahnee Seagrave and closed the browser window
  • 7 10
 When UCI is doing something, armchair riders complain. When UCI is not doing something, amrchair riders complain.

What is important is this: did the rider participating to this snow bike championship loved it? If yes this is great. If no this is not. Pinkbike commenters don't really matter.
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 ok ok.. so we should go ask danny hart, for example, if he's happy to do this and and if he's good about the fact that there are just 7 UCI DHI races this year.
oh another thing: let's say i love snow biking and i aim to become the world champ..... where do i go train for it???????
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 Sorry bro, but this has nothing to do with the UCI, it's soehow related to $$

As the saying goes: stoopid is, stoopid does.

If the UCI and their sponsors see dollar signs in ebike racing and snowbiking, then clearly I'm not their audience.

... and we have an ebike (wife's) and I ride a fat bike.
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 @VittoSTOKE: you believe Danny Hart did this race because he wanted to?

He did it for notoriety and probably because he got paid to go.

If a bunch of no names were racing, it'd be even more of a nothingburger.
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 @sanchofula: Obviously your theory is so sound that the entire nukeproof team was there right?
  • 1 2
 @sanchofula: Do you have an UCI licence?
  • 6 9
 Mtbers in 1990: Downhill? Pfff.....the tricky parts of the races are the climbs, that'll be boring....
Mtbers in 2016: Enduro? WTF is that? climbs don't count, but it's not DH? that'll be boring....
Mtbers in 2020: Gravel? that's a mountain bike with skinny tires and drop bars, that'll be boring....
Mtbers in 2024: Snow bike? Nobody asked for this, f*ck UCI, that'll be boring....
  • 1 0
 I'm just sad I'm not able to watch it anywhere Frown
  • 2 0
 Le sigh
  • 1 0
 Dual crowns and foot-out, flat out riding. Why not...
  • 2 1
 Stupidity beyond belief
  • 1 0
 Why is this a thing??
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