Social Roundup: EWS Tasmania 2019

Mar 29, 2019
by Aidan Oliver  

The first round of the Enduro World Series in Rotorua may have only just wrapped up, but the circus has already moved on to Tasmania, Australia. Take a look at all the goings on from teams and riders on social media. Follow @pinkbike on Instagram for more.

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Following the Enduro World Series live can be a struggle with remote stages and hundreds of riders tackling trails at the same time.

But this year Polygon rider Dan Wolfe will be bringing you behind the scenes action from each round LIVE through the Pinkbike Instagram stories. Find what's going down on course during training and race day through our 'Gram. Be sure to follow @pinkbike to keep up with the action.

Course Preview:

The full course preview with Ric Mclaughlin and Chris Ball is out now on the Pinkbike YouTube channel. You can watch it here.

Party Laps:

With a few days off before training gets underway the riders and media squids have been having some fun on the Derby trails.

Yoann Barelli:

Yoann Barelli smashing through the Tasmanian rocks

Enduro Racers Can Huck Too:

Eddie Masters, Remi Gauvin and Robin Wallner showing that Enduro racers can huck too! It might not be faster, but it's definitely cooler.

Jill Kintner:

Jill Kintner has been in Tasmania for the last few weeks and will be making her EWS debut this weekend.

Elliott Heap:

Elliott Heap with some POV action of the trails in Derby, Tasmania.

Tom Caldwell:

Tom Caldwell out on the EWS media recce confirms that the infamous Detonate crack will be featured in the race.

Jesse Melamed:

Jesse Melamed loving Stage 6.

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  • + 65
 That photo by Kintner, wow!
  • + 2
 Yeah! It´s amazing!
  • + 18
 POY 2019 contestant
  • + 5
 Wow, I skimmed by without evening realizing what I was seeing at first. I thought it had a field of view of about 2 ft x 2ft. I only noticed the bikes on second look and realized we were looking at an aerial photo.
  • + 1
 Yeah would be a good phone background if anyone can find a way to download it
  • + 1
 @kind0fimportant: Done. windows snipping tool.
  • + 6
 Photo credit to Bryn Atkinson!
  • + 1
 Photo of the year. Done.
  • + 12
 Barelli is flying on that rock garden!!
  • + 1
 "Holy Rockamole"
  • + 8
 I think it's safe to say the riders are enjoying this one.
  • + 1
 There are also a lot of riders who you won't see on the rest of the EWS schedule, but they'll show up for Tasmania.
  • + 2
 Pissed that aneeke beerten didn't say if she was racing the Rotorua enduro on her social media. She was listed in the pinkbike fantasy league. I picked her only to find out she didn't race and got zero points.
  • + 4
 Wow, I'm pretty sure Yoann Barelli can fly…
  • + 3
 Tough gig Ric Mclaughlin's got himself there.
  • + 2
 How come Jill isn’t an option on the lineup choices for fantasy?
  • + 6
 She is! We added her after round one.
  • + 2
 Those trails look soooooooo fun.
  • + 1
 Wrong link for the course preview
  • + 1
 Noga Korem should have raced speed and style!

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