Social Roundup: Lorraine Truong's Flip, Troy Brosnan's Close Call, & More

Dec 6, 2018
by Aidan Oliver  

We've sorted through the weeds to bring you the best. Follow @pinkbike on Instagram for more.

Troy Brosnan:

Troy Brosnan nearly took a huge spill at the Cannonball Festival in Thredbo yesterday when a few of the other racers were a bit too eager to spot his line. Standing on the very limits of the track, Troy had to turn his bars to avoid hitting them in what could have been a nasty episode.

Troy posted two Instagrams of the incident, the first was a picture with the caption, "When the kids think it's an enduro race and stand right on the race line... almost smoked these fools today." The other was a video that called it the "closest call' of his life.

Thankfully nobody got hurt and it only serves as a timely reminder to stay behind the tape unless you're on a bike. It didn't seem to slow Troy down and he's clearly on great form for Sunday's race.

Lorraine Truong

Lorraine Truong was a rising EWS star and had just landed her dream job to become an engineer at BMC before multiple concussions while racing changed her life forever. Lorraine suffered a traumatic brain injury and spends large amounts of time in a wheelchair as a result, so we were beyond stoked when we saw this clip she uploaded.

When most people can't land a backflip on a bike Lorraine is sending it in a wheelchair!

Read about Lorraine's injury in an interview with Pinkbike here.

Fabio Wibmer:

Austrian YouTube and Trials star Fabio Wibmer had us scratching our heads for while with this one. Watch until the end for the 'wait...what?' moment.

Remy Metailler:

Remy Metailler was one of the riders competing at the Medellin Downhill Challenge and uploaded this warp speed POV of his race run. We still have no idea how these riders manage to race through streets and stairs this fast.

The Downhill Challenge Medellin has also set the Guinness World Record for the longest urban downhill mountain bike race track in the world. The 2,274.485 metre long track snaked through Commune 13 of the Colombian town, which is infamous for its association with drugs baron Pablo Escobar. More info on the race here.


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 Regards the Troy Brosnan incident: Captain Safety here again, imagine if Troy had crashed and suffered a career ending injury?

We have already had a spectator killed at a MTB DH event in the UK and that is one too many. We all like to stand close to the action but spectator management needs to come into play. Courses need to be taped top to bottom, spectators and riders to only stand on the topside of the course and never on the outside of a corner.

The clock is ticking before either a rider or spectator is seriously injured or killed due to lack of spectator management and my bet is it will happen at an enduro event where it is the wold west out there with some organisers.

And can anyone explain to me why at UCi World Cups accredited media are allowed to stand in dedicated B-Zones that are recognised as areas of risk (run off area for riders) and therefore the public are excluded. Yet a media bib allows you to stand in there. Last time I looked they are not made of Kryptonite and do not create their own forcefield. Fingers crossed we don't see a tog wiped out live on Red Bull, keep your fingers crossed people!
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 Just watched again, two riders stood in the track, the course tape is behind them and they are on the downside of the track, a very silly place to stand. Then further on down the course another rider stood inside the tape on the right-hand side, again the downside of the course. Fools.
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flag SPOKEn (Dec 6, 2018 at 16:27) (Below Threshold)
 Cotton wool and bubble wrap kits for everyone.
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 Yup, agreed. Those guys standing there are riders and should know better. That was pretty scary to watch. At that speed, if Troy clipped one of them, they would both be 2/3 the way to f&$ked right up!
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 @si-paton: It's not like they'll get a much better view from inside the tape either.
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 The only thing that's been going downhill faster than racers is people's self discipline and common sense.
It's terrible everywhere, including races unfortunately Frown
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 Watching Lorraine send a flip makes me super happy.
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 In the immortal words of Sam Hill: "Get off the track ya c#nt".....
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 Dang! That Flip of Lorraine was SICK! Super happy to see that!
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 You guys do know her injury is TBI right? As in traumatic brain injury. At the end of that video, it looks like she's gonna smash her head again. Last time I checked the brain is in the head. I'm all for her recovery but boy this just don't make sense to me.
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 @Vutt73: Thanks for your message and your concern! I understand your point of view..

I didn't decide to go send flips in a reckless way. I promise! I started playing in parks with my wheelchair only when I felt ready for it (more than 3 years post TBI).
I went gradually to jumps at the indoor skills park you can see in the video. First landing very small jumps. And it was all done on a big air bag. So even if I did crash quite a few times (mostly because riding a wheelchair on an air bag is impossible Wink , my brain had no sign of taking any hit. My symptoms weren't worse than in any "safer" activity. I would have stop at the first little jumps otherwise. What was the harder for me, was actually that I sometimes had to roll to get out of the air bag, which made me super dizzy. But I respected my brain the best I could by giving it time to rest and settle before trying again. Anyone knowing me would say this is a massive achievement (waiting I mean) Wink

Playing with my wheelchair and having fun in the air have given me some sense of feeling alive again. When I am riding, I am not ruled by my TBI, but l am living my life. It also had a very positive impact on my general rehab. Smile

I know that riding a wheelchair as I do is not absolutely safe. But if you are writing on Pinkbike you must know that when it's about riding, risks are part of the game. I can't get the rider out of myself, injured or not. My rehab might have been smoother if I could have, as I struggle for a very long times with the idea of disability. But this rider part of my is also the one that kept me alive in the toughest times..
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 @lorrainetruong: You are a hero in my book. that video inspired me and got me to the story about your injury. A hard road to travel, but you seem to be able to handle it. Good luck!
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 @lorrainetruong: you rock girl!!!!! loved that tweak shot you are throwin down on the main page too!!!!!

some people live long lives, some have wide lives. live it.

congrats on your recovery so far and your bike handling skills which have translated nicely for your chair!
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 I wonder what Sam Hill would have said? Actually, I already know the answer.
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 Go Lorraine! Your brain, your rules! Well done! That must have been an amazing feeling! Adrenalin rush feels good for everyone Smile Just donated for your rehab. Looking forward to share your story at FREERIDE Mag asap.
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 Brosnan getting sendy for the crowd.
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 Having watched Sam Pilgrims video from Colombia, Remy's is missing the best bit of the party bus at the end!
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 If you didn't GoPro an urban downhill race, did it really happen?
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 Should Lorraine be doing this stuff?
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 Why not???? I thinks it awesome she don’t let it hold her back. And is doing want she wants!!!
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 Long term injury is very hard on the mind. Everything that put a smile on your face makes you forget the illness for while and is a breeze of fresh air keeping you away from depression
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 @Happymtbfr: oui, c'est la vie And life goes on.
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 Someone: Lorraine, should you be doing this stuff?

Lorraine: Yes.
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 Pretty sure she can make her own decisions. And what's good for the mind is good for the body Wink
I hope to see her again making some moves like that. Gnarly.
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 @Happymtbfr: You said it all! Thanks a lot. It's great to feel that some people understand.. 3
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 @lorrainetruong: you are amazing! No one but you understands your current capabilities, so no one but you gets to say what you should or should not be doing. Great to see you having fun on wheels again!
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 @lorrainetruong: I am glad you appreciate. Following you on social media helps me too! / from another cyclist with TBI
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 of course she should!!!! that thumbnail pic on the main page with that tweak shes throwing down stokes me out even more than the flip!
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 I figured it out, Fabio filmed it in reverse Wink
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 Not sure why the down votes, take a second look, it's clearly in reverse, doesn't make it any less impressive given that he isn't even looking over his shoulder going backwards down the hill!
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