Sony ActionCam Presents: Cam McCaul's, The Pile

May 30, 2014
by Anthill Films  
Cam McCaul is no stranger when it comes to piles of dirt, from having input on major courses like Red Bull Joyride to helping shape his local jump spot at Post Office. No matter how big or how small, the work that goes into every jump in a course can be compared to the work of ancient sculptors. When executed with as much care and attention to detail as Cam and the crew of builders--Alex Reveles, Kyle Jameson, and Jeff Herbertson--put into it, the end result is truly a work of art. Feast your eyes upon The Pile.

bigquotesDirt almost seems like garbage to most people. It's the stuff we walk on, it's under our feet; you don't think of it as much of a resource. But, sometimes I look back and realize that piles of dirt have given me everything. - Cam McCaul

Sony ActionCam presents Cam McCaul s The Pile. Photo by Harookz.
Sony ActionCam presents Cam McCaul s The Pile. Photo by Harookz.
Sony ActionCam presents Cam McCaul s The Pile. Photo by Harookz.
Sony ActionCam presents Cam McCaul s The Pile. Photo by Harookz.
Sony ActionCam presents Cam McCaul s The Pile. Photo by Harookz.

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Photography by Harookz.

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 Dirt is like cocaine for mountain bikers
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flag jespinal (May 30, 2014 at 4:23) (Below Threshold)
 I fucking love cocaine On a side note I personally own the lowest end sony action cam and is a proper beast this new one is just....amazing IMO beats gopro's ass lowest end action cam has hereo 3 black features
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 I thought carbon was?
  • 8 1
 dirt is more like cheap ragweed
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 I know a guy who hangs out behind the gas station, he always has the best dirt
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 so cam would be scarface
  • 19 3
 Cam is the happy rider! Cam is super good rider!
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 Oh. Phew. I thought this was about a hemorrhoid. ..
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 Haha, that comment tickled me, good effort
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 leaves me itching for more...
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 I know eventually they gonna be there in terms of image quality but atm sony could made a breakthrough with some pro version of their actioncam, having at least rx100 mk3 like internals or dreamy a7s stuff inside
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 The old action cam was kinda shitty, always liked GoPro better. But the fact that you can watch the vidéos you just took from a watch is sick!!!
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 That wrist watch with the screen is so 80s... I'd be talking to it calling for Kit to come save my ass. 'Knight Rider. A shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a man who does not exist...' I WANT ONE!
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 All this talk of a pile and a snake is getting my bowels moving. Killer riding by Cam and.... Oh boy ! Gotta go do some paperwork.
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 This camera is a lot better than the go pro, but their chest cam.... well*tty
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 I have a sony action cam and my footage dose not come out as good as that! but sick video!!! Smile
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 they must be the cool kids in town, they can do some fine tricks on their bicycles! Wink
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 Loved the bike cam Cam shots. Usually they are way more juddery and hard to watch.
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 Sony Action cams have a great steadyshot mode, they piss on gopro.
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 Please tell me the strap line for this video isn't really, 'One man's piles is another man's playround?'
That's just wrong!!
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 just what a pile of dirt can do....
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 Oh and I'm not hating on the new one so don't neg prop me fodat. FYI
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 Cam McCaul you da man!!!
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 This has nothing to do with mountain biking, it belongs in the circus with other associated red bull activities.
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 are you fucking retarded this has nothing to do with red bull
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 Bollocks, it's ripe for redbull type antics. They're just missing a red nose and stripey pants.
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 The Pile of ....
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 suny sony cam I like
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 Sweet vid but wtf was up with the snake? Harassing wildlife isn't cool...
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 Cam Mc Caul is wildlife's best friend, no worry for the snake.
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 Cam IS wildlife
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 Powder for face, shit for brain. You a vegetarian bud? Yeah, I bet you are.

Cam is too cool.
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